Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 29, 2014

Today, we wake up to Moon in Leo and the Sun in Gemini in trine to Neptune in Pisces (3:23 AM EDT).


It isn't a day for strenuous physical work. However, it is a day for creative imaginations and possibly a little magic. I hear a lot of negativity about Neptune. No worries, I can relate. But, Sun trine Neptune could also bring us a touch of divinity or divine compassion.

Or, you can use it as a smoke screen.

Muhammed Ali had Sun trine Neptune. He's not the typical Sun/Neptune native. I mean, what was soft about him? What was dreamy about him? What was magical about him?


Well, Ali couldn't show the public his soft side. He was a boxer! So, instead, he used his smoke screen (Neptune trine Sun) to intimidate and befuddle his opponents before a fight. Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. Go home and play Monopoly with the kids.

See? Moon is in Leo. Is there a role you have to play? Because, these are aspects of an Academy Award.

Venus also meets Neptune via square today at 3:31 PM pitting Gemini against Pisces. Venus in Gemini flits from beautiful thing to beautiful thing admiring the different nectar that each brings forth. The conflict with Pisces is that Venus in Gemini often appreciates beauty on a mental level. Love is a many splendored thing that occurs when your eyes meet something beautiful.

Neptune in Pisces says, “You are missing the real beauty. You are missing the soul connections. You are missing the real love. It's not busy and fickle. It's quiet. Private. And, met on a soul level.”

This square can produce a multitude of different manifestations. You can feel it as a loneliness on a soul level where you are craving love and affection from someone you cannot have. You can feel it as being swept up in the tides of love and never wanting to be rescued. Your money can disappear. The more you drink the better the scenery looks. You can find out your lover has been lying. It can be elating or it can be flattening. But, either way...

Donna Cunningham gives the following example in regard to Neptune square Venus in a natal chart “there’s the socialite with Venus in Capricorn square Neptune in Libra whose 40-year-old lover works 70 hours a week and drinks himself insensible to unwind. He’s out of town on a business trip and forgets her birthday, and he won’t commit to her until he makes his first million. Then he finally makes the million but devastates Ms. Venus-Neptune square when he ups and chooses a 23-year-old trophy wife instead.”

That scenario has a Venus/Neptune signature all over it! BUT, you could also use this aspect for any type of charity work or volunteering to help the down trodden or making money through a Neptunian type of trade such as art, music, water ballet...

Our Leo Moon finds our little drunken Venus via sextile at 5:44 PM. Yeah. There isn't going to be much drive to do any physically taxing or strenuous work. Start bringing that up and watch as people start to disappear. Tomorrow is more supportive of physical labor. Today is more of a contemplation of What Dreams May Come...