Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 4, 2014

Today we wake up to a Void Moon in Leo. However once the Moon moves into Virgo (10:30 AM) she is going to start off a chain reaction of sextiles creating Kites and a flickering Star of David through tomorrow.


This all begins as the Moon sextiles her current ruler, Mercury, at 4:12 PM. These two are in cahoots; I promise you. There is a plan in the works here. And, that doesn't mean you will not have a job to do through it.
Let's not forget that Mercury turns retrograde SOON! He has been in his shadow since about May 27. Watch for information to be reviewed in the coming weeks (Mercury is direct July 1).
There ain't no mall at THESE crossroads
Sometimes, the same message is delivered metaphorically or in a different way. Sometimes, it is an outright carbon copy. With the majority of Mercury's retrograde occurring in Gemini, it could be a complete reversal. First pass of Mercury brought you a message about X Y or Z. This time around, you deliver a message to someone else about X, Y and Z. Either way pay attention so you will notice the repetition/dualities.

REMEMBER, the underlying MESSAGE in these repetitions is KEY-- more important, in my opinion, than the circumstances that BRING the information.

What the Star of David means is that a large part of the sky is linked together through what has been determined to be “supportive” aspects. It also means there is A LOT in play. With the Moon involved, you are emotionally invested. With the Moon in Virgo involved, you are emotionally invested and probably worrying about the outcome.

Divine Safety Net by Melanie Lewis

As the Moon sextiles Mercury, she subsequently tweaks the waning sextile happening between Venus and Mercury. That tweaks the sextile perfecting today between Venus and Neptune (9:15 AM). That trips the trigger on the sextile between Neptune and Pluto. That trips the sextile between Pluto and Saturn and THAT trips the sextile between Saturn and Moon in Virgo. See? A complete circle of sextiles. And...there are MORE players involved tomorrow.

Today gather information. Sort it out in a way that makes sense to you. If you find something that doesn't make sense...well make a pile for that stuff too!

Blocks will arise to our plans. The First Quarter Moon occurs during all of this (tomorrow 4:40 PM). It is not tension free. But, if you look very, very closely and turn your head a little to the right, you may see an overlay of Divinity.

The first Kite forms as Moon moves into Opposition to Neptune. Now. It's kind of common place to think of the Kite as a positive thing. And, it is. Without the sextiles and trines involved in a Kite, all you have is a tense opposition. The good news is the sextiles supply tools, support and a bit of protection. The BAD news are going to likely NEED it.

It's the difference between having your pipes in your house burst when you have no resources to get it fixed and having it occur at a time when you can catch it before severe damage is done AND you have the knowledge and tools to fix it. No matter how it happens, chances are you aren't going to greet the event with joy. But, thankfully, you can deal with it IF YOU CHOOSE. No one is going to be holding a gun to your head. No one is going to be standing over you saying “Fix your pipes!” either. But the consequences of the action you take or don't take falls on you. So...yeah there's that.

Can we fix it? I dunno. Can you?
With a Virgo Moon in play, NOT wanting to fix it or at least help “it” will probably be a mute point. And, I've a feeling if something bubbles up or cracks wide open for you over the course of the next few days (or week or month) it isn't going to be something you easily avoid either.

To recap, your mission today is a strategic intelligence operation. Part of your task is to reach for perspective and grounding. Next, get practical. Think about what needs to be done and devise an organized plan to tackle it.

Low chance of naps today. Mind your health and take meticulous care of your emotional body. Remember Virgo usually processes everything through her stomach. So, keep a mild diet and expect emotions to show up in your digestive system. Fog is rolling in the distance. Use it to get a good night of rest. Things get REALLY busy tomorrow.