Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 16, 2014

This morning we wake up to Jupiter in Leo! RAWR! Ok, I've not said much about this placement because of Jupiter in Cancer. See, Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. But, personally, I do not like the placement simply because I have Jupiter in Capricorn—which is in detriment. I don't understand “good” Jupiter. I understand making your own luck. I understand gain from hard work. I understand getting hammered by Saturn to be a good thing. Jupiter in Cancer goes against just about everything I understand and have been taught throughout my life—mainly that emotions are something to be controlled and that they are not beneficial (which is partly true—you should have control, but there is benefit).

However, I learned with Jupiter in Cancer that because I'm so in touch with my emotional body I actually have a leg up on what the skies have been bringing us while some, who are not as in touch with their emotional body, have been seriously swamped with all this water (Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune/Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio). This is not to mention the fact that while the entire Astrological Universe was focusing on the overly masculine energy of the Cardinal Cross..there was some feminine stuff that crept right in on us. All this chaos was happening and collectively we discovered..holy crap..this makes us FEEL stuff! Like empathy, concern...all of a sudden, we care. Whether we know what to do with that or not is another thing. And, with Mars in detriment for the last 8 months (including an Rx period) much of our efforts have, frankly, fallen flat.
I didn't understand that either because I also have Mars in Libra...this is my normal mode of operations here...a debilitated Mars and feeling way too much.
But, aside from that misunderstanding and divergence from topic, JUPITER IS IN LEO!
Folks with heavy fire (Sag/Leo/Aries) you are going to be called to fore on this transit. There is a huge emphasis on Fire in August and that will persist once Saturn enters Sagittarius.

Libra and Gemini, you guys are going to catch this transit to your air planets via sextile and that's pretty sweet.

Capricorn and Pisces planets will catch this via inconjunct. So, there is a bit of confusion going on.

Fixed folks. This is coming to you via opposition (Aquarius), square (Taurus and Scorpio) and conjunction (Leo). Usually what this means (particularly if the Sun is involved) is that you can become quite full of yourself—says the girl that has had to talk herself down several times with Jupiter in Cancer squaring all her Libra. It's harder than it sounds. But, talking yourself down from an ego trip will keep your bubble from being busted. It's always smart to voluntarily take a dose of humility rather than have it force fed to you. That's another thing I learned with Jupiter in Cancer.

Actually, one of the downfalls of Jupiter in any kind of aspect is that you will become full of yourself, over-confident and arrogant. With Jupiter in Leo, this is a HUGE possibility. We are talking BIG drama. BIG egos. BIG projection of self. Whereas the more positive expressions call for humility, generosity, wisdom and perspective.


As for me, I'm just hoping for the return of big hair. However, I am looking forward to expansion (Jupiter) in creative (Leo) areas, children (Leo) becoming our teachers (Jupiter) and benefit derived (Jupiter) from entertaining our inner child (Leo). I expect to see “Everything I needed to learn, I learned in Kindergarten” pop up in the social media streams.

The Moon is still in Pisces. Last night, she trined Saturn and hit a conjunction with Chiron (3:07 AM). Now, she is waxing into trine with the Sun in Cancer (2:14 PM). That is an easy Moon you can settle right into.
However, later tonight, the Moon does square off with Venus at the last degrees of Gemini before going Void (8:59 PM). Want (Venus) and Need (Moon) are in conflict. When I first look at this (Pisces Moon vs Gemini Venus), it's like we want ALL THE THINGS but what we need has nothing to do with things.

I think it's my Libran nature that prompts me to start flipping the coin on what any particular Moon needs. You know? When we are talking about a child with Moon in Taurus, the first that that pops up in regard to what they need is comfort and stability. I say a Moon in Taurus child needs to learn that they can navigate change even though it may be scary and disruptive.

So, if you ask me what a Pisces Moon needs, I'm going to tell you that a Pisces Moon needs to be grounded. Pisces Moon doesn't need to learn about unconditional or ethereal love or soul mates...we know that already and that's what puts us in conflict with Venus in Gemini.

The butterfly, Venus in Gemini, likes everything. As I said before it flits from flower to flower enjoying the nectar of each. Pisces Moon sees this as something purely if Gemini Venus only sees appearances and fails to look at things from a deeper level. Plus, Venus in Gemini loves to talk and be chatty whereas Pisces Moon REALLY enjoys quiet and non-chattery.

To resolve this, realize, love your things. But, that isn't real love. That's no where near real ethereal love because that, my friends, believe it or not is a lot of freaking work here on Planet Earth! It's much easier when we are in Soul form and not here. But, building relationships and fostering love on Earth is freaking TOUGH!

The Moon ends it's trek through Pisces with this conflict in her gut and there it churns until the Moon enters Aries tonight a few minutes after midnight. Tomorrow could bring us to a point where we are likely to decide we are fed up and not taking it anymore...whatever “it” is for you. But you MIGHT feel it right away since the Moon makes a trine with Jupiter just as soon as she crosses over into Aries. And, I'm betting by now you know exactly where that is going to happen in your life.