Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 1, 2014

Happy July!
Today, the big news is not that we wake up to a Moon in Leo just having gone void after a sextile with Mercury (6:01 AM EDT). No. The BIG news is that Mercury turns direct at 8:43AM.

Yes, you may applaud now.

However, remember that Mercury is still in his shadow which means our patience with him may not return full force for quite some time. He enters Cancer on 6/13.

After the Moon does dance with Mercury, though, she reaches Void status until entering Virgo at 5:25 PM.

So. We may have some Mercury stationing issues. But, overall, there is plenty of potential for a quiet day.

Let me tell you something about this week, though. Things get quite busy toward the latter part and particularly over the weekend. Today is probably our calmest day. Tomorrow the Moon will re-activate the square between Venus and Neptune that officially occurred on June 29. This makes a mutable t-square as the Moon moves into place.

This is not harsh. But, it sure can shake your reality and be quite unpredictable.

Thursday, there is yet another mutable t-square formed as the Moon bridges a square between Mercury in Gemini and Chiron.

THEN, Friday, the fireworks start cracking as the Sun moves into opposition with Pluto in Capricorn setting off an eventual re-ignition of the Cardinal Grand Cross as the Moon moves through Libra. That's one POWERFUL First Quarter Moon!

Use today to rest up and wrap up loose ends. Tomorrow the tides start rising on clouds of confusion. Behind that front, we have some tremendously powerful waves. Plan accordingly and don't forget to pack your sunscreen so you won't get burned!