Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 17, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aquarius working her way into a trine with Sun in Gemini. Mercury re-enters Gemini at 6:05 AM. Moon finds Mercury via trine at 2:08 PM.

Aquarius by Yuhon

Mercury is moving toward a conjunction with our Sun in Gemini. Watch for information to drift back to you, be re-stated, re-visited. You may receive a message similar to one you delivered not too long ago—sort of the “shoe on the other foot” type scenario. Either way, there is a shift in communication and mentally as Mercury returns to the place of his rulership.

The Moon is Void for about 20 minutes after her trine with Mercury. Then, she enters Pisces at 2:26 PM. From here, the Moon builds toward a conjunction with Neptune perfecting at 3:05 AM.

Today should flow rather smoothly. Of course, expect and prepare for the typical Mercury Rx deals. We may experience a flare up as the planet changes signs. But, you can handle those problems today.

This afternoon, things may get a little foggy and confusing. The waters are preparing to rise. You may feel more sleepy than usual. Plan for an easy, quiet and relaxing evening. Start configuring your relaxing music playlist now. You will thank me for it later.