Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 2, 2014

When I first looked at the aspects for today, the first thing I thought of was a hospital. I take that back. I didn't just think of a hospital. I smelled one. You know that sickening putrid antiseptic smell that has the underlying base smell of death and sickness? Yeah. THAT one. I also had that eerie hollow disorienting feeling you have when you are at a long cold sterile end of a hallway in an unfamiliar place.

Today we wake up to Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune (8:32 AM EDT) and squaring Venus (3:52 PM). That's a mutable t-square folks. Mutuable t-squares are wild cards..changeable and unpredictable. Plus, it's mutable t-square that includes the King of Chaos, Neptune.

This is what we are looking at. Virgo = our health and daily lives. Venus = what we consider valuable and what we care about. Neptune = chaos, virus, infirmary. Now, mix all that up and put it under pressure by shaking it up. What you are going to get is equivalent to what happens when you put a Mentos in a Diet Coke bottle...slow gaseous bubbly eruption all over the place. 

Essentially, there is conflict between our well being and daily lives, what we love and or value and infirmary, confusion, chaos, lies, misunderstandings, deception and delusion (and there's probably some projection in there too).

It could be that you fall in love and subsequently get butterflies in your stomach. Yep. Could be that simple.

It could be that you lose your bank card and that makes you sick.

It could be that you indulge too much in your favorite treat and end up with a belly ache or in a diabetic coma.

It could be as extreme as discovering an ugly truth surround something or someone you love and in this moment you realize you may have to let it go because the stress of it all is affecting not only your health but your also your ability to function in your every day life.

The question overlying all of these scenarios is “Do you have to surrender let go, forgive, accept, purge, detoxify or heal?” The answers are as individually specific as the situation.

If you are literally sick (and some will be—Virgo Moon processes emotion through the digestive system), the Sun in Cancer (sextile at 3:20 PM) and Pluto in Capricorn (trine at 6:41 PM) are each here to support and help you. It is likely that you will heal well and come back stronger than ever if you put forth effort to heal.

If you are a different kind of love sick, the Sun and Pluto are there for you too. Discern FACT from FICTION. What do you know for sure and have REAL proof of...aside from what you think may be happening, what can you actually prove, really? Your inclinations are important but so is discerning the facts in this instance and acting accordingly. Be willing to change. Don't waste your time looking at how the thing or person you love needs to change...this is 100% about you.

You have the support to make the decision you need to make. You just have to be willing to look at the situation honestly and answer some of your own questions first. But how? Investigate and find your true heart and act from there. YOUR TRUE HEART. Not, your scared ego or your wounded pride. What is your TRUE HEART telling you do to do? Then, yeah, you should probably follow that.