Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 27, 2014

This morning, we wake up to the energy of a brand new Moon (4:10 AM EDT) waxing into a trine with Neptune (7:54 AM). I think Moon to Neptune via trine is blissful. Dreamy.

However, many people don't experience it this way especially if they are not accustomed to Neptune and/or water energy to begin with.

Emotions can roil under watery aspects. But, emotions are nothing to fear. You can direct those waters.

Neptune brings an ethereal gut tug. It is like a pulling from...somewhere. It is almost like a beckoning back to the dark waters of the womb. Or, a beckoning to substances that give you that warm fuzzy feeling...alcohol, intoxicants...

This feeling is different than when Neptune comes thundering on top of vicious waves after you. This is the haunting call from the sea. It is alluring in a way that is hard to put into words.

I have days (particularly around my Lunar Return) where I know it is NOT a good idea for me to step foot in the Ocean. The “pull” tempts me to keep swimming deeper and farther out. At those times, I am a lifeguard's worst nightmare. It's as if something or someone is out there calling to me, “Josi, come home.” And, it is at that moment I understand completely how men traveling on the sea were lured away and never heard from again. I bet they couldn't explain “the pull” either.
A Mermaid lives in my soul by Josi Case (hey, that's me!)
Thankfully (and ironically), I married a man who used to jump out of perfectly good helicopters to save people like me. His Saturn in Cancer (in his 8th) trines my Pisces Moon. If I swim too far, he'll get my attention and remind me of the shore and the fact that I don't really have fins or gills---because sometimes I forget that I don't or really begin to think I do.
Needless to say, I know the feel of Neptune rather well. Doesn't make it any easier to explain. If you feel a pulling at the hollowness of your gut, know this is the King of Seas beckoning to you. It's time to retreat a little. Get quiet. Look inward. Float. Surrender to the tides (which is harder than it sounds).

Today we are in swimming in Cancerian waters. The Sabian for this New Moon is “Game birds feathering their nests.” I tripped over the word “game” when I was researching for this New Moon.

The “Feathering their nest” is already an implied Cancer theme. Where does “game bird” fit into that? Why “game”? Why not just “birds”?
Baby pheasants in their well hidden grassy nest

Game birds are hunted. Sometimes they are hunted for the purpose of eating them. But, not all birds we eat are called “game.”

We are talking quail, dove, ducks, turkey, pheasants. Not robins, blue jays, ravens and cardinals. There is a difference. Is there a difference in how they nest?

I know how non-game birds trees. Right? But, most game birds prefer to build their nests on the ground. They hide in plain sight. A lot of them rarely fly and it isn't because they can't. I've not figured that part out. Maybe they realize that flying makes them more vulnerable to predators. There are far more places to hide on the ground.
Gambel's Quail
Either way, I bet they choose the spot for their nests very carefully. And, if they are laying eggs right now, the spot is probably chosen more carefully than normal because it could mean that their first clutch was destroyed.
Cancer season always brings up the word “family” too. The two go hand-in-hand. As grown ups, we realize we are born into a “family” but eventually “family” becomes something we create either by continuing on with the family we were born into or creating a new family that has little or no blood connection...or both!

In this Sabian, the game birds are preparing a safe spot for their future children to reside. In this New Moon, we are encouraged to do the same or to at least contemplate the concepts of nest, safety, comfort, family, children and protection.

Do you have the inklings of “children” in your future? Projects? Creations? Actual kids? Then this moon is perfect for creating intentions that “Feather the nest” of those creations. In the backs of our minds, we know that game birds (and most mothers) have “protection” and “safety” at the fore. They know predators are out there. The same applies to our creatively made “children” and they, too, deserve our protection and safety.

Plus, there is a deep part of me that believes that everyone deserves to live in a safe and nurturing environment. That isn't reality. And, if you find yourself “living” (literally or metaphorically) in a place that isn't safe or nurturing then now would be a good time to take steps to change that—which, of course, is easier said than done. An intention, though, is a good first step to make (even if the road ahead is unclear and seems terribly terribly long).

At 5:40 PM, the Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Tomorrow, she spends the day in harsh aspect to Uranus (1:17 AM) and Mars (3:20 AM). This combustible energy could make it difficult to sleep tonight. However, tomorrow the Moon also plays nicely with Saturn (trine 2:49 AM) and Chiron (trine 4:10 AM). So, there are tools available to help us navigate the re-activated choppy seas. Act responsibly and with a sober mind and heart. Look for the hurting and drowning and prepare a safe place for them to swim ashore. If you are a member of the sick, hurting or drowning seek refuge in those welcoming feathered nests. Don't keep swimming out in search of the source of Neptune's haunting call. Trust me, you won't find it.

Come back to shore. It's ok. I'll swim right next to you. Neptune is here on the sandy beaches, too. You'll find him playing his tune through our music and dancing in our cups.

Tips for setting New Moon in Cancer Intentions:

Keep wording as clean and simple as possible. If you cannot put it into words, then use a few moments to focus on the “feel” you are wanting. What is the “feeling” you are chasing while you are doing what you are doing?

Write your intentions down or find objects etc to remind you of them throughout the month. Better yet, charge an object or stone with your intention and carry it with you.

Look for the positive and negative qualities of Cancer. We each own some of both. When you recognize the unsavory ones, forgive yourself and find a way to express the energy in way that is more beneficial to you.

With Mercury Rx, it's a GREAT time to look back on past intentions and pick them back up for reinforcement, refinement, rewording, re-institution.