Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 10, 2014

Today, the tides are rising. But, there is a ridiculously strong undertow. We actually may spend a lot of the day repairing our vessel instead of floating around in it.

The Moon in Scorpio crosses through the water trine with Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron via conjunction with Saturn. It's possible to figure out exactly where those little shards of glass came from and how you “coped” with healing after. Or. The shards are newly present and you need to figure out a way to heal in order to move toward the future.

This dynamic rises acutely to the surface today.
As a matter of fact "acute" is a great word for what today feels like.

Are you going to keep hurting yourself? Or. Do you want to use the thickened tissue in those scars for strength. The choice is yours. The tools are there to help you either way you want to go.

This morning, we wake up to Moon in Scorpio sextile her current ruler, Pluto in Capricorn (5:44 AM). You may want to linger in the darkness a little longer than usual. It is all encompassing. All is nothing and nothing is all.

By 8:50 AM, the Moon finds Venus in Taurus by opposition. If you can note what you are feeling during this opposition, it could become a prelude for the perfection of the tightening opposition of Venus to Saturn (June 13). There is a catalyzation, of sorts going on here that will play into our Full Moon on Friday.

Which, by the way, if you adhere to Eastern Daylight Time, the Full Moon is not only on Friday the 13th...but at MIDNIGHT on Friday the 13th. Yep. 12:00 AM EDT. insert spooky music here

Let me see if I can break it down for you. Venus in Taurus is how we value (Venus) our values or valuables (Taurus). Saturn in Scorpio is intimacy, shared resources, and learning every definition of those words. These two are at odds right now.

You may be asking yourself, is this worth compromising my values? Is the pay off worth my effort? Should I give up this part of me?

And, I'm telling you, this can happen on a psychological level or on an a downright literal level. Let's say you are shopping for something and you find it. But, the price is a lot higher than you anticipated. At that moment, you start an assessment of value in your head (sometimes this moves more quickly for some than others). In the end, you ultimately decide whether the extra expense is worth it or not. There you go. Saturn in Scorpio vs Venus in Taurus in a very simple literal example.

Today, the Moon is going to light up the whole process of everything I just mentioned--opposition to Venus (8:50 AM, trine Chiron (2:15 PM), conjunct Saturn (2:31 PM), trine Jupiter (10:22 PM).

Those little shards of glass...exactly what did they do to you? How did you tackle healing (coping) after? Was it effective? Swim deeply now. NO shallow answers allowed.

Is it time to adapt your coping mechanisms to something more helpful rather than self-destructive or hurtful? Or, should you stay the course?

Use your wisdom and past experience to guide you (Jupiter in Cancer). Reflect on what kind of emotional space you were in when you made decisions in the past (Mercury Rx in Cancer) that may still be affecting you today. Evaluate ALL those foundations you have built (real or emotional) and check to see which ones may need repair or improvements. There may be some that need to die and be rebuilt (Saturn in Scorpio/Pluto in Capricorn).

Know what you want and how you assess your own value and the value of your “stuff.” Conversely how do you value others and their "stuff" or do you? Know what you value and how (Venus in Taurus). Realize that we do need to support one another and that we are all in this together...connected (NN in Libra, Mars in Libra, Neptune in Pisces). We all hurt (Chiron in Pisces). Eventually, our little hurts and how we deal with them affects how we all interact and, in the end, connects us.

Those, my friends, are the currents we are swimming in today. Looks calm. But, there is an intense undertow.

After the trine with Jupiter at 10:22 PM the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 11:24 AM tomorrow. Assimilation and a low tide are incoming. So is the full moon. What personal philosophies have held true for you? Which ones need to be let go? You could find out a thing or two about that today.