Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 30, 2014

Virgo is the health care worker. The nurse. The nurse's aid. Venus in Cancer is the appreciation of nurturing and comfort. Chiron in Pisces can heal your soul. Saturn in Scorpio can help you solidly rebuild.
Florence Nightingale's Ascendant was in Virgo with Venus in Cancer (10th house)

Today we wake up to a Moon in Virgo in sextile to Venus in Cancer 4:26 AM and a sextile with Saturn in Scorpio (9:28 AM). All together, this creates a nice solid Kite in the sky. The opposition of Moon to Chiron occurs at 10:09 AM.

If you have an addiction and you are ready to make a change, today is great day to seek treatment. If you are ill, you can make great strides toward healing. If you are a healthcare worker, you will be able to address your work with care, compassion and responsibility.

The aspects we are looking at today have the potential to bring a healing balm of sorts. Its as if Virgo steps into the tumultuous seas and lays her hand upon the water. In response, the seas calm. The care plan becomes more clear. The needed interventions are crystal. However, knowing what to do doesn't make the process of healing any easier. Healing or assisting someone to heal are not easy tasks.

If you do not fall in any of the above categories (healthcare worker, patient, addict) there is still room for you to access and use this energy. Be your own nursemaid. Take meticulous care of your health and well being. Be gentle with yourself addressing your inner child with the warm and compassionate energy of Venus in Cancer and through the eyes of the wise and caring person you have grown to be.

Deep in your gut, you know what you need. You don't need my permission to gift it to yourself. But, we all need reminders sometimes. Especially when we are traveling through a Moon sign that is just as prone to help others and leave the care of itself unchecked. However, in order to be an effective caregiver, we must be healthy ourselves. You can't save drowning people if you are drowning too. You cannot neglect yourself forever.

Tap into this waxing water trine and shower yourself with it. Cleanse. Ground. Release. Purge. Rest or work your way through. Keeping your hands busy may help to still your mind. Working on something can distract you enough so that confusing things start falling into place. So can meditation. Yoga. Music. Praying. Letting go. Surrendering to the drift...which is much more difficult than it sounds.

But, its a good day. Possibly a quiet day. But most of all, its a day where relief is accessible if you need it. Don't be hesitant to reach for it.