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Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 30, 2014

Today we wake up to Moon in Scorpio. Yesterday was a long day of a Void of Course Moon. Today, the Moon makes a few aspects, none of which are particularly harsh.

All morning the Moon waxes into trine with Neptune. Scorpio is a water Moon. And, of course, Neptune in Pisces is more water. Scorpio would have us exploring the depths of our inner psyche and core emotions. Neptune can prompt wallowing or emotionality.

Or, these two together can be like....

Tonight, the Moon will square Jupiter expanding the horizon upon whatever emotions we may be experiencing for good or ill.

Jupiter and Pluto are still locked together through inconjunct. Planets between 9 and 12 degrees Gemini will fill in a Yod here with Pluto at the Apex.

Uranus and Saturn are also still locked together via inconjunct. Planets between 13 and 18 degrees Gemini will fill in a Yod here with Uranus at the Apex.

Um. How ya doing Gemini?

It is Virgo season. The Sun will square natal Gemini Suns heralding that the first fourth of this years solar returns for Gemini is ending. Could be quite a bit of tension happening for our Mutables all the way around.
Mercury in Virgo is still holding in sextile to Mars in Scorpio. Mental excavations are still occurring.

Venus is still applying pressure to Mars, though it is waning just like Mars' conjunction to Saturn.

I spent most of yesterday frustrated because my mind is churning, churning, churning with ideas and possibilities by my body just isn't ready to go yet. I'm stronger but still not 100%.

Do you know how hard it is to sit still with Mars/Uranus in your natal chart? It sucks. LOL. I'll tell ya that. Especially since my conjunction is in Libra currently being opposed by Uranus in Aries.

I keep telling myself, “We are almost there. It's almost time to go.”

Harvest season is upon us. And all our lovely Virgo's are wrapping up another solar year. I get to eat so much cake this time of year. I've a lot of Virgo friends.

I have a lot of Virgo friends who feel extraordinarily Piscean lately. None of them were particularly excited when I revealed the length of time that Neptune would spend in Pisces. But, if anyone can handle a swamp transit, it is this crew.

Virgo holds the keys to untangle Neptune's chaos. And, it holds the keys to bringing the delusions of Pisces down to Earth. Practicality comes to the waters. Neptune softens Virgo, though. Their practicality gives way to increased emotionality, compassion and empathy. That makes Virgo nervous. They like it when their brains operate efficiently. Neptune screws with that process more than a little. It's like logic is drunk. And, I know more than one Virgo who is looking at their solar return, looking at the positions of Neptune and Chiron and then subsequently banging their head on their desk.

I get it. I soooooooo get it. But, one good thing, you may not worry so much (as Virgo is prone to do) because Neptune may poke you to forget what you were worried about to begin with.

Today, I encourage you to float. Drift. See where your psyche takes you. If you feel like you are locked in your body right now and frustrated because you want to move forward but can't, today's aspects can soften that for you a bit. Neptune to the Moon in trine can actually alleviate that a bit. Release some of your ambition and let reality blur. Music. Art. Poetry.

Virgo...perhaps these will help you deal with your fishy solar returns. Those beautiful words you love so much, string them together. Play with them. Put them to music. Or forget trying to put it into words entirely and display how you feel through a medium. Watercolors. Clay. Music. Did I mention music? It's important medicine Virgo.

Step away from the technical books and step into fiction.

If you are NOT a Virgo, then please don't forget them. Some will have Mars/Saturn and Venus/Saturn in their solar returns this year too. They aren't going to ask you for a hug. But, chances are they may need one.

So, yeah, as one of their buddies, I encourage you to give Virgo a few extra hugs this year. Not that I'm playing favorites or anything (yes, I am)
Happy Birthday Cat <3

Friday, August 29, 2014

Abbada Ke Dabra and the Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces occurs September 8 at 9:39 PM EDT (16 19 Pisces/Virgo)

Sabian for 17 Pisces: An Easter promenade

Sabian for 17 Virgo: A volcano in eruption

Full Moons, in general are perfect for release, purge, shedding old energies etc. This Full Moon is the perfect set up for releasing detrimental health habits and addictions with the Moon's conjunction to Chiron in Pisces.

I stumbled across this technique by Divine accident. I'm more than a bit taken aback by it's effectiveness.
Abbada Ke Dabra begat the word Abbacadabra. Which many people of my age heard Bug's Bunny utter several times in his cartoons. According to the book, Folkways:Reclaiming the Magic and Wisdom by Patricia Telesco (which I could jump up and down recommending right now), the phrase loosely translates to “perish like the word.”

To use the Magic of Abbada Ke Dabra to release an addiction during the Full Moon in Pisces, you must first honestly WANT to quit. If you have that in place and you MEAN it, then completing the following ritual will pull the support you need to drop the habit.

Actually, I just did this at my Personal Full Moon and it was more like the habit was pulled from me...sucked out like a Medicine person would suck out poison. Like I said...I'm still reeling at the potency of this simple thing.

What you are going to want to do is get a piece of paper and something you can write with. If you want to get really fancy, you can do this on tree bark or anything else that will burn. If you are using tree bark, I'd go for Oak but don't forget to do all the typical harvest prayers and thanks while harvesting.

Whatever habit or addiction that you want to purge, narrow it down to a pinpoint of one or two words. On your piece of paper, boldly (like ya mean it..because you need to mean it) write the words you come up with backwards on the piece of paper. Then, continue writing it backward omitting one letter in each line until you only have one letter left. State your banish intention again. Then burn the piece of paper.

I'll use smoking as an example


What you end up with should look like an inverted triangle.

State your intention (I banish my craving for cigarettes, for example) out loud. Set the paper on fire. Then tell it firmly ABBADA KE DABRA

Watch your addiction "Perish! Like the word!"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 29, 2014

Yesterday, I was trying to figure out why in the world the middle to the end of August was so crazy for me on a personal level. Not just this year, every year. I mean, the most dramatic experiences of my life have typically happened in August. I had a horrendous car accident in August 1989. I died twice in the same day in August 2005. My first grandchild was born in August 2009. Twice I've been married in August. Once in 1994 and once in 2010.


My descendant is in Leo. No way just having the Sun transiting that spot would result in such looney dramatics and pivotal experiences. Then, the lightbulb came on.

Each year when the Sun is at 5 degrees Virgo, it is my Personal Full Moon. No wonder I feel like a lunar-tic at this time every year. Because, I kinda of am.

Personal Full Moons occur when the transiting Sun is opposing your Natal Moon. It is a time of culminations, high emotions and, sometimes, lunacy. It is an annual thing. It is the halfway mark in the current emotional (Moon) cycle of maturity. It is of benefit to keep track of your personal Lunar cycles. The period of your Personal New Moon begins when the Sun transits your natal Moon by conjunction. The First Quarter is when the Sun first squares your natal Moon. Full Moon, as above, is when the Sun opposes your natal Moon. And the waning Last Quarter, of course, comes with the final square of the Sun to your natal Moon. Each of these phases can mark yearly periods that are emotionally challenging. The “easier” times are typically when the Sun is trine or sextile your natal Moon which also happens several times through the year. Knowing your personal rhythms helps to keep you in your “flow”.

Today, though, my Personal Full Moon is over by one degree. But, the Sun in Virgo does perfect in opposition to Neptune in Pisces at 10:33 AM EDT. Ego can soften and become nebulous. Overnight, the Moon in Libra opposed Uranus (1:31 AM). At Noon, she makes a sextile to her current ruler Venus and then reaches Void status.

In the US, lots of folks are taking a four day weekend to celebrate Labor Day. Today does seem fit for dialing it back and relaxing. Moon will remain Void until entering Scorpio at 4:53 AM tomorrow. I'd suggest spending one last summer weekend at the lake or at the beach or in front of a VERY tall Margarita. Yeah. I'd say we all deserve that. Wouldn't you?

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 28, 2014

Today we wake up to Moon in Libra waxing in sextile to Jupiter in Leo (12:44 PM). It feels (Moon) good (Jupiter) to be able to be yourself (Leo) in a relationship (Libra), doesn't it?

I read that question and for a moment I thought, “Who else would I be?” But, in truth, it is a fairly common tendency to hide who we are or to compromise our sense of self (our identity) for the sake of a relationship or out of fear of rejection.

I cannot say I'm immune to that. I have Venus in Virgo square Saturn in Gemini in my natal chart. Making friends was never the easiest thing for me. This wasn't because I was shy. It was because my nature was raw and I scared a lot of adults when I was a, imagine how some children reacted. I was always drawn to the underlings. Those who seemed unusual and misunderstood.

Specifically, I remember two people that I was really drawn too. And I just now noticed they had similar names...Christian and Kristy. Interesting... At any rate, I was in the 5th grade when I was in the same classroom with these two.

Kristy was always in trouble for being late. She walked to school and often would have to wait on the morning CSX trains to clear the tracks so she cross. Our teacher was very harsh to her. Other children were harsh to her. I'm suspecting most of that was due to the surrounding adults reactions because I never saw the girl be mean to anyone.

Christian was a nose picker. And, sometimes he came to school looking really greasy. He was quiet. He liked to draw. And, he liked to (k, this is pretty gross but true) pick boogers and put them on the end of his pencil on the eraser. He was pretending his boogers were rocket fuel and his pencil was the rocket.

Children and adults alike veered away from him. Shunned him. Because he picked his nose? And was greasy? He was a kid.


I knew we were all kids at the time and didn't understand how people could react so a child. I observed the visible parts of the lives of these two children with fascination. And one morning, when Kristy was late and my teacher was yelling at her, I stood up and said, “Can't you just let her be for one day?” One day. That's all I wanted. It had been raining and Kristy was soaked. She was maybe 5 or 10 minutes late. But, she was there.

The whole time she was being chastised, I was thinking...”Why didn't she just go home?” I would have went home. I wouldn't have spent one minute in the rain waiting for a train to move so I could come to school just to get yelled at because my 5th grade attempt to get myself up and ready for school were not good enough. I may have had a fear of rejection but I had an overwhelming sense of what I thought was fair and what was not. And, none of this, as far as I could see, was fair.

Needless to say, we were both sent to the principal's office. Me, as per typical, for my mouth. And, Kristy for her tardiness.
On our way to the principal's office, I asked her, “Why don't you just go home? I would go home.” She said, “I don't want to go home. I would rather be here.”
“What? You would rather be at SCHOOL?”


At the time, I thought, “this chic is a deeper level of weird than I could have imagined.” Now, as an adult, the pieces fall together that her home life was probably pretty horrible. I mean, she was in the 5th grade and there was no one there to make her breakfast in the morning before school. No one cared if she had clothes to wear that morning. And no one cared if she made it to school. No one cared that the train tracks were dangerous and she crossed them every morning by herself.

We walked into the principal's office. He talked to Kristy first. He was very kind to her asking if she would like to go upstairs and get some dry clothes. We had a huge elementary school that used to have a charitable clothing closet on the top floor. I heard him ask her if she had eaten breakfast and if she was hungry. Then, he sent her back to class and called me in.

I was scared to death. He asked me what happened and I told him. My Dad always told me that if you did something wrong, you might as well own up to it. So, I laid out the whole story. He told me to be respectful of my teachers and to return to class. That was it. So, I did.

But, here's the thing. I thought Kristy and I would be friends after that. But, she didn't want anything to do with me. She rejected me after I stood up for her. I didn't get it. One of the most ostracized children in the community had someone that wanted to be her friend and she didn't want that. What did that make me? The Hunchback or Russell Heights? Because, that is how I felt.

Christian didn't want to be my friend either. Neither did Matt, the little boy I had my first crush on. I found out he liked a certain musical group. I saved my money and bought a 45 with their recent single on it. When I tried to give it to him, he wouldn't take it. Yeah, I must have been sea slime, right?

No. Kristy and Christian were both abused and neglected children. Matt was gay. I didn't have the first idea that any of this kind of stuff existed at the time. So, obviously it couldn't have been something wrong with them. There had to be something wrong with me, right?

There was something wrong with me alright. I was naïve. I was self-absorbed in my thinking that I had somehow caused all of this. I also didn't realize how sometimes the things I said, particularly to adults, was off putting or scary.

However, even though I was right and there was something wrong with me, it wasn't what I thought. My days in the 5th grade led me to begin to reject others before they had a chance to reject me. And, I was pretty selective about who I was going to reject...the enemy of the Underdog. That was my version of justice. If I saw you being mean to someone or bullying them, well, then your name was synomyous with dog doo in my book and “I'm not going to be your friend!”. That's what Mars/Uranus in Libra trine Saturn looks like. I had a duty (Saturn) to befriend (Gemini) those who were rejected because of they acted unusual (Mars/Uranus).

At the time, it sounded pretty heroic. But, truly, I was no worse than the bullies. I mean, how many good potential friendships did I miss out on just because I assessed that someone was mean or hurtful to others. I didn't realize at the time that there can be horrific things that happen to child that causes them to act like a bully too. Bullies were the enemy! Right?

They are STILL the enemy! Right?

No. Children who bully are still children. Adults who bully are former children who never learned to adapt certain social skills. Is that an excuse? No. But, sometimes I wonder. There were no adults guiding Kristy and Christian. What if the same thing happened to the bully and they just chose different type of coping mechanism? Still didn't change the fact that they were children at the time. Still didn't change the fact that it seemed like none of the adults around gave two flips about the bullied child or the bully child unless something bad happened. I eventually learned that both sides have their story. But, as I look around today and see some of the ways people react to bullying in school, I don't think anyone else pays attention to that. We never catch word of bullying until somebody shoots up a school over it. Where is the pre-emptive action where you pay attention to the child's issues instead of their standardized test scores. Where is the child?

Today the Moon in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn at 4:03 PM. It is a good aspect to use to look at the deep underbelly of how you make friends and enter relationships (or not). What drives you to partner? What core issues from waaaaaaay back color those decisions? How does your childhood background and family history affect those decisions? Perhaps its time to let those child-conceived patterns (when we weren't mature enough to realize the truth in a situation) fall to the wayside and foster a conscious way to select friends, lovers, business partners and cohorts. Maybe we should realize that everyone has a story that subconsciously affects these types of decisions...even us.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here's Looking at YOU September!

Here's what you can expect next month. the way...did I mention that as of today there are only 4 months left until Christmas? (Why, yes, I'm going to take off running to hide after I publish this)

Sept 1

Moon in Scorpio void at 1140 AM until entering Sag at 117 PM

Moon in Sag 117 PM

Sept 2

Mercury in Libra 138 AM

First Quarter Moon 712 AM (Sag/Virgo 955)

Sabian for 10 Sagittarius: A golden haired Goddess of opportunity (ok, that made me laugh because that is my MC)

Sabian for 10 Virgo: Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows

Sept 3

Sun trine Pluto 1207 pm 1105 Cap/Virgo

(HEADS UP for planets at mid-Taurus—GRAND EARTH TRINE!)

Moon in Cap 6:16 PM

Sept 4

Moon in Cap

Sept 5

Venus in Virgo 1 07 pm

Moon Void in Cap from 11 AM until entering Aqua at 8 pm

Sept 6

Moon in Aqua

Sept 7

Moon in Aqua Void at 120 PM until entering Pisces at 748 PM

Sun opposite Chiron 1043 PM

Sept 8

Moon in Pisces

Sun inconjunct Uranus 447 AM

Full Moon in Pisces 9:39 PM 16 19 Pisces/Virgo

Sabian for 17 Pisces: An Easter promenade

Sabian for 17 Virgo: A volcano in eruption

Sept 9

Moon Void at 310 until entering Aries at 7:34 PM

Mercury square Pluto 11 02 Libra/Cap

Sept 10

Venus Opposite Neptune 651 AM 5 52 Virgo/Pisces

Mercury sextile Jupiter 238 PM 12 09 Libra/Leo

Moon in Aries conjuncts Uranus at 859 PM then, Moon is Void. However, a Yod builds between Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aries and Saturn/Mars in Scorpio immediately AFTER the Moon is Void.

Lights on the Moon do not come back on until entering Taurus at 917 PM on the 11th

Sept 11

Moon in Taurus 917 PM

Sun sextile Saturn 1104 AM


Sept 12

Moon in Taurus

Mercury inconjunct Chiron 1026 PM

Sept 13

Mercury opposite Uranus 417 AM 15 28 Libra/Aries

Moon Void at 932 AM until entering Gemini at 227 AM on the 14th

Mars in Sagittarius 557 PM

Sept 14

Moon in Gemini 227 AM

Venus trine Pluto 10:32 AM 11 01 Virgo/Cap (again, Heads up with the Taurean planets!)

Sept 15

Moon in Gemini

Last Quarter Moon 10 05 PM 23 09 Gemini/Virgo

Moon is Void until entering Cancer tomorrow at 11:24 AM

Sabian for 24 Gemini: Children skating on ice

Sabian for 24 Virgo: Mary and her white lamb

Sept 16

Moon in Cancer 1124 AM

Sept 17

Moon in Cancer

Venus opposite Chiron 231 PM 15 56 Virgo/Pisces (Moon touches both of these planets after the opposition)

Venus inconjunct Uranus (as Moon Squares Uranus) 9:20 PM

Sept 18

Moon in Cancer Void at 238 PM until entering Leo at 11:10 PM

Sept 19

Moon in Leo-Yod with Pluto/Neptune (1032 AM/925 PM)

Sept 20

Moon in Leo

Sept 21

Moon in Leo Void after sextile with Mercury at midnight until entering Virgo at noon today

Venus Sextile Saturn 904 am

Mars square Neptune 1139 PM (waxing mutable t-square with Moon/Mars/Neptune)

Sept 22

Moon in Virgo

Pluto direct 156 PM

Sun in Libra 10 30 PM

Sept 23

Moon in Virgo Void after a conjunction with Venus at 816 am until entering Libra at midnight on the 24th

Jupiter inconjunct Chiron 603 PM

Sept 24

Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra 215 AM 01 08 Libra

Sabian for 2 Libra: The light of the 6th race trans-mutated to the 7th

Sept 25

Moon in Libra

Jupiter trine Uranus 219 PM 15 Leo/Aries

Sept 26

Moon in Libra is Void after a conjunction with Mercury at 840 AM until entering Scorpio at 1030 AM

Sept 27

Moon in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio 640 PM

Sept 28

Moon in Scorpio

Sun inconjunct Neptune 5 24 Libra/Pisces

Sept 29

Moon in Scorpio

Venus in Libra 453 PM

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 27, 2014

Venus in Leo squares Mars in Scorpio today at 11:46 AM. However, the Moon isn't engaged at that time. Nothing may come of that square until the Moon enters Libra at 6 PM. But, let me tell you what you might notice.

Interesting relationship survey...from Roto-Rooter?

With the square from Venus to Mars, there could be conflict. But, with the Moon turned off (void until entering Libra at 6 PM EDT), you may find it easier to navigate that conflict because emotionality will likely be low. However, the ability to stand back may disappear as the Moon moves into Libra tonight. Even then, in the face of conflict, Libra is more prone to smile and say everything is “Ok” or "Fine" rather than fight. Emotionality can be smoothed over by a nicey nice face.

Or. Not.
"Sunshine Cleaning" 2009
Nicey nice face isn't going to last forever. Get this stuff on the table now before the Moon jumps over into "kill or be killed" (Scorpio). K? Blood stains are a horrendous thing to get out of the carpet.

See, Libra doesn't like conflict. At. All. This is the sign of mediation and negotiation. The conflict that Libra is not likely to avoid though is the one bred out of injustice. And, there is all kinds of that going on. And, with her ruler (Venus) in square to Mars, this could manifest as a reaction to oppression or imbalance of some sort within a relationship (be it romantic or otherwise).

When relationships become lopsided, Libra gets antsy. Libra Moon needs to feel things are just, fair and balanced. When they aren't? Well. Libra's pretty little mask falls off.

Little known fact. The "U" in Underdogs ring stands for
Uranus in Libra. Who knew, right?
One extreme example, remember the story about the warring mothers? Both claiming the same child? The mediator said, “Well we shall divide the child in half so you can share him equally.”

That dude? The Mediator? Totally a Libra. Black and white. Half for you and half for you. Problem solved.

See. Libra is an Air Sign. It isn't compassionate and empathic like a Water Moon. It is analytical and attempts to intellectualize emotions. So, under this Moon, “fair” can become pretty cut and dry WITHOUT REGARD TO ANYONE ELSE'S ASSESSMENT OF JUSTICE IN THE FACE OF LIBRA'S DETERMINATION OF FAIR.

Ooh, ESPECIALLY true for our Pluto in Libra generation. Fairness and equality within all relationships is a big deal to these folks. I mean, for one thing, we are relationship obsessed. For another, Pluto in Libra has lived through the demolition of “traditional” families and “traditional” parental roles. Everyone before Pluto in Libra has lived through this too. But, for's kind of a thing. We lived in the households where these discussions between our parents about the vast imbalance of responsibilities in the home, unequal pay for equal work and we watched as more non-traditional relationships emerged en masse (lots of us rooted for that...particularly Uranus in Libra).

Part of this generation's job is to rebuild the rules of engagement in light of all of the above. And, to bring this group more to the forefront, we are basically in the midst of our mid-life crises. YAY!
Mmm, Ok. I think we may need a new checklist. Because Pluto in Libra and Pluto and Scorpio did all this when they were like 10. Seriously.

Meaning, we've been hearing about equal rights since birth. Now we are just tired of hearing about it and can't Why isn't this fixed yet?

It isn't fixed because this imbalance existed way before Pluto was ever in Libra and it takes awhile to untangle such a mess. But...guess what. The NN is still in Libra. So, if you have planets there, know that when the conjunction comes from the tr. NN you may be called to model the operation of that planet to assist others in figuring out how to meet the call of the NN (or not). See, when these calls come and we stand as visible examples we get to choose, “Do we want to be a positive example? Or do we want to be an example of what NOT to do?”

For example. NN conjunct Mars in Libra will draw attention to how you actively handle the Libran role. Do you assist in negotiation and making sure each side is heard and represented? Or, do you just try to smooth things over, “Guys, lets not fight. Here. Lets forget all this and eat cake...LOOK CAKE!”

Cake is wonderful and many a successful negotiation was held over plates of food...but, you cannot just treat the symptoms without addressing the cause and core issues. Get in there and do an effective job and quit procrastinating and avoiding conflict. No steam rolling. No cutting people in half. Assertively (Mars) address the relationship (Libra) in an effort to balance in a way that is as fair as possible with both sides.

If conflict arises today, take a step back. Weigh everything out. Look at both sides. If you can't do that (see both sides objectively), then go ask for third or fourth opinions in an effort to get a better understanding. Then, get your rear to the negotiating table.

Mars and Venus are NOT going to want to negotiate. So, you may have to placate them both a little in order to get them to join the discussion without screaming at one another. Mars is going to want to say, “You are DEAD to me” and end the conversation post haste. Venus in Leo is going to want to put on dramatics about how her Love was neglected, overlooked or disregarded. 

Look to the other 2 fixed signs to figure out the best way to employ your temporary Libra power of mediation. Taurus = make sure the parties are as comfortable as possible. Let them know they are each worthy of contributing to the discussion at hand and let them know each opinion has value. Advise them that there is more worth in settling the argument and reaching a compromise than completely leaving the table with the issues unaddressed.

Aquarius = stress the importance of recognizing the value found within unique self-expression. Let the warring parties know they don't have to be carbon copies of one another OR AGREE ON EVERYTHING in order to co-exist. And never forget, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Come out of the immediate moment and consider the future implications of your actions. Avoid “this” conflict and it will come back. Players may be different. But, yes, the conflict will come back. Address it now and WHO KNOWS! You could set a standard by which future conflict can be resolved. Then, you don't have to avoid the next conflict. You can just say, “Please refer to the precedent set on X date.” Yep. Judge and lawyer types use the concept of precedent all the time. How about we set some new ones. Eh?

This conflictual relationship energy is going to hang tightly through this Libra Moon. Get your scales out now! And, I'll just tell you...that little ditty about "all is fair in love and war." Well. That's just a big fracking lie. So. There. :)

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 26, 2014

Today, I'm writing to you from the bottom of the sea. Not really. But, it sure does feel that way. I will warn you though, I'm medicated and have been a bit hallucinatory in the last 24 hours. So, if my forecast is a bit more “out there” than usual, lol, that's why.

The hallucinations have been entertaining, at least. This morning I woke up at around 3 AM and saw angels standing in my front yard. I laughed as my eyes adjusted and reminded myself, “Silly Josi, you know the Angels never show up without calling first.”

The Angel of Death by Horace Vernet
For a moment, though, my pole beans and their supportive structure were glorious statuesque Angels (about 8 feet) with massive wings that stretched from their shoulders to the ground. Hallucination or not, it felt like a moment with divinity.
This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo having just left a trine with Pluto in Capricorn at 4:08 AM. From here, the Moon will wax into opposition with Chiron (1:47 PM), inconjunct with Uranus (creating a Yod with Uranus at the Apex and Saturn/Mars on the opposite leg at 1:53 PM), and sextile with Saturn (5:20 PM) and Mars (6:38 PM).

Before I proceed, can we take just a moment and rejoice at the fact that Mars/Saturn is now leaving our current skies. Halle-freaking-luljah.

However, today's aspects are no light matter. The Moon relinks the separating conjunction between Mars and Saturn while finding Uranus by inconjunct creating a Yod. You may find yourself  between an emotional rock and a hard place today. You may be tempted (poked) to do something erratic. Heed the waning drag that Mars/Saturn heralds and remember the following in regard to Moon/Uranus (from Cafe' Astrology, couldn't have said it better myself): Moon Quincunx (Inconjunct) Uranus

You may have to sort through the "hidden messages" you received as a child in order to make sense out of some of your adult actions. You act, at times, without any forethought. This is because you are driven by forces out of your immediate awareness. Your spontaneous bursts of enthusiasm either serve you well or they don't. Early in life you may have been "told" that you should be different, but, your differences will stop you from succeeding. It takes time and adjustment to really learn that it's okay to be both unique and successful.

With the Moon meeting Chiron via opposition prior to formation of the Yod, the re-visiting of old and possibly hurtful themes is accentuated. Then, there is the perfecting square between Venus in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio. Ouch.

Venus square Saturn is not an easy thing in a natal chart or via transit. It can cause feelings of despair, loneliness, rejection, exclusion. A mild way to describe it is, remember when you would play as a child and everyone would line up to pick “teams”. That kid standing over there waiting until no one else is left to be “chosen” so he can be on a team too...he knows exactly what Venus/Saturn feels like.

Venus/Saturn can also restrict finances and luxury. Coming off of a Venus/Jupiter conjunction, if you overspent or overindulged, Venus/Saturn will remind you of why you should have scaled that back a tad.

To balance this, be responsible around matters of money and love. Be a solid and reliable friend. And, do not, DO NOT put the weight of your self-worth upon the feedback you receive from others. Ok? It's important to foster that sense of “I'm good enough” that will support you through even the worst reactions. Yes. That's hard sometimes. You are worth it though.

It is a tender day. Venus/Saturn and the square from Moon to Mars/Saturn, can weigh upon your shoulders like a ton of bricks. This tells me, we aren't out of the woods quite yet.

There is still healing to do, introspection to be had and re-directs to be made. Adjustments. In both attitude, perspective and direction.

Be easy with yourself. And, realize, you are not the only one carrying this burden today. Others are weighed down for their own reasons. Virgo wants to help, so if you are able to offer your assistance at this time, please is greatly needed. Otherwise, be mindful of your physical and emotional health and NO don't you turn that dial up from Turtle speed just yet. We are moving forward under a caution flag. Slow. Cautious. Steady. Watchful moving forward.
The pieces will come together as the Moon meets Mercury by conjunction at 10:29 PM. From here, our Moon is Void until entering Libra tomorrow at around 6 PM.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 25, 2014

I want to be a whiny patient today. Apparently, I have a cold. Who gets a cold in August? I do, I guess. But, yes, I want to lie on the couch and be doted on by a very meticulous and caring nurse today. Wouldn't hurt if they were nice to look at too.
Yep, that would be your shock therapist right there

I am really not THAT sick. Just sniffles, coughing...aggravation. Enough that I can hear the Universe saying, “It's not time to get up and get back out there yet.”

Bah. I hate being “grounded.”

On top of that, I feel terrible for being a whiny patient because there are plenty out there suffering from more than a cold. What I don't understand is, why did I need to be slowed down further? I was slowing down! Look Universe! I was nearly at a dead stop!

“Nope. Sorry Josi. You need to go slower.”

Whatever. Harumph. Stupid Mars/Saturn.

Today we wake up to a fresh Moon in Virgo (5:33 AM). Yesterday was a looooooong Void of Course moon day.

At 5:38 AM Venus trines Uranus while waxing into conjunction with BML. This is the aspect that no one is paying attention to. Most of us are focused upon Mars and Saturn. But, Venus is gaining some serious speed. In aspect to BML and Uranus? Oh yeah. She's pumped.
Did you know Neptune saved Venus and Mars' rear once? Yep. According to Homer. Here's the link to that story.
Here are a few facts about the history of Mars and Venus and more can be found at this link.
Mars, son of Jupiter and Juno, was unpopular with everyone. He liked to fight, although whether he won or lost mattered little. He just liked trouble, havoc and bloodshed. With his companion, Discordia, they carried a band of spirits with them, pain, panic, famine and oblivion.
Venus was born of the sea. Unlike Mars, she was not into creating havoc, but caused it if someone scorned her vanity. After she heard that the prince of Troy, Paris claimed that Venus’ half sister, Helen Queen of Sparta was the fairest of the land, Venus was so angered this caused the Trojan War. However, her otherwise merciful and soft nature was perfect for absorbing Mars’ vigor and maleness.

Mars and Venus have quite the interesting history. And, they are getting ready to make more.

I was talking about Lilith not too long ago and someone asked me, what's going to happen when Venus meets up with her. What I got from Venus was (as Lilith was ranting about bloodshed and being a “proper lady”), “I am a proper lady. Watch as I sit quietly and politely and scream without words. Then, watch as I topple nations and powerful men without lifting a finger.”

Venus will square Mars in Scorpio on the 27th WITH Lilith at a 1 degree orb. Mars and Saturn perfect today (3:30 PM EDT) at 17 degrees Scorpio. So everything is lined up to put tension on this square between the four now.

At 4:47 AM Mercury sextiles Mars and then Saturn at 8:30 AM. Tongues are ready to wag, but Saturn has his foot on them reminding them to steer toward reticence. Words have the TREMENDOUS ability to cut under this aspect. Yes, I know sextiles are “easy” but Mercury in Virgo mixed with Mars, Saturn and Scorpio energy can fillet a person. Careful with that knife and your sharp tongue. Also be mindful of your inner speech less you risk cutting yourself.

Our New Moon in Virgo perfects at 10:13 AM. The Sabian for the New Moon is Sabian for 3 Virgo: Two angels bringing protection. Bovee says the inspiration is, “Guardians; legions of divine forces which ever move to sustain the reach of mankind to its ultimate goal”

Legions of divine forces. I read that and thought, there is going to be a parade of Angels in the streets today and I am stuck at home with a cold! Of all the days...

And then, I thought...don't wait on me. Send the Angels. Send them now!

By 6:15 PM, the Moon finds Neptune via opposition. That's it for today, but there is a week full of planetary busy-ness to come.

Venus meets Saturn before she meets Mars. Money could become tight. Feelings of loneliness can increase. Continue to be diligent about your self-care and remember these clouds are passing. Just hold on.

Work with this new moon to simplify. Streamline. Organize. Categorize. Sterilize. Pay attention to your health and be mindful of the structures of your daily routines (do they need to be updated?). If you are physically capable, offer your time in service. Help if needed but avoid being a “fixer” and avoid becoming too focused on the fact that things are not “perfect”.

If you have been grounded (are sick), don't follow my lead and be a whiny patient. Be a mindful patient and take excellent care of your health and be thankful for the care providers that assist you. Water. Detox. Vitamins. Rest.

Peppermint tea sounds divine. Actually, if I thought sleeping in a bed of peppermint would help me breathe, I'd give it a try. LOL!

A medicated or spiritual bath fits nicely with this evening, if you can fit that in. But, other than that, move slowly and consciously. Watch for the “angels” and be nice to yourself. Dull the sharpness of your tongue and think TWICE maybe THREE times before you think about using it as a weapon. We are all in the same nut ward, no sense in fighting in the ranks.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 24 2014

This morning we wake up to double fingers of God. He is flipping us off twice. I'm just kidding. I had a friend that used to say (in regard to Yods or the Finger of God), “Nobody said which finger.” It's always stuck with me. More or less, because it is true.

Deliver yourself from evil

Yods are weird. Weird things happen when they are activated. The first Yod fixed in the sky today comes from Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Leo and Neptune in Pisces. This one has been with us for awhile.

The first leg of the 2nd Yod has also been with us for awhile. It includes Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries. Mercury locks into quincunx with Uranus at 10:01 AM.

Turn down your inner bravado a few notches
A Yod occurs when two planets are sextile and each body hits a third body by quincunx or inconjunct (2 ways of saying the same thing). The 3rd body is said to be at the Apex of the Yod while the two planets in sextile form the base. The base is the energy we are to use as tools to navigate the Yod. The Apex is a crucial planet because the theme of the Yod will include that planets energy but(at the time of the transit) the base planets don't naturally understand the Apex. With a quincunx or inconjunct planets can't metaphorically “see” one another in order to communicate.

The Apex of the first Yod is Uranus. Saturn has been quincunx Uranus for quite some time. Mars has recently joined Saturn on his leg of this Yod. Today, Mercury joins the party creating the base of the second leg. So, the “tools” here would be the sextile between Mercury in Virgo and Mars/Saturn in Scorpio.

Below, is a brief description of how Mercury inconjunct Uranus can play out in a natal chart. There is a link that will take you to descriptions of other inconjuncts between different planets. This one, rang a bell for me. I feel like I've been beating this drum for decades.

“The new and unusual things that occur to you may carry you far from the basic needs of your everyday life. Good ideas do not necessarily require you to act immediately to bring them about. Positive innovation will require you to alter yourself and your basic habits before you will see much change in the world or your environment.”

Mars and Saturn in Scorpio is a BEAST to work with. Literally. But, this is what we are being called to do in the name of our own independence and individual freedom. And, I'm talking about liberation on a soul level here more than on a physical level. But, that is possible too. It is also possible for your soul to be liberated while your body is imprisoned.

Mars and Saturn are busy digging up stuff and making you sit down to look at it. This is the excavation crew and they have been working overtime for at least a week. Well, at least since the Moon was in Taurus pre-linking the conjunction. I dreamed of blood on the day the Moon opposed this conjunction. Blood, as referred to as a life source, is a theme with Mars/Saturn in Scorpio.

As our excavation crew (Mars/Saturn) works to dig out the thorns from our dark underbelly, Mercury in Virgo separates and analyzes the wounds and thorns. She documents the original condition and fosters a care plan. As these three work together to purify and heal different areas of the physical and spiritual body, Uranus smiles because you are being freed from cumbersome illness.
The nurses (Virgo) have arrived to assist
 the Wounded Warrior (Mars/Saturn)
It's like finding a splinter embedded deeply in your flesh. Mars/Saturn becomes the poultice that is placed upon the splintered area to draw out the object and the infection. Mercury in Virgo is the directions on the back of the peroxide and antibiotic ointment you will put on the area afterward. Uranus says, “You are free from this illness.”

And, this aspect could literally work out as finding a splinter. The Universe is a smart alec like that.

The second Yod is a little bit different. It has been in place for awhile. Most recently, Venus passed through here creating an inconjunct to Neptune along with Jupiter in Leo. Now Jupiter in Leo remains at the Apex of the Yod while Pluto and Neptune in sextile create the base.

Pluto and Neptune have been in sextile for generations. I often wondered what its importance is. But, each time I ask, I get “they are generational planets.” Yeah? No kidding. So why did so many generations need it? Still no answer. Still not sure. But, I think its relevant that everyone living on Earth has this in their chart. Ok? EVERYONE.

Anyway, parts of the world as we know it are crumbling (Pluto in Capricorn) and you have not much choice but to feel the pain of that on a collective level. Did you even know you could feel the pain of the collective? Because MANY are only now seeing that, “Yes, I can.” Pluto and Neptune want to know what kind of changes this crumbling occurring with increased empathy has done to affect YOU directly. How do you feel about all of this? Will it change the way you think about yourself? Will it cause you to become more wise and compassionate? Or, will it make you feel grandiose to be physically disconnected from society. Or, will you develop a Jesus complex and become the messiah to save us all?

Yep. All is possible. But, really what it boils down to is that the current effects of Pluto/Neptune hit us in our egos and our great big Lion hearts. Its up to the individual to decide how to incorporate that and to decide whether they wear the positive expression of Jupiter (generosity, warmth, wisdom) or the overbearing assholish expression (smart alec, grandiose, egotistical). Don't take yourself too seriously...that will help. But, do treat yourself sincerely.


Together, these Yods sound a lot like they are saying, “Time to make a change.” And I don't think many of the people on Earth would disagree on THAT point. Where the disagreement comes is in deciding where that change needs to come and how. These Yods tell the global councils to go home.

Mars/Saturn will continue to bring certain activities to a halt. As those things come to a halt and as people keep smashing into walls, they'll either recognize it as a time to stop and reflect or keep running. If they keep running and don't sit down for a minute, Saturn and Mars will likely sit them down by making it physically impossible to move forward through illness or injury. Do you see? The Universe says YOU ARE GROUNDED. The longer you rebel the more it will pile upon you until you cannot rebel because these splinters need to come out now.

So, the global councils (and we as individuals) are sent home...grounded. Why? Because the Universe says you must go and heal yourself, be a centered and healthy person BEFORE you are going to be able to come up with the answers for the rest of the world. Each little individual person...go get the poison out! HEAL! Then, come back to the table with what you have learned from that.

Go home. You are all sick
Both of these Yods say that message. Today, they say that message together. The choice? Draw out the poison or allow the poison to rot your soul. Pretty much.
Mercury opposing Chiron at 9:55 AM puts an exclamation point at the end of where our focus needs to be. After a square to Saturn at 4:26 AM, our Leo Moon is Void until entering Virgo tomorrow at 5:33 AM. It's a perfect day for removing splinters and eradicating poison from your soul. Use the whole day! That's your job in this collective mess. Go home and fix and heal yourself. The Universe is begging you.