Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 12, 2014

Today, we wake up to a bold and beautiful Full Moon in Capricorn (7:25 AM EDT). If you would like to know more of my thoughts about the Full Moon, you can find them here.

Overnight, the Moon may have panicked a little as she squared off with unpredictable Uranus in Aries (2:07 AM)...maybe those punk kids (Uranus in Aries) down the street were having a little too much fun and it was interfering with Mom and Pop's sleep (Moon in Capricorn). Soon enough, though, Mom and Pop (Capricorn Moon) found Saturn (safety/conviction—a ball bat for the jam box) and things settled down. The Moon also found Chiron in Pisces via trine at 3:27 AM. Everything is going to be ok. We aren't sure how. We just know it will.

It is then, born forth of this feeling of “it will be ok” and calm, that our Full Moon blooms. As our day moves forward, we do meet with some ambiguity midday as the Moon in Capricorn squares of with Mars in Libra. This can manifest as conflict between wanting to work vs wanting to play. It can be your parents against your lover. It can be conflict between what you want to do and what you have to do. In the first example, please a little of both. Work hard. Play harder. In the second, either separate the parties or jump into the negotiation/mediation role. Steer the conversation toward finding a solution instead of grinding away at the problem. If it's the third, again appease a little of both Gods.

As this feeling wanes, the Moon moves into opposition with Jupiter in Cancer. For better or worse, this aspect can blow emotions out of proportion. Or, it can pit a sober/restrictive personality against a generous and giving one. You take a sober and grounded look into the future and into yourself and see how you can get the two to get along. Generally, this is not a bad aspect and also holds potential to be greatly comforting and warm.
The opposition to Jupiter in Cancer occurs at 9:57 PM EDT. At this point, the Moon reaches void status until entering Aquarius at 11:07 PM.

If emotions have been ridiculously high around you during this Full Moon, know that some relief to that is on its way with the Moon's entrance into Aquarius. There are not may calls for emotional displays during this Moon. Plus, overnight, things shift a little...the mentality changes, conversations slow down and become more nurturing, time begins to move a little more slowly...Mercury enters Cancer just after midnight tonight. Before we wake, Venus and Mars meet up for a dance at twilight (trine at 4:22 AM). Relief is coming.