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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 6, 2014

I like the look of the next two days. I really do. And, that's a little funny because the Moon is in Scorpio. I don't know too many people who look forward to that. But, I do.

Plus, our Scorpio Moon makes some wonderful aspects as she cruises through the underworld.

Today, though, we wake up to Moon still in Libra creating a trine with Mercury in Gemini (6:53 AM). Mind and emotion are on the same page. This is a great aspect to use to get clarity around a situation. You can reason with yourself and think things through.

Just before lunchtime (11:31 AM EDT) the Moon meets Jupiter in Cancer via square. At this point, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 3:34 PM. Squares cause tension. Tension between the Moon and Jupiter can result in blowing emotions out of proportion. Or, it could also bring a bit of optimism to an otherwise negative situation. In other words, it can help you feel better or worse depending on where you are. Use the trine with Moon/Mercury to bring things into perspective. Then the Moon square Jupiter could even bring some self-confidence.

I'm also looking forward to the next few days because Uranus is highlighted. Tomorrow, Venus in Gemini finds Uranus in Aries via sextile. Tuesday, the Sun finds Uranus via square. This energy is waxing in now. Venus/Uranus may offset some of the heaviness that people normally feel under a Scorpio Moon.

Then, when the Moon enters Sagittarius on Tuesday night, aside from re-linking the square between Venus and Neptune, she also makes some nice aspects. From here, it looks like a rather easy lead up to a rather powerful Full Moon in Capricorn on the 12th.

I feel like this incoming week is one where we can make a lot of progress in different areas with a little effort and direction. Formulate your plans today! Best day to have off of work (unless you are working in the Woo or in some type of artistic field) is Wednesday. That's a day to ditch the office and run off to the lake or beach if I've ever seen one.

Happy Sunday!