Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 21 2014

Aside from Uranus stationing retrograde today (7:13 PM), things are pretty quiet. That's nice to know for a Monday. However, there are these undercurrents swirling around as Mercury gets closer and closer in his opposition to Pluto. Venus is headed there too. Things get particularly “interesting” the deeper we get into this week.
Fulgora Roman Goddess of Lightning

You are likely to feel pretty good today, actually. The weight of the Moon/Saturn opposition has faded. Instead, we have Moon waxing in sextile to the Sun (10:14 AM) and in sextile to Jupiter in Leo (2:53 PM) once she enters Gemini at 12:37 PM.

People may feel more confident and optimistic. Just keep a firm grasp on reality, though, because there is also a square to Neptune waxing in from the Moon overnight along with the perfection of Mercury opposing Pluto. Be wary of overconfidence and instead, look for the humility and generosity that Jupiter in Leo can bring.

Tonight, particularly with the Moon in Gemini, we are likely to feel everything about Mercury opposite Pluto. With the Moon also in square to Neptune at that time, this could be the set up for one horrific nightmare. Nightmares are nightmares. They are disturbing. But, if you can stand to stare it in the face, you may actually find some hidden stuff from your psyche in there that could be useful.
Words and thoughts have tremendous power under a sky like this. We may lose sight of that in our emotionally confused state (Moon square Neptune). Or, we may be even MORE emotionally sensitive to the backlash of Mercury/Pluto with the Moon's square to Neptune.

Another caution, receiving information intuitively and interpreting it with a paranoid and/or obsessed mind. Not good.

Tomorrow, the Moon creates a Yod with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Scorpio. Popping off at the mouth today or under the Mercury/Pluto sky without taking the potential power of your words into consideration can surely get you smacked tomorrow. Saturn in Scorpio says, “KNOW YOUR SHADOW! KNOW YOUR POWER!” Uranus in Aries says, “Move forward Pioneer!” Gemini Moon needs to know, needs to talk about it, needs to rationalize everything out which is hard to do while you are hanging out with the King of the Sea. But, you CAN free yourself a little more if you dig deeply to find the real root cause of your Mercury (thinking, communicating) problems during this transit.

Are you obsessed with something? Why? Saturn in Scorpio doesn't want to know what it is about the THING or THOUGHT that is pulling you in. He wants to know what it is inside you that is so attached to the thing that you cannot let it go. If you find yourself in this situation of obsession and paranoia, you might want to know the deeper reason too! Knowledge is ALSO power. The abilities of self-examination and research of the possible causes of your Pluto-rific thoughts are also 100% accessible with Mercury opposite Pluto, but you have to be willing to look! Don't be afraid of the dark...even your own.

It doesn't help much that Mercury in Cancer is nostalgic and intuitive. You may be picking up on those subsurface conversations that go on beyond words. You may be obsessed with something that happened in the past. It could be as simple as receiving a letter about your debt. It could be as bloody as eviscerating or being eviscerated by words or even your own thoughts.

The key to every bit of it is Saturn. Be responsible for what you say. Be the steward of your own thoughts. Look to the deeper personal and psychological reasons for why things happen the way they do and take an honest look at the role YOU play in all of it.

Last but not least, if you are drinking tonight, hide your phone from yourself unless you want to send messages or make phone calls you will later regret. If you talk in your sleep and have been hiding something, you may want to sleep by yourself tonight. Do. Not. Drive. While. Under. The. Influence. Of. ANYTHING...ever! And, as hard as it may seem with a Moon in Gemini, get a handle on your mouth and your brain. Moon sextile Uranus tomorrow night is likely clear out some of the fog. Wait for it.

Here's what your upcoming week looks like as far as transits go:

July 22 Tuesday

Moon (Gemini) square Neptune 220 AM

Mercury opposite Pluto 247 AM

Mercury in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn 2:47 AM 11 degrees 51 minutes

-Yod with Moon in Gemini, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Scorpio later tonight

Moon sextile Uranus 830 PM

Moon inconjunct Saturn 847 PM

Moon square chiron 1002 PM

Sun in Leo 5:42 PM
July 23 Wednesday

Moon (Gemini) trine Mars 854 PM void until Moon enters Cancer at 11 PM

July 24 Thursday

Moon in Cancer

Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces 7:10 AM 7 degrees

Sun in Leo conjunct Jupiter in Leo 4:44 PM 1 degree 52 minutes

Mercury in Cancer square Uranus in Aries 8:08 PM 16 degrees 30 minutes

Mercury in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio 10:11 PM 16 degrees 40 minutes

Moon trine Neptune 104 PM

Moon conjunct Venus 144 pm

Moon opposite Pluto 1024 PM

July 25 Friday

Mercury in Cancer trine Chiron in Pisces 5:42 AM

Mars in Scorpio 10:25 PM

July 26 Saturday

New Moon in Leo 6:43 PM 3 degrees and 52 minutes

Leo 4: A man formally dressed and a deer with its horns folded