Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 25, 2014

This morning we wake up to Moon in Gemini which can make for a rather interesting day. Mars in Libra perfects in opposition to Uranus in Aries today. Both planets are direct and this is the third pass.

What makes it interesting, though, is the Gemini Moon aspects both of these planets harmoniously. Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries at 2:16 PM. Moon trines Mars in Libra at 2:32 PM.

It would appear that in order to work this overly masculine energy (Mars/Uranus) properly, you need to follow the Moon.

Now. That's irony for you!

Diane the Huntress by Seignac
Truth is, sometimes there are instances when you need to stand up, rush in and fight with everything you have. Sometimes, however, you have to fight smart.
Strategy is one of Libra's strong suits. The shadow of Mars in Libra procrastinates. But, a more positive expression of the same energy is the blessed ability to PAUSE before acting in order to think things through.

Thinking things through can be the point where Mars in Libra gets stuck. This placement can over-rationalize things. But, held at a stable mid-point, this can become the ability to stop just long enough to consider the ramifications of the consequences and the impact of your actions upon others.

Libra knows there are two sides to every coin. And, to fight smart, you have to gauge all the possible reactions to your strategy. You have to gauge how your actions may or may not impact “the other” and you have to be able to predict or at least have an inkling of what “they” are going to do next in order to form a workable strategy. Libra Mars understands, “For every action, there is an equal an opposite reaction.”
Two-face. A batman villian that flips coins to make decisions. AKA when Libra goes wrong

Libra is also a cardinal sign. It does initiate but Mars in Libra can be smart enough to lead YOU into engaging. Almost as if it is was your idea! In aspect to Uranus, this can be the equivalent to gas lighting or catalyzing someone.

No one can trigger you without your permission
The very energy that may “poke” you can also be the energy that helps you keep from getting poked in the first place. Mars in Libra in aspect to Uranus is different than isolating Uranus in Aries alone.

Uranus in Aries prompts us to act independently. This is the TRUE lone wolf.

But, Mars in Libra reminds us that even if our actions are driven from a place of independence, there are still consequences to others to consider. That's the polarity we are looking at here.

What Gemini does is come in and show you all the different ways you can go about doing that. Following the Moon in this instance, we are encouraged to talk things out with our friends, gather information, take things a little more lightly, think it through...move smart (Mars/Uranus).

However, Air DOES fuel fire and we have two elements (Gemini and Libra) of air coming together here (not to mention the modern ruler of our 3rd Air sign, Uranus/Aquarius, is directly involved) with Mars (FIRE!). That means one little spark can be whipped up into a fury if we aren't careful. Either way, the ability to make decisions quickly becomes of vast importance today. And, there is energy out there that will help you do that.

Moon in Gemini also reminds us that our current Moon's ruler is still retrograde. What has your past experience in situations like this taught you? When was the last time you were faced with a confrontation? How did you handle it? Would you change things? Maybe we should re-think our reactions to violence. Maybe it's time to re-write our strategy and start fighting smart. Or, maybe it's time to take what we already know and engage our higher minds to find a better way to deal with criminal violence and aggression (anger/frustration) in general.

The last aspect of the day occurs when the Moon meets Chiron in Pisces via square at 5:12 PM. This can be an elusive yet painful reminder of something. Chiron in Pisces is the wound that can cause a feeling of disconnectedness from the Divine or from society in general. Or, someone could acutely feel pain due to our current state of division.

Aquarius (the sign under Uranus' modern rulership) and Libra (where Mars is) both encourage coming together either through relationship or through friendships and community. However, Aries is very much a stand alone entity. This is independent drive (Uranus in Aries) and the ability to be internally motivated at its finest but it's butting heads with “what THEY are doing” or “what THEY may think about what you do” or “how this action might affect them” (Mars in Libra). Our drive is placed in “partnering” right now. But, at the same time, there is steerage toward independence and freedom of movement being brought forth from Uranus in Aries that makes the whole situation paradoxical.

How do you move independently while working in partnerships or groups? Well, that's a big question for everyone to ponder right now.

It's an essential one to answer for yourself too because it's an imperative lesson of the NN in Libra.

Mid-degree planets in Leo and Sagittarius also aspect this opposition nicely. Who are you (Leo)? What do you believe in (Sagittarius)? How do you feel about what you “know” and the company you are keeping these days (Moon in Gemini)? Do you realize that, yes, you can think and act independently but only a selfish asshole does it without considering the impact on others when doing so. There's a balance to be struck here. Answering these questions posed to us today from the current planetary (and luminary) positions could help us deal with any thing unexpected that pops up. But mostly...we may need a BIG dose of patience.
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