Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 15, 2014

Music is just not optional today. This is my Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and trine natal Mercury just letting you know. Today, we wake up to a Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune (10:26 AM) and trine Mercury in Cancer (2:08 PM). You may feel a little tired and drifty. If you have work to do, choose a playlist of invigorating music...something that makes you want to move. Whatever you want to do, set to a music playlist to keep you going.

Today, I welcome you to my watercolor world

Allow for time delays. The aspects we have this morning mimic passing through the Poppy fields in the Wizard of Oz. And, it envelops everyone...not just Dorothy. So, even if you aren't feeling it, others may be drifty, day dreamy, sleepy, sick, drunk or something else that causes time to just wash right by without them noticing. Which reminds me, be attentive on the roads.

Pay attention to any intuitive messages/dreams you may have...these may bear importance later in the week as we approach the First Quarter Moon on the18th and when Mercury trines Neptune the next day. All of this may feel rather deja vous like. If you receive an intuitive message it may not make sense and you may have trouble remembering it. WRITE IT DOWN. If you don't understand what messages are coming in, try not to jump to conclusions. Let the information simmer a bit.

This evening, we do get a bit of grounding from a sextile from Moon to Pluto in Capricorn. Since this is MY Moon (happy Lunar Return to me!), I can also tell you that Pluto in pleasant aspect to this Moon is pretty rich. It provides grounding and forbearance. Plus, it gives a little bit of drive and organization to a Pisces Moon. It's a nice aspect to have if Neptune is around fogging things up. If you are struggling with Neptune, a little Earth goes a long way. Pluto in Capricorn is more than just a little Earth. The trine from Moon to Saturn in the wee hours of the morning will help bring some of our more watery selves back down to Earth too (1:48 AM).

The main task will be keeping track of yourself today. Why did I get up and walk in this room for? Where are my keys? My gosh, wonder if I can sneak a nap in around lunch time? What is the date? What time is it? Where am I?

LOL, it's ok. It's just one foggy day and we will muddle through. Retain your ability to laugh at yourself and forgive others if they seem a little “off” or “out there”.

The downside of this Moon is the possibility of increased and swamping emotionality. Sometimes a purge of that nature is a good thing. So, if you need a good cry, now is your chance. Just don't get lost in wallowing...that's when things turn ugly. You can read a little bit about that here.

Otherwise, drink more water! For Pisces Moon, keep your diet as light and chemical free as possible. Fresh fruit is good all the time but even better now! Let your imagination run free if you can. And, remember, you can set your mood to music. Feel low? Change the station! Ground...ground...and ground some more.