Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 4, 2014

This morning we wake up to Moon in Libra (5:44 AM EDT). Sun in Cancer also met up with Pluto in Capricorn via opposition at about 4 AM. Eventually, the Moon will move into position to square Sun opposite Pluto. From that position she re-links the Cardinal Grand Cross across the sky during our First Quarter Moon tomorrow (8 AM) until it finally wears down a bit on Sunday.

Now. This can be as simple as a group of people coming together in a friendly way (Libra) to eat good food (Cancer) and blow things up (Mars/Uranus/Pluto) as in fireworks. Or. It could be that you go to a family gathering and all Hell breaks loose because your family and your lover/spouse do not get along. Or. There could be an ordeal with instigation, triggering, pushing buttons, gas lighting. It could be all of that and more wrapped up in a pretty package with a bow and a countdown clock on top.

It is Independence Day in the United States. And, ironically enough, Independence and Freedom are becoming triggering words to many and for different reasons. So, debates over all of this are also possible. If things like this come up and you can re-orient the conversation (totally Libra Moon material) away from conflict and steer it toward conflict resolution, maybe someone will come up with some answers or theories on how to cope in our changing and uncertain world. There is a difference between argument and discussion and Libra Moon understands that and wishes to lean in the way of discussion rather than conflict. Plus, Libra Moon gives us the ability to weigh things out fairly and in a more rational way.

There is a lot of energy behind this day just like there was a lot of energy in the Cardinal Grand Cross over the Spring and just like there is a lot of energy in every Cardinal Moon we have encountered over the last year. This energy is nothing new. It is just we receive a respite at times in order to sort out what happens. This weekend, there is not much respite from the energy until Sunday.

Mostly, I expect a climax or crescendo in the realm of relationships this weekend. We have the elements of Self (Aries) vs the other (Libra) vs Mom (Cancer) vs Dad (Capricorn). Isn't that EVERYONE'S favorite ice cream combination for the 4th of July?

The MAIN thing through all of this is NOT to get too excited. There are going to be fireworks going off. And, I don't know about you, but I LOVE blowing stuff, I mean fireworks. Yet during the 4th of July when everyone is putting off their own, I get a little jumpy because you never know when the neighbors are going to light something and it is going to explode when you least expect it. THAT whole scenario is a pretty good metaphorical view of what we are looking at here.

Again, the MAIN thing is NOT to get too excited. Buttons will be pushed. Triggers will be tripped and it all boils down 100% to leashing up and directing your reaction to it. This feels like an external thing because there are all kinds of outer forces in play (like...every important part of your life). But, in truth, it is an internal process that is calling you to grow up your reaction to the things that trigger you. It's all about controlling and directing you. There is your true Independence and Freedom.

If you are able to manage yourself, think for yourself, direct and be responsible for your own energy and well being then that IS Independence and Freedom regardless of what is happening outside of your body.

Think about that for a minute. That's ALL you have to do...manage yourself. That's it!

On a personal level, I read that last line and think, “Oh, that's like saying all I have to do is wrestle this big ape to the ground and get it to eat a banana and play the piano.” Managing yourself can be difficult and not always fun. But, you can do it if you want to. You'll thank yourself for it on Sunday.
This energy peaks tomorrow so it is merely building today. Then, the Sun will make more noise later as it continues to re-link Uranus and Pluto. Sun will square Uranus on Tuesday.