Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 5, 2014

This morning we wake up with Moon in Libra squaring our Sun in Cancer. This creates the First Quarter Moon at 8 AM. The tension of the First Quarter could be offset a bit by the trine from Moon to Venus in Gemini which will perfect at about 10 AM EDT.

A trine from Moon to Venus can feel relaxing and comfortable. But, it isn't very productive. That's not bad for a Saturday morning, though. We could all laze around in our PJ's with our cereal bowls and watch cartoons all morning. That sounds like a completely satisfying plan to me! Who's up for some wascally wabbit?

The square between Sun, Moon and Pluto perfected early this morning. In our search for comfort and satisfaction with Moon/Venus, we could feel heavy or weighted down. But, that heaviness should begin to wane as we encounter the Moon entering into an opposition with Uranus (1:47 PM) and conjunction to Mars (9:32 PM).

Laze and ease leave us this evening. In exchange, we encounter the sometimes jittery and erratic nervous energy of Mars/Uranus. You aren't going to want to lay on the couch for this one.

Moon/Mars/Uranus reflects a need (Moon) for socialization and movement. The aspect encourages you to do something new and to be motivated to make new friends and social contacts.

“But...but...what about the volatility of Mars/Uranus, Josi? What about the re-linking of the Cardinal Cross and the tension with that?”

Yes. There is tension between Mars and Uranus. Yes. There could be people out there today that react negatively to the planetary influence. But, don't forget this energy is not here to frighten you or keep you hiding under your bed. It's here for you to use! Trust your ability to use it. Don't let a harsh aspect in the sky dictate to you whether it is ok to come out of your house or not. You know?

Instead, bear in mind what is going on in the sky. Prepare yourself and take whatever precautions the sky warns us about while moving forward. For example, with Mars/Uranus you may feel nervous or anxious. Ok. You can deal with that. Ground. Let the nervousness creep over into the category of excitement and motivation.
Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries can also equate to being brave in the face of new situations in spite of your nervousness. Bravery is ANOTHER hallmark of Mars/Uranus as well as independent action.

As for the people who may react to this negatively and do something detrimental, YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT! And, that's cool. Because this isn't about them. It's about you. Remember. All you have to do is manage you.

If you are reading this or any other type of forecast, you are being given information that everyone doesn't normally have. Ok? So you already know there are going to be people out there who will gaslight, trip triggers and go off half-cocked. You already know there is a chance you could be nervous and shaky. You can prepare for all of that.

Should you avoid the people that trip your triggers intentionally? Well, I would because that doesn't sound like fun today. But, this could very well be the day that Ms. Trigger Tripper flips your switch and you are just on your game enough to come back with a something brilliant. BAZINGA! I might stick around for that one myself.

Relax this morning. Heed the Sabians of our First Quarter Moon.

Sabian for 14 Cancer: A very old man facing a dark space to the northeast

Sabian for 14 Libra: A noon siesta

Tonight, though, we are probably going to be ready to move! Denying yourself of that urge to move is where the problems start. Standard Mars/Uranus precautions do apply.
PS: The tempo of this music resonates with the energy of the day. This isn't a slow dance. However, if you normally feel awkward or as if you lie "on the fringe" this is the type of energy where you can really turn that up---just for fun---and you'll fit in JUST FINE!