Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 6, 2014

If you have been following my tide analogy for June, today is a day for low tide. What that means is the emotional waters will calm down a bit so that we have an opportunity to assimilate all that the high tide washed onto shore.

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Thankfully, the Void Moon comes in after 5:14 AM and it leaves us with a nice aspect of Moon sextile Jupiter to hold us until the Moon enters Libra later tonight.

The most positive expression of Moon to Jupiter is optimism, perspective, forward thinking, emotional growth, wisdom and the most hard to grab onto positive quality...humility. The not so positive ones are blowing emotional situations out of proportion, making mountains out of molehills, aggrandizing your emotional state, feeling self-righteous or justified. With it coming through via sextile, the effects are not pressurized so we have time to CHOOSE which traits to employ. Choose what makes you FEEL BETTER. Don't choose that which makes you feel like a bottomless pit of despair. And, YES, you have control over the choosing.

The Sun also sextiles Uranus this morning adding a bit of oomph to the day too. People are not going to respond well to being chained. They want to wriggle free. Hopefully, we all realize that Freedom doesn't come without some sort of drive toward Independence. If you are are not free. If you are dependent; you are not independent. I have a feeling that we should be aiming for the mid-point of that polarity. North Node in Libra screams interdependence. Neither you nor me. It is we.

With a desire for freedom, these little blocks that pop up are going to become increasingly irritating. Some of them will become unbearably irritating. And, some people will be tempted to take that into their own hands and blow stuff up just to (eventually) restore some type sense of stability or stasis. It happens and it especially happens when Mars is in aspect to Uranus. We have the opposition of these two waxing in right now.


Don't go that route. Don't self-destruct just so you can re-construct. There are better ways to go about it. Slowly. It is not wise to act impulsively on insight. However, that is exactly what the lightning bolts from Uranus prompt you to do. Act now. Think later. But, even though it feels like you have to react RIGHT NOW, know that it is likely that you don't have to.

I mean, there are situations where you MUST act quickly (someone is bleeding profusely, not breathing, or has a foreign object rammed through their chest...just a few examples). But, if this is not a life-threatening (differentiate life-threatening from life-altering) situation, then you DO NOT have to act right now. You have time to think things through and I strongly encourage you to do so.

So. It is an assimilation day. One where the mood has the potential to be really positive but, at the same time, we are becoming acutely aware of the areas of our lives that offer us freedom and joy versus the things that hold us back and suck the joy right out of life.

It's not really hard to figure out which ones we should be feeding our energy into is it?

Then, why is it such a HARD decision to walk away from these energy draining things and people?

Ask Saturn in Scorpio. His job is teach about fair and mutual energy exchange (partially—he has other things to teach). Or, if you don't want to ask him why, you can just blame him for it. That's not really going to help you much. But, in moments of frustration, it sure does feel good to be able to blame something. Right?
One reason we stay locked in these overall "negative" attachment situations is that it feeds us in some way. Either it is hard for us to admit that to ourselves or we haven't made the connection yet or well, just be prepared for a response like that if you DO feel the need to go poking around on Saturn.

TODAY, however, can be a really enjoyable day. Take advantage of that and prepare for the tides to rise again.