Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 9, 2014

Today is not uneventful. There is still a lot going on under the surface. Of course, this makes sense since Moon moves into Scorpio at 6:39 AM. Scorpio is ALL ABOUT what is going on in the deeper darker waters.

We may be thinking and re-thinking how we feel about various things as Moon trines Mercury RX at about lunch time. You can talk about your feelings. You are definitely clicked into them this morning. It is unlikely that you will though. Scorpio will hold all that in and Mercury Rx will encourage her to do so.

I say get it out. Write it out (great for Mercury Rx). Don't store it in your gut. Get it outside of yourself in some way so that you can gain some perspective.

Immediately after this aspect, Neptune officially turns retrograde (12:17 PM). The ruler of the Seas runs backward until November. For me, this means the fog clears a bit. But, some report that Neptune feels stronger during the Rx. Reactions DO vary.

I am about to draw the conclusion that it depends on how the planet acts for you when direct. When it goes retrograde, you experience the opposite effect.

This occurs EVERY year and usually lasts around 5 months. So, it isn't unusual. The tides have changed.

The rest of the day is spent with the Moon waxing into trine with Neptune newly Rx at 8:22 PM. More quiet. And, perhaps a good night's sleep? Either way, things may be more choppy under the surface than they appear.