Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 19, 2014

It is very appropriate that today is Thursday, the day of Thor, because Thunder is rolling in the background. This morning, though, we wake up with our still active and watery Pisces Moon. At 7:15 AM she passes by her sage advisor Jupiter in Cancer via trine. Then, she meets up with her buddy Venus in Taurus for brunch.

This day is starting out quite lovely. But, the weather is brewing up something entirely different for later this evening.

The blissfulness of the Pisces Moon starts to fade away shortly after Noon as the Moon meets the Sun in Gemini via square. This is our Last Quarter Moon. We are digesting now-- excreting rubbish and excess emotions in this time of a waning moon. Emotional tides are receding from the crests that occurred during the Full Moon. But, today, echoes of those heightened emotions can certainly be heard. They are like haunting sirens.


The Moon takes another hit shortly after the Last Quarter perfects with a square to Mercury at 3:06 PM.

You know the part in lots of action hero movies where the main superhero either gets devastating news and is called to retreat or gets hurt/defeated and has to disappear and heal? That's a lot like the time period we have going on right here.

It could also feel like we have been blissfully floating along with the Pisces Moon in our magical beach chair sipping our sweetly rich umbrella drinks and just as we doze off...BAM...somebody comes along and dumps a bucket of ice cold water on us.

Ok. Ok. Not the worst thing in the world to happen. Shocking. Possibly infuriating. But, you can totally recover from this. Laugh it off. Step back a minute and think. Give yourself space and time. Then, wait. Just wait before you do anything. There are likely going to be bigger fish to fry soon. Take this hit on the chin, if it happens and recoil. Know that is your heads up...the storm is coming.

You may be able to feel the electricity affecting the hair on your body. Senses are heightened acutely. And, because senses are heightened acutely, many people will be able to feel the electric like nervous energy that is in the air. Anxieties may be triggered. Ix-nay on the affeine-cay. Alrighty?

After the Moon's square off with Mercury, SHE retreats (goes void) until entering Aries at 5:26 PM.

It's like Mercury and the Sun both took sides against the Moon. And, the Moon said, “Hold on just a minute boys, let me slip into something a little more comfortable.” Then, when she came back she was wearing armor.

However, it takes a little while for the Moon to re-emerge with a new face. While she is “changing” the Sun and Mercury officially meet up in Gemini (6:51 PM). Information is exchanged and lots of it. Keep your ears open. But, be wary that Mercury is STILL Rx and communication can be befuddling and easily misunderstood. Don't act on it just yet. Let any new information stew a little while longer. If you have research to do or writing assignments to work on, this is the time to do it!

It's also a good time to meet up with friends and socialize. You have time. The storm is still rumbling a bit in the distance.