Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 3, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Leo leaving a trine with Uranus (5:11 AM) and working her way into a square with Saturn (10:43 AM). Don't you hate it when you have an urge to do something crazy and “responsibility” steps in for a gut check? Because, that is the pre-dominant set up we have in the sky today.
Om Nom Nom

I want to do my typical Leonine roar today. But, I'm not feeling it with this Leo Moon.

Leo and Scorpio at odds is really not a pretty fight. Personally, I don't think any of the fixed signs mixed together make for a pretty fight. I'd say my money was on the Lion but, he would have to kill Scorpio about 5 times to make it stick. I'm unsure if Leo will think it is worth the effort.

It's best to get these two to work together if you can. Moon in Leo needs to play and be creative. Saturn says, “NO PLAY FOR YOU! We have bills to pay! Responsibilities to meet! There is work to be done!”

Ok. Fine. So work. But, bring an element of creativity to you work. MAKE working fun---SAFELY! No impromptu fireworks shows if you are working in the explosive chemical plant. Ok? Safe fun that still allows you to make progress.

Make working a game and reward yourself this afternoon for your ability to do what needs to be done. Work hard. Play harder.

We still have Mercury in Cancer barely moving as he is preparing to station retrograde. Mars in Libra is busy trying to re-ignite the fading Cardinal t-square. And, subtly behind that, we have a chain of sextiles across the sky which hands us the ability to work through just about anything. Our astrological tool belt is stacked with Saturn sextile Pluto sextile Neptune sextile Venus sextile Mercury. Sun sextile Moon sextile Uranus. Of course we cannot forget the overlay of the Water Trine formed by Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron.

Scorpio Lion seems grumpy
Today will likely be heavier than you like. It won't be all fun and balloons. But, if you can direct your fire to doing what you need to do then you can kick back and have some fun tonight with no worries/guilt/regret.