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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 31 2014

Our Moon in Virgo checks in with Mercury (sextile) during his last hours in Cancer at 10:48 AM. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 12:10 PM.

At 6:46 PM, Mercury enters Leo. The Lion finds his voice. At this point, we officially have what is called a stellium in Leo. This is a collection of 3 or more bodies in one sign. Currently, we have 4 bodies in Leo (once Mercury jumps ship, that is) Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith.
Black Moon Lilith. You know, I love the energy that comes from her. She is wild. Unbridled. And, overall, her power scares the crap out of some of our more oppressive masculine populace.

Some perceive Lilith as evil...a negative influence. But, I'm going to have to disagree with that. Her assertive and non-compliant attitude make her a threat to anyone who thinks they can control her or any other woman like her. With Lilith, that isn't going to happen.

She is unafraid of self-assertion in the face of gender oppression or standard gender roles. As a matter of fact, Lilith would probably tell you to take your oppression and gender roles, wad them up and shove them where the sun don't shine...IF she decides to let you off that easily.
Lilith by Samantha Meglioli

Lilith has been called the shadow side of Motherhood. She's been accused of facilitating child abuse, neglect and all kinds of horrors. I've got news for her accusers. though. There isn't a body in the sky that comes down to Earth and hurts our children. We do that all on our own.

Lilith is currently at 16 Leo and in trine to Uranus in Aries. Oh yeah, she's got THAT going for her right now. What I'm noticing is people speaking up for themselves who normally do not. People are asserting themselves and then catching a huge backlash of how selfish they are, how irrational they are, how combative they are...and its mainly women catching this backlash.

Honestly, I really thought we were past this. But, apparently the shadow reaches further than I even imagined. Women, on paper, are allowed the same rights in this country as our penis bearing citizens. But, it is so ingrained in our culture for women to be pleasing, supportive, passive and not just non-aggressive...but non-assertive. And this energy isn't just transpiring in US culture. It's transpiring everywhere and the backlash in other places is even worse.

Does that tell you a little bit about how intimidating the power behind Lilith's assertions can be? Strong enough to make grown and established people quiver.

Are women still considered hysterical when they are non-compliant? Our hormones are to blame right? Must be “that time” if we are standing up telling someone what an oppressive and neanderthal lump of unformed humanity they are. Then, in response, the person can justify their actions and say, “She deserved it” or “she had it coming” or what the heck ever other irrational explanation they can come up with for their possibly violent response to female self-assertion.

Let me tell you something. waves hands around THAT is NOT going to sustain. Enough. Its not ok to kidnap us and sell us into slavery. Its not ok to round us up and start cutting on our genitals. It is not ok to rape us and say it was our fault. It is not ok to say we are hysterical and accuse us of mental illness just because we are bucking against STUPID gender biased oppression that is 100% in place because of FEAR.

Women are going to continue to assert themselves. It's not going to be pretty. But, you know what else, we are also teaching our children these values. That way, when they grow up, they already know that gender oppression is bullshit. How's that for power?

As far as the Astrology for today, as the Moon enters Libra, people may feel a need to put on a smile to mask whatever it is they are dealing with. There is a chance to check out of the emotionality of the situation you are in, in favor of some rational thought and logic. I'd take advantage of that.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 30, 2014

Virgo is the health care worker. The nurse. The nurse's aid. Venus in Cancer is the appreciation of nurturing and comfort. Chiron in Pisces can heal your soul. Saturn in Scorpio can help you solidly rebuild.
Florence Nightingale's Ascendant was in Virgo with Venus in Cancer (10th house)

Today we wake up to a Moon in Virgo in sextile to Venus in Cancer 4:26 AM and a sextile with Saturn in Scorpio (9:28 AM). All together, this creates a nice solid Kite in the sky. The opposition of Moon to Chiron occurs at 10:09 AM.

If you have an addiction and you are ready to make a change, today is great day to seek treatment. If you are ill, you can make great strides toward healing. If you are a healthcare worker, you will be able to address your work with care, compassion and responsibility.

The aspects we are looking at today have the potential to bring a healing balm of sorts. Its as if Virgo steps into the tumultuous seas and lays her hand upon the water. In response, the seas calm. The care plan becomes more clear. The needed interventions are crystal. However, knowing what to do doesn't make the process of healing any easier. Healing or assisting someone to heal are not easy tasks.

If you do not fall in any of the above categories (healthcare worker, patient, addict) there is still room for you to access and use this energy. Be your own nursemaid. Take meticulous care of your health and well being. Be gentle with yourself addressing your inner child with the warm and compassionate energy of Venus in Cancer and through the eyes of the wise and caring person you have grown to be.

Deep in your gut, you know what you need. You don't need my permission to gift it to yourself. But, we all need reminders sometimes. Especially when we are traveling through a Moon sign that is just as prone to help others and leave the care of itself unchecked. However, in order to be an effective caregiver, we must be healthy ourselves. You can't save drowning people if you are drowning too. You cannot neglect yourself forever.

Tap into this waxing water trine and shower yourself with it. Cleanse. Ground. Release. Purge. Rest or work your way through. Keeping your hands busy may help to still your mind. Working on something can distract you enough so that confusing things start falling into place. So can meditation. Yoga. Music. Praying. Letting go. Surrendering to the drift...which is much more difficult than it sounds.

But, its a good day. Possibly a quiet day. But most of all, its a day where relief is accessible if you need it. Don't be hesitant to reach for it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 29 2014

Today we wake up to Moon in Virgo leaving a sextile with Mars (3:03 AM) and an opposition with Neptune (1:46 AM). To me, this sounds like waking up from a night of busy or violent dreams. I noted it, because with my Moon, if I have a night dreaming (as Pisces Moon's are prone to do) I can wake up mad at people and not remember why. It takes me a while to wake up and realize something was a dream. With a set up like this, you could experience that upon waking too. It could have also been a restless night. Could have been one of those where you are sleepy but your body just doesn't want to cooperate.

However, an aspect like this can also fire up your motivations (Mars) toward building your dreams (Neptune). Either way, you'll push through. The Moon also trines Pluto in Capricorn at 1:16 PM.

Together, Virgo and Capricorn can get quite a bit accomplished. This is a very grounding aspect which will likely be appreciated after a fuzzy opposition from Moon to Neptune.


Aside from the fortitude that Pluto in Capricorn brings to Moon in Virgo, it can also give you a chance to examine your emotional shadow from a non-pressured perspective. So, as you are working the Virgo/Capricorn energy, note the tendencies you may have that prevent you from operating efficiently on a daily basis and in your work to your highest capacity. The opportunity is there. But, you have to be willing to look. That can be scary and typically people would rather do anything else.

Today, though, we are solidly grounded after the Moon passes Neptune. You can accomplish a great deal in the realm of daily chores, writing/research assignments. Work in general can be knocked out fairly efficiently.

Otherwise, don't fall into the shadow of the Virgo Moon which includes incessant worry, self-criticism and cynicism. Virgo Moon's emotionality directly affects the digestive system. So if your belly is upset, perhaps you should look at your emotional body and see what is you are repressing or what it is you are holding in that is eating away at your gut. It happens.

That being said Virgo Moon's are excellent for any initiatives taken toward a healthy diet, detoxing or taking time to clean and organize your surroundings in general. It's a good day for finding ground and bringing aspirations and ideals solidly down to Earth.
Virgo by Josephine Wall

Monday, July 28, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 28, 2014

This morning, we wake up to Venus moving away from her pressured meeting with Pluto and a Void Moon in Leo.

Moon remains Void ALL DAY until entering Virgo at 11:37 PM.

Its one of those days of quiet contemplation. The quiet part is probably a subconscious wish by my Pisces Moon. I'm ready for quiet. Peace.

Mostly, though, its a day that you can use to relax or toil away. Your choice. The bigger point is contemplation and incorporation of what has happened in recent past. It's just a typical day with nothing extravagant happening.

That sounds pretty good to me.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 27, 2014

This morning, we wake up to Moon in Leo waxing toward a trine with Uranus in Aries (8:15 PM) and a square to Saturn in Scorpio (8:38 PM). The big news over the course of the next few days, however, comes from Venus.

Do you remember the first of this year when Venus was in Capricorn? She officially entered Capricorn on November 6 of last year. On December 22, Venus turned retrograde in Capricorn at just one second shy of 29 degrees. She turned direct on February 1st at 13 33 degrees.

Today, Venus is nearly finished opposing the degrees in Capricorn that she moved through ONLY ONCE in her passage in Capricorn. For the record, she met up with Pluto via conjunction in December 2013 at around 9 degrees. The two did not meet up again at the exact degree. Venus' station direct degree did not take her all the way back to Pluto. It was close. But, not exact.

Venus has danced with Pluto several times around the zodiac this year. When she was in Pisces, she found Pluto by sextile. When she was in Aries, she squared off with him. When she was in Taurus, she trined Pluto and the two did a wonderful Tango. Now, Venus looks across the zodiac at Pluto and the tensions begin to rise.

Venus/Pluto conjunction sabian 10 degrees Capricorn:

Bovee says, “The key is kindness. A little give and take. Composed, calm and kindly as if gracefully suspended in air, the albatross can give and receive without going too far… or not far enough. Some will be very sensitive regarding which side of the equation they perceive themselves to be.

Human relations are like this. It is possible to do too much for others… a disempowering of sorts. It is possible to give too little. Consider the space that opens in these awkward moments to be fraught with creative genius such that things can work out brilliantly... kindly."

The sabian from her conjunction in December talks about healthy relationships and fair exchange versus unhealthy and possibly codependent relationships. Mars was in Libra at that time, firing up all the things that Venus' conjunction with Pluto heralded. It was hard. Wasn't it? Mars in Libra? Our normal modes of asserting ourselves weren't working. We had to look at how we do that plus look at how we partner and look at how effective we were in those partnerships.

The Sabians for the sextile on April 18:

Venus in Pisces met Pluto in Capricorn just AFTER Pluto stationed retrograde on April 15 of this year. You remember April, right? There were eclipses and Cardinal Crosses and things were nuts for lots of people. Venus/Pluto was an aspect many overlooked in the chaos of all that. Oh, but Venus was in play during this time, for sure. Value and motivation gut checks were flying around at this time and would continue until Venus entered Taurus. Me vs We was certainly at the forefront and plenty of people were discouraged...if not flattened entirely.

As a matter of fact, a whole lot of feminine energy was rising during the time we were focused on the overtly masculine energy of the Cardinal Cross. The feminine energy crept up on people.

14 degrees Pisces for Venus: A lady in a fox fur

Bovee says, While some may flounder for a while in emotional confusion, perhaps striking wildly at something they thought they heard or witnessed, careful focus wills a needlepoint to precise recall… recall to past. Revelation for the future calls upon a hoary past, thus fox wisdom goes.”

14 Capricorn for Pluto “An ancient bas-relief carved in granite”

This was a very important degree for Pluto. It keeps showing up in interactions with Venus throughout the year as well as being prominent in Pluto's aspects to other planets. It signifies the very rock (Capricorn) that Pluto is trying to break down. Those old, default patterns whose effectiveness has expired.

Venus/Pluto will bring up past lovers, friends etc. And, many times, during Venus/Pluto's interactions and while Mars was in Libra (particularly when he was retrograde) lots of people experienced such interactions by actually physically running into people they had relationships with in the past. Or, by just reminiscing about those times.

The purpose of that is to bring forth a comparative view. Who you were then and how you acted in that relationship versus who you are now and the things you have learned since. But, to be honest, these situations in and of themselves make it VERY hard to look at things logically. First of all, Venus in Pisces knows no logic. Ok? She is exalted there but she is also reminded of that deeply connected compassionate and unconditional type of love.

This was also an opportunity to forgive (Venus/Neptune in Pisces) and let go of past hurts, delusions and transgressions in relationships.

The Sabians for the square(Venus/Pluto Rx) on May 15:

14 Aries for Venus “A serpent coiled between a man an a woman” Hill in an article discussing a New Moon in Aries in 2011 at the same degree says, “Temptation, fear and passion can all too easily get in the way of any relationship, old or new. It can sometimes be difficult to tell exactly what’s coming between people; it could be an emotion, psychological condition or memory. The ‘Serpent’ in this situation is not necessarily in a threatening pose, yet it can still induce a sense of fear or tension because of assumptions and prejudice”

Venus in Aries TYPICALLY is very prompt to take action toward what she wants. She is a warrior. But, during THIS passage, Venus in Aries' ruler was in detriment. And, Venus herself was also in detriment.
Plus, Action (Mars) and Want (Venus) were in opposition. We were surely tempted to do things the way we have always done them but those things WERE NOT working at the time. The frustration from that just kept increasing. We wanted (Venus) to move forward and initiate (Aries). But, MAN did we ever hit walls! How easy is it to fall back into temptation when you are already deflated to begin with? Pretty easy.

14 Capricorn for Pluto “An ancient bas-relief carved in granite”

Bovee says, “In simple terms, we could say this intellectual turn was one of background awareness. It singled out the individual, threw him or her against the measure of a darkened bottomless sky, and made almost every thought, emotion, wish, ideal seem a petty conceit of utter insignificance when held against that light... or lack of it”

So the first Sabian, from the conjunction told us to be aware of mutual exchange and the tendency to fall toward enablement and co-dependency. In the sextile, we were given an opportunity to assess past Venus issues and forgive and let go. During the square temptation crept in to go back to this “stone” instead of continue to chip away at it. This “temptation” was no small thing either. I remember it, well. On a personal level, I railed the Universe because it was the GRANDFATHER of all temptations for me at the time. It was quite a forceful and tempting call to do something that Venus KNEW was connected to a habit she really needed to break. And, at the time, she was pretty frustrated. Did she give in? In some instances..yes. It was the choice of the individual mostly and the answers to that question (Did she give in?) varies.
For Venus trine Pluto Rx (Taurus/Capricorn)

Venus trine Pluto on June 9 was rich. While in aspect to Pluto, fine milk chocolates magically turned into dark sensual smooth and rich dark chocolate.

Venus was at home in Taurus and much more settled. There was a sense of relief that accompanied Venus in Taurus this year. It was a time when many felt as if they could relax for a few minutes. Pluto was retrograde, still and this interaction actually backed up a degree for our further review.

For Venus at 13 Taurus: Shelfish groping and children playing

Bovee says, “Expect a highly refined sense of priority, which while focused, is also smooth and natural. From this secure ground, one can reach into the unknown for making sense of connections to constructive purpose.”

For Pluto at 13 Capricorn: A fire worshipper (sounds like Vesta, eh? And she's been hovering around our Venus ruled NN for how long?)

Bovee says: “When one individual brings a regard of worship to another, the elements of combustion and care are present in proper balance. Consider this:

... air, the space accorded another to be who they are, the space for their true spirit to shine.

... fuel; what one brings to another....  a gift, a conversation, support, encouragement.

... flame: the burning spirit of the other, that shining flame that you recognize such worth in.

... earth: your presence as another human being who, in proper worship and care, attends to the other.

When these elements are brought together, wondrous... magical.... things can happen. The warmth between two people grows like a fire coming to fullness. It endures while being tended like a fire with just enough fuel to keep it burning, but not so much so as to bombast as bonfire, nor too little so as to flicker out by bringing no worship."

For the upcoming opposition (2:36 AM tonight) Venus and Pluto meet up at 11 degrees and 43 minutes. Pluto is direct this time.

For Venus at 12 Cancer: A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message

Bovee says, “Life is lived as a metaphor. Every journey home is written large on the background canvas of all life. The particular detail of the moment… a baguette picked up at the bakery for example… merges into the inexhaustible textures of returning home.”

For Pluto at 12 Capricorn: A student of nature lecturing

Bovee says the theme of this sabian is “Through new eyes”

Venus has been transformed this year. Values have changed. The dynamics within relationships have changed. We've had power struggles. Break ups. New relationships formed. Venus has reflected on the past and projected into the future and been given stark reminders of what she needs to change and where she is vulnerable to temptation to revert back to old and worn out patterns. The way we value others has changed. The way we value ourselves has changed. And, to a large degree, the old things we found value in seem a lot less important. Look, the new iPhone is out!... and 300 people just disappeared on a plane while millions continue to be murdered because of a perverted holy war, women are being held captive and sold into slavery and our children are suffering for all of it. Yeah. Who gives a shit about the iPhone anymore?

It was subtle. But it happened. And now Venus sees things a little differently. And with her new perspective, she stares across the zodiac at Pluto in Capricorn. She revisits all the information and situations one more time before she assesses the current situation. There will be temptation. There will be old relationships that float up again for us to review. There will be a homecoming and home looks a lot different, now.

What will Venus do? Will she forget everything she has learned? Will she use her new insight to further develop herself? I'll give you a clue. You hold the keys to her how you react to this energy. Will you incorporate Venus' new wisdom? Or will you continue to project the shadow of your Venus onto the face of everyone you meet and continue blaming everyone else for your money and relationship problems?

The Universe doesn't really care, again, one way or another. Its job is to present you with the energy and then dole out the consequences of the way we employ that energy as per appropriate in a ridiculously unbiased manner. So, instead of thinking about “Oh my gosh! I have to do the right thing here. Realize, the “right” thing is based on your assessment of it and no one else's. The Universe is giving us an opportunity to change for the better...or not. It's just that simple.

I have a feeling that many people will accept their new view upon things if not welcome it outright. Others will shirk in fear because of the monumental weight of the needed change. But, for the most part, as Moon waxes in trine to Uranus in Aries and square to Saturn in Scorpio, we will be primed to incorporate and solidify (Saturn) a new vision of ourselves in the future (Uranus in Aries). And that certainly includes a reshaping of our values and value systems.

Look back at the dates of Venus' previous interactions with Pluto. Can you note any personal themes that continually emerged during these times?

Venus has more Pluto interaction to come. She doesn't meet up (conjunction)with Pluto again (starting a new cycle) until December 21st. This conjunction occurs immediately preceding a New Moon in Capricorn (12/22). And, oh yeah, Mercury is in Capricorn too making his way toward a conjunction with Pluto himself during all of this. AND, Uranus is tightly in the mix too.

June 26th, 2012: 8 degrees

September 19 2012: 6 degrees

May 21 2013: 11 degrees

November 1 2013: 9 degrees

April 21 2014: 13 degrees

December 15 2014: 12 degrees

March 17 2015: 15 degrees
If you look at tonight's opposition in the same way we look at the movements of the Moon, this is a Venus/Pluto “full moon.” They don't get farther away from one another than they are right now. This is the culmination, the watershed, the snake shedding its skin. Then, the rest of Venus interactions from here until her next conjunction with Pluto will involve letting go of those habits and replacing them with new ones...or not. The next tense aspect from Venus to Pluto will come (aside from the inconjunct she will experience while she is in Leo) while Venus is in Libra. The square occurs at 12 degrees. Today's aspect is the midway point where what we decide holds great importance.

Have you checked in with Venus lately?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 26, 2014

This morning, we wake up to a Void Moon in Cancer. However, at 10:56 AM EDT, Moon moves into Leo and squares Mars newly placed in Scorpio (11:30 AM). One good way to handle this is to work to restore or refurbish something. That calls for Scorpio power (Restoration) and Leo power (Creativity) and besides, it could be fun! Though some do consider my idea of fun to be a bit odd. So, if you have something like this on your “one day when I have time I'm going to do this” list, then today would be a good day to tackle more ways than one!

Moon square Mars can feel ambiguous. As if you can't get motivated or can't get into what you are doing. Dealing with two masters like Scorpio and Leo can be difficult. Look to the positive expressions of each archetype to balance the energy out.

At 3:35 PM Moon in Leo finds Jupiter. This can be a wonderful feel good time or it can be a "things were bad and now they feel HORRIBLE" time. Moon to Jupiter can bring warm and generous feelings or it can take the negative you feel and put a spotlight on it prompting some people to start the familiar roaring of the drama queen. Remember that if your emotions are overboard and people are offering you Oscar's at the end of the day. Maintain perspective and try not to blow stuff out of proportion. However, if you have a show to an official one (some type of performance) WOW are the skies ever friendly for you today!
New Moon in Leo 6:43 PM 3 degrees and 52 minutes
Leo 4: A man formally dressed and a deer with its horns folded

At 6:43 PM, we have the New Moon in Leo. You know the scene in the Lion King where the little monkey holds Baby Simba up for the whole kingdom to admire? That's what Leo New Moons remind me of.

This Leo New Moon is conjunct Jupiter and square Mars in Scorpio. Our new baby lion is certainly royal (conjunct Jupiter) and it looks like his kingdom may be in disrepair because there is a lot of rebuilding to do (Mars in Scorpio).

On a Universal level, Jupiter recently left Cancer. We learned a lot (whether we wanted to or not) about how we feel and how emotions affect us. How we acted on those emotions, defined a part of who we are. Some discovered pieces of themselves they didn't know they had. Have you ever done that? I have. Up until I was about 30, I thought I was 5' 6”. Then, one day, during my son's football physical, I measured myself while I was standing in line. The measuring thing was set in inches. So, I asked someone to help me with the math because my brain doesn't like numbers and I hate math. They came back to me and said, “You are 5' 8.”

That day, I discovered that not only were there two inches of me that I had been in denial about for 30 years but, also, that I was much worse at math than I thought.

That is a literal example, but during Jupiter in Cancer some people discovered they had feelings which are another part of ourselves that has been repressed and denied. Discovering something changes a person. Any time you discover something new about yourself, it can be disorienting and confusing. But, good or bad, the information is always helpful.

So, we have just passed through a time when Jupiter taught us about emotions (among other things). Now, Jupiter wants to turn the lights on who we actually are. Leo is where we build our identity. Leo is where our inner child resides. Leo New Moons are a time for presenting each of these parts of self (identity/inner child) to the world in celebration.

Of course, Leo prefers that we do this in a creative way. Perhaps you present a part of yourself by displaying a new piece of artwork you just finished. Perhaps do this by being generous and loving to others. Perhaps you go in the front yard and sing out loud about how you are going to survive (not that any Spiritual Counselors I know have done that recently...)

Either way, Leo New Moons call for a celebration of self. And, in turn, a warm and generous celebration of the baby lion in others. And that is exactly what I would use it for.

Who are you? Stand up and show me. YAY! That was awesome! My turn...I am...

See how that works? Take some time today to have some fun. You know? HAVE. FUN. Remember that? Celebrate you. Express you in your own way. Celebrate others...your friends, your family, your grocery store clerk. Celebrate all of it! Even if it is a little quirky..

If you find yourself in the midst of devastation or a complete remodel, look around and celebrate the fact that in the midst of the rubble...YOU are still standing! You will survive.

Wherever you are, the Universe is asking...”Who are you? Wait a minute, I can't hear you. Roar a little louder, please. Now...WHO ARE YOU?”

And whether your Roar in reply is booming, melodic, quiet or completely mute you wear it with pride and share of your gifts generously. Hold that baby lion up for the world to see!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 25, 2014

What Saturn has repressed, Jupiter is now lighting up. Jupiter expands. Saturn contracts. Do you have planets from 0-15 degrees fixed (Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius)? Jupiter is going to fire those planets up.

When this happens, everything about that planet (good or bad) is under the spotlight for you to examine. Then, there is Mars.

When Mars follows Saturn he activates and puts into motion what Saturn stomped on. We have a chance to employ what we have learned...or not.

So. Early fixed degrees. What did you learn when Saturn was in early Scorpio? Are you going to use that knowledge? Or are you going to fall back into past habit patterns?

Saturn entered Scorpio on Oct 6 2012. I remember it well. I have many planets at the end of Libra and was counting the days for Saturn's exit from that sign. Saturn stationed Rx for the first time in Scorpio in February 2013 at about 11 degrees. He traveled backward all the way to 4 degrees before turning direct on July 2013. Most recently, Saturn in Scorpio stationed retrograde again at 23 degrees on March 1 2014 and is now direct at 16 degrees Scorpio.

If you have planets between 0 and 16 degrees Fixed, your Saturn experience is over for awhile in regard to those planets.

I am seeing MANY early degree Scorpio Mars folks who are staring down the barrel of a complete life overhaul. Some have chosen to do this. Some have had circumstances forced upon them and they have no choice but to endure change. One client advised that she had been told the last time Mars returned to Scorpio after such an extended stay in Libra was 1982. Mars entered Scorpio in December of that year after a Mars Rx period in Libra.

But, this is what Mars in Scorpio does. It overhauls. It can start 100% completely from scratch and forage until it has built something new. Scorpio Mars is the animal you found that you thought for sure was dead but then suddenly, it sprang back to life. Scorpio Mars survives. Sometimes it kills itself just so it can be born again. As a matter of fact, one thing that Scorpio Mars is to learn is that you don't have to go to such extreme measures. There is middle ground. Pluto ruled planets seem to forget that, in general.

There is a lot of energy that is going to be restored in Scorpio (and the other fixed signs too) over the next couple of months. I'd say it will be interesting to watch. Scorpio Mars is the Phoenix. We have endured Mars in Libra. Now, we can either burn ourselves completely to the ground...or rise.

For the rest of us, Mars in Scorpio is here to revitalize, give us endurance and perhaps put a little lust in our loins. Power.

My exact statement that I used to illustrate someone witnessing the effects of Mars into Scorpio was, “That thing came out of that grave like a turkey with its ass on fire! Wait a minute, that's no turkey...that is the Phoenix!” Honestly, my mouth waters a bit just thinking about it.

I'm happy to know the world is about to get its drive back. I hope that there were actions and plans that were thwarted during Mars' trek in Libra for good reason. And, I hope that some of those with dastardly plans that were foiled, have since changed their minds. Didn't think about that, did you? Your plans may have been knocked down a time or two. So was everyone else's...even the bad guys!

We certainly had time to evaluate whether what we wanted to do or planned to achieve was worth it by now after having to scramble to get back up every time that Mars in Libra pushed us down. Hopefully we learned a little about ourselves in the process too.

Speaking of which, there is new Moon tomorrow in Leo. Mars enters Scorpio tonight at 10:25 PM. We realize, wait a minute, that animal is not dead! Then, with the new Moon, there is a chance to present this revitalized animal to the world. You are awake! You are alive! Who are you? What parts have died completely? What parts are reborn renewed and more resilient...wiser, more capable, stronger? Yeah? Prove it.

This morning, we wake up to Mercury in Cancer trine Chiron in Pisces (5:42 AM EDT). Our Moon in Cancer is waxing toward a square with Uranus in Aries (7:50 AM), trine with Saturn (8:09 AM) and conjunction with Mercury in Cancer (9:55 AM).



Still no rhythm, Doctor.



Doctor! It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!

Now, lets see what this beast can do.

(sounds an awful lot like Shock Therapy to me)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 24 2014

Intuition/emotion and the higher mind. Our root emotions and our shadow. All of these things meet today via square.
Cancer Moon by Josephine Wall

This morning we wake up to a happy Cancer Moon. Venus is trining Neptune Rx (7:10 AM EDT). The Sun is making its way toward a conjunction with Jupiter in Leo 4:44 PM. Many probably feel really good. There is not an overly ambitious air to the day. But, people will have some confidence restored.

Big heads are so hard to work into something fashionable
Just don't go overboard with it toward egotism or try to be an overbearing lion. The aim here is to allow Jupiter to expand the positive qualities of Leo. Generosity. Warmth. Child-like wonderment. Creativity.

The flip side of that coin is an arrogant drunk (Sun/Jupiter and Venus/Neptune). An arrogant drunk early in the day is going to meet the consequences of his actions before he passes out for the night.

Someone who acts with generosity and kindness instead of an overblown ego and reaches out to others in an effort to nurture and care is going to meet with their consequences before bedtime too.

See how that works? We always have a choice.

Mercury meets Uranus by square today at 8:08 PM. Prior to that the Moon will trine Neptune and conjunct Venus (trine at 1:04 conjunct at 1:44 PM).

Shortly after his square to Uranus, Mercury meets Saturn via trine at 10:11 PM. At about the same time, Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto (10:24 PM).

So, this morning we have a bunch of pleasant and easy Moon/Venus/Neptune aspects and our confidence is growing. This is like floating on the water. Peaceful and easy. What a great morning!

The whole time we are floating around, though, our minds are churning, churning, churning. Ideas fly. You should really write some of this down. Mercury/Uranus insight can leave as quickly as it comes.

Intuition is kicking today and our higher minds are in gear too. However, know that if you receive intuitive information at this is for YOU. This is something that many people struggle with especially if they are unfamiliar with getting nods or heads up from the Universe. Intuitive messages come to us so that we can prepare. They do not come to us so we can start seeking people out and warning them in effort to save the world. That's how people get locked up for being nuts.

Thing is, with Uranus in play, reacting impulsively on insight is exactly what we want to do. Even if the message is 100% crystal clear to you, when you do that (blurt out your inclinations), it scares people or shocks them. Your message is lost. Useless. Disregarded. Even if you tell them and it comes through as true later in a way that is undeniable to them (your audience), guess what? They are STILL going to think you are nuts. It is ineffective and what good is a message if it is ineffective? Why would the Universe do that to you?
Here's a clue. The Universe doesn't do it to you. You do it to yourself.

Sun to Jupiter can give you the where-with-all to be so pumped up ego wise that when intuition or something brilliant seeps in, you feel sure enough of yourself to just lay it all out there because YOU KNOW you are right.

I do have several supehero capes though..
But, Sun to Jupiter's aim (the highest expression) is wisdom. And, it isn't wise to act impulsively upon insight. So, whatever information you get, know it was given to you for a reason. It is for you to use to prepare yourself NOT save the world. Let's steer ourselves away from Messiah complexes, k? Messiah's aren't usually received well. Personally, I've no desire to hang from a cross today.

At the end of the day, whatever happens with the pop-off mouth and overactive brain workings, is going to be reconciled by Saturn. I just said in a reading the other day, the Universe doesn't give a crap what you choose. Saturn sits back and doles out consequences in an unbiased manner. He sits there lumping stuff on saying “I don't know why you are surprised. You chose these consequences as you chose your actions. I'm just doing my job.”

With Moon opposite Pluto, we have a real opportunity to assess our own shadow and honestly determine how it affects us in our waking walking life. But, there is going to be a tendency to project that shadow too as this aspect falls in opposition. If you find yourself ranting about what a monster someone is...check yourself. Is that person wearing YOUR monster on their face?

All that being said, if you are the type that works with the woo (esoterica, Astrology, Tarot, etc), a well grounded approach today can bring you some brilliant insight. This tension between intuition (Mercury in Cancer) and the higher mind (Uranus in Aries) can be a good thing!

Actually, whether you work in the woo or not, a grounded approach is certainly necessary for today. Either way, what I'm hearing most from the Universe at this time is that the choice is up to you. Make your decisions based on who you want to become steering yourself away from your less-mastered self and toward being a fully mastered self.

I'd encourage you to walk away from the most negative extreme of this energy which would be likened to someone who just over-indulged in negative Neptune (Moon/Venus trine) and became 10 foot tall and bullet proof (Jupiter conjunct Sun) and decided to shoot his mouth off to anyone around (Mercury/Aries) and eventually ended up in jail for it (Sun/Jupiter and Mercury/Saturn).

Instead, be wise (Sun/Jupiter) and enjoy the relaxing and dreamy vibrations from the sky. Then, tonight, take whatever lightbulbs go off and use them as light to learn about yourself. Use the trine from Mercury to Saturn to bring this insight to ground. And, oh yeah, keep your monster on a leash (Moon/Pluto).

Mercury/Uranus highlights that thin line between madness and genius. It is ours to decide which side of that line we fall on...not jump rope with it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 23 2014

I'm looking for trouble spots in the sky out there today and frankly, I just really don't see them. And, for me to say that about Moon in Gemini...that's saying something!

I don't have a thing in the world against people with Moon in Gemini. However, tr. Moon in Gemini starts off making a mutable t-square with my Moon/Neptune. Then, in the latter degrees, it lights up my ouchy Venus/Saturn square. So, yeah, they aren't really fun for me. Luckily, I know a thing or two about my Astrology and can work with that instead of getting slammed by it every month.
Venus, Cupid and Mercury (School of Love) Nicholas Chaperon

This morning, we wake up to Moon in Gemini waxing toward a trine with Mars in Libra. Motivations follow what you need. And, I've got a feeling that since this involves two social Air signs, tongues will be a wagging. Can be lots of fun! Just, you know, don't let your mouth run around unattended.


People will want to be social and chatty. The pressure from Mercury opposite Pluto is waning. People are opening back up again. These little interjections of fresh air are pretty nice!
After the Moon finds Mars, she reaches Void status until entering Cancer at 11 PM.
We get a bit of break today..which, the way the skies have been running lately, lets me know we probably need it.

The chatter is going to increase tomorrow. So, stick a discretion lasso around your mouth now. There's a chance for some popping off (saying something you are likely to regret) and dramatics following because of that. Our Leo Sun finds Jupiter by conjunction tomorrow. There will be drama. If you don't want to be the star of the show, then opt to enjoy the show from the audience like a quiet yet entertained audience member. But, if you want center stage, you sure can get it!

I'll be over here with my popcorn and a smile.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 22 2014

Today is all about symbols. Secret messages. Codes. Clues. And, that sudden beautiful moment when all the pieces fall in their proper places.

I actually thought about composing the entirety of this blog from song lyrics and pictures. I have a Pisces Moon square Neptune and in trine to Mercury in Scorpio. I think in symbols, lyrics, pictures. If you do, too, you'll be right at home in this weather.
Last night, the Moon squared off with Neptune Rx (2:20 AM)
(Maynard James Keenan lead singer/songwriter for Tool has Mercury Rx in Taurus in precise trine with Pluto Rx in Virgo and opposite Neptune Rx in Scorpio---he knows this language of symbology very VERY well)

Then, Mercury officially met Pluto via opposition (2:47 AM)

Today, our Moon in Gemini creates a Yod formation with Uranus in Aries (sextile at 8:30 PM) and Saturn in Scorpio (inconjunct 8:47 PM). Ohhh look at that, would you? Mercury is in turmoil and he also rules our Moon! Then, our Moon becomes a pivotal point in what occurs as we move forward. Again...just like the Cardinal Cross this year, the collective focus goes to what these vicious masculine energies are doing but underneath it all---the secret to dealing with it lies in our emotional body (Moon.) *Blink* This is me. Not being surprised.

With all Mercury/Pluto's faults and potential nastiness, when asserted properly, it can give you a certain super power likened to X-ray vision. It can give you the ability to see right through the bullshit to the bones of a situation. With great power comes great responsibility and the Yod with the Moon/Uranus/Saturn puts that right in our faces. Can you handle the power? Because, part of that power lies in the truth. Can you handle the truth?

Jack Nicholson playing Pluto in Capricorn (rather well, btw)

We have 4 days until Mars moves into Scorpio. We will be called to employ what we have learned with Saturn in Scorpio thus far. Our ability to handle power is called to the fore again. Today, our intertwining with power is a passing and quick transit that lasts only a few days. Mars will be in Scorpio until September 14.
Dwayne Johnson as the Scorpion King-The Rock has Venus/Mars conjunct in Gemini square Pluto in Virgo

Venus' ability to handle power comes into play next. On the 24th she trines Neptune in Pisces (while the Sun conjuncts Jupiter and Mercury squares Uranus and trines Saturn—yes, it's a busy day). Venus meets Pluto via opposition on the 28th. Remember all the time she spent snuggled up to Pluto while doing her little industrial dance in Capricorn at the beginning of the year? Well, they aren't exactly on the same side anymore. The sign of Cancer is loaded for bear. Big Momma is striking back against the “powers that be” (Pluto in Capricorn) and she toting her entire pride (Jupiter in Leo) with her.

The sign of Cancer embraces Venus and says, “Here. Look at things from my point of view. Can you see how 'the shadow' is hurting us? Our Mother Earth? Our children?...OUR CHILDREN. To a compassionate mother, EVERY child is OUR child.”
Only a few days of Cancer season remain. Jupiter has moved on leaving us so much to learn, still, about our emotions and how to handle them and how important they are. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces smile and say, “It's ok. There will be plenty more opportunities to feel.”

Speaking of Neptune, Mercury and Venus each meet him via trine prior to their oppositions to Pluto. There is a trine to Chiron and Saturn mixed in there too. Each time I look at these aspects from our personal planets, it looks a lot like they have the potential to be reborn.

The trine to Neptune mimics the planet being in the womb. The trine to Chiron could equate to labor pains. Then, of course, you do realize that Pluto is not only death...but also rebirth. The trine to Saturn gives us an even and responsible set of hands to cradle our new “baby.” The square from Uranus in Aries gives the new baby (reformed planet) that initial spark of life.

Do you need to rebirth the way you think? Do you need to let old thought patterns die so new ones can be reborn? What about Venus? Do you need to change what you value and admire? Or how you value and admire it? How are things going on the relationship front? Do you need to rebirth your heart to change things there? Need to change up how you choose partners? These skies can give you a fresh start---even if the circumstances in which you are handed that fresh start may have not been asked for or wanted at the time. It is still opportunity. But, you are going to have to deal with the emotionality of it appropriately in order to be able to see that opportunity---tricky final quiz for Cancer season, Universe...tricky, tricky, tricky
Kinda perfect that something with "Scorpion" in the title is listed on the marquee in the background, huh?