Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 12, 2014

Today we wake up to a building toward our Full Moon which occurs a little after midnight tonight. The Moon is in Sagittarius and just coming off of a square with Neptune that perfected at midnight last night.


Now, Moon is working her way toward a sextile with Mars in Libra (7:57 AM). There is a little motivational fire going on. I would suggest you use that. I don't see Sagittarius Moon's as being very supportive of being sedentary. This aspect wants you to move.

That urge to move is going to intensify as the Moon moves into trine with Uranus. Jupiter in Cancer is, right now, squaring my natal Uranus in Libra. I can tell you first hand that Jupiter/Uranus in harsh aspect is fidgety at best. It's wildly unpredictable and erratic at its worst.

This is coming to us via trine so it won't be forceful. But, it will be just the fuel we need as we hit that mid-day point to keep us upright and active.

As the evening starts to wear away, the Moon squares Chiron in Pisces at 5:02 PM EDT. A few pains are possible. You may feel awkward or unsure about emotions. Just try really hard not to react like a wounded animal. Find your bearings and move forward. This is another piece of the Full Moon puzzle for us to look at. Where are those pains? When you find them, release them! That's what your Full Moon is for. Release, release, release.

The last piece of the Full Moon puzzle perfects just after midnight tonight as Venus in Taurus perfects in opposition to Saturn in Scorpio. This one is heavy, folks. It's also fixed energy. Be gentle with yourselves here, ok?

Minutes after the perfection of Venus to Saturn, our beautiful Moon in Sagittarius blossoms to her fullest.

I'm praying for nice weather so I can be outside to greet her. She waxed into a watercolor sky last night. Beautiful! Take a few moments, if you can, and step outside to greet our fair lady. You never know, she may just blow you a kiss.

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Happy Full Moon!