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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 13 2014

This morning we wake up to Moon in Aquarius. And, guess what she is doing? Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING today.


What? Yeah, that's right. There are NO major aspects from the Moon to anything today. She isn't Void, though. She entered Aquarius last night. Her first aspects do not come until after 1 AM  (sextile to Uranus 1AM and square to Saturn 1:27 AM). Those planets are the Moon's current rulers. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and Saturn is the traditional ruler. Looks like Aquarius is getting along fine with her modern ruler but is bucking against the traditional...go figure.

Overall, this equates to a blessed opportunity to lay the waves of emotions to rest for a minute. Sure, Saturn to Moon is heavy. But do you really think it is going to be more heavy than what has been going on in the sky recently? Yeah, I'm thinking we can handle it.

Also, overnight last night, Venus in Gemini met up with Mars in Libra via trine (4:22 AM EDT). Our masculine and feminine natures have come together in harmony. What we want (Venus) and what lights our fire (Mars) are flickering away in a marvelous dance.

It's a great day for a group outing or a date with friends. It's a great day to make a wish. It's a great day to go to charity or social events. It's a great day to do just about anything you want. I plan on taking advantage of that!