Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 5, 2014

Our first Kite for today appears during the early morning hours and involves an opposition from Moon in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces (who, like Mercury is stationed to go Retrograde). The Neptune end of the opposition is supported by Venus and Pluto and resides at the top of the Kite. The Moon end of this opposition is supported by Venus/Pluto via a Grand Earth trine. There are your tools. Solid marching forward. Stay the course. Ground. Perspective. Future-mindedness. EARTH will be your saving grace through the Moon/Neptune opposition. And, this Earth is rich and fertile. It feels good to sink into it.

OMG. They DO exist.

The next Kite moves in as Moon perfects in opposition to Chiron in Pisces. Your support in THIS opposition is found in a Water Trine involving Jupiter/Chiron/Saturn. Moon in Virgo tops this Kite and is linked between Jupiter and Saturn via sextile. Work through it. Hurting person, heal thyself. I said, "Heal thyself." NOT, "rake thyself over the coals because thou obviously did something wrong in order to deserve this."
Death of Achilles
Remember the good news vs bad news of a kite that I gave you yesterday. This is likely to hurt. It is Chiron. It is likely to be an elusive and watery hurt. Chiron IS in Pisces. But perspective, a sense of humor and the ability to rebuild, endure and survive are here to help. Look to the positive expressions of Jupiter and Saturn for the answers here. They are the shoulders you need to lean on.. They will help to mediate the tension between Moon/Chiron and bring a common ground to the two who are at polar opposites. If you think this might involve a lot (Jupiter) of hard work (Saturn), then you are 100% right. And, the work of Saturn in Scorpio is never easy. However, a lot of your solution here is going to lie in hard work and efforts made to (lets say it all together now) heal thyself.
Follow our current North Node when dealing with oppositions. Balance. Mediation. See both sides.

While I'm at it, I'd like to ask you where are you needlessly punishing yourself? I'm seeing this as a theme emerging. It happens so frequently, the person usually doesn't realize they are doing it. Stop for a minute, periodically, and observe.
Are you doing this to yourself? If you find that you are, LIGHTEN UP would you? Responsibility is key to survival, I think. But, there is a difference between self-regulating and beating the crap out of yourself either physically, mentally or emotionally.
We all logically KNOW it is NOT a good thing to do this to others. Why would you do it to yourself? If you don't think highly enough of yourself to treat yourself with respect and consideration, how do you ever expect the Universe to do so...let alone other people? Acceptance, forgiveness, patience are not qualities meant to be ONLY directed toward others. Build them into your relationship with yourself first!
On a different note (and overlaying this modge podge sky), the First Quarter Moon occurs as the Moon reaches 15 degrees Virgo (4:40 PM). This is an emotional crisis point of sorts. And, it is the wave we will ride all the way to our first crescendo that occurs during the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Remember that June is colored with these potential tsunami type waves. Tides rise high and quickly. Then, they are followed by a period of calm bringing us time to assimilate. Today, the tide is high. Tomorrow, they will recede. This does not mean the seas are calmafter today  until the Full Moon . No, no...this is the first wave, not the ONLY.
Red flags are flying and road blocks are popping up as a result of the First Quarter Moon. Your mission, over, around and through. Step one. Believe you can do it. Step two. Don't give up. Take one deliberate step in the direction of your intention.
In regard to your intentions from the New Moon in Gemini, today the Universe will ask you, "Are you sure this is the way you want to go?" Your response is, of course, up to you.

Venus meets her higher octave via sextile today. Grab onto a little bit of that dreaminess if you can. Give yourself some bliss and share it all around. We all need some of that! Heal thyself while being gentle with others.  

The flickering Star of David is still in force. Know that there is a safety net in place. Take a chance.

Keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars—Casey Kasem.
Tide report (all the lovely lunar aspects)
Moon opposite Neptune 1:38 AM EDT
Moon trine Venus 3:25 AM EDT
Moon trine Pluto 12:25 PM EDT
First Quarter Moon 4:40 PM EDT
Moon opposite Chiron 9:46 PM EDT
Moon sextile Saturn 10:44 PM
Moon sextile Jupiter happens tomorrow morning