Astrology and Art Sunday: The Magicians

David Copperfield, Harry Houdini, Criss Angel.

What do these three gentlemen have in common? They are all Masters of Illusion.


The word “Magician” conjures up the Tarot Card. This card speaks of “As above, so below” and how to use your “tools” to manifest something into reality.

But, these guys do something a little different. They trick people for a living. And, people pay good money to LET them! Who would have thought you could make an honest living by being deceitful?

It is all in the name of magic. Or, all in the name of illusion more accurately in this case.

But, being Masters of Illusion is not their only connection. All three of these gentlemen have Venus in aspect to Neptune in their natal charts.

Venus square Neptune is making Astrological headlines this morning because the aspect perfected this morning at around 4 AM. For a full write up on today's Astrology, you can go here.

For now, though, let's meet our Masters of Illusion.

We have to start with Houdini. He is the Master's Master and the great grandfather of modern magic. He is also well famed as an escape artist. Not as commonly known, Houdini was also an investigator of spiritualists, film producer, actor and amateur aviator (from his Wiki).


Houdini had Venus conjunct Neptune in Aries. Neither one of these planets are comfortable here. But, Houdini certainly made the aspect work for him. He pioneered (Aries) a whole new world of illusion (Venus/Neptune).

Plus, Harry also had Mars in Taurus square Uranus in Leo. That's a tough aspect to have too. But, he made THIS work for him as well. Mars in Taurus is slow but it can be graceful. Venus/Mars contacts have that potential. In aspect to Uranus, this plodding Mars remains smooth but also quick, precise, surgical. It is perfect for “slight of hand” which is kind of a trademark of modern magicians.

As a matter of fact, Houdini was so naturally elusive that his birthdate was even a mystery for up to a decade. His true birth date was not confirmed until 1972, nearly 100 years after his birth.

Houdini began his career with card tricks. But, eventually, his rise to fame came through his artistry when used as a means of escape. He became known as the “handcuff king” as he traveled throughout the world challenging police to handcuff him in his shows. He always escaped.

His famous escapes were a direct result of employing his ability to create illusion (Venus/Neptune) and move quickly and precisely (Mars/Uranus).

David Copperfield is our second master of illusion. David entered the realm of illusion in the beginning by trying to master ventriloquism. To this day he has an extensive collection of ventriloquist dolls but he says, “I was never any good at it.” This was revealed by David himself when he appeared recently on an episode of “American Restoration.”


In that episode, David was having several LARGE parlor trick devices restored. He is quite the eclectic it seems. He surely has a flare for the unusual.

Copperfield's Venus is in Leo. But, the orb for an aspect to his Neptune is too wide. However, that Neptune is in Libra giving him a Venus/Neptune contact as well. Neptune in Libra is a generational placement. For David, it falls right on the cusp of his 2nd house and trines his Gemini mid-heaven.

Venus in trine to Gemini MC fits well with aspirations for ventriloquism. But, according to David, who is a Virgo, that talent wasn't strong enough to pursue as a career.

Instead, he employed his slight of hand abilities to create illusions. He has Mars in Pisces. Again, not a good placement for Mars, really. But, obviously it can be worked to one's benefit. Copperfield seems to have done quite well with it. I mean he managed to make the Statue of Liberty disappear, levitated over the Grand Canyon and walked right through the Great Wall of China.

Next up, we have our modern day magician/illusionist Criss Angel. I know that Libra's are supposed to play fair, but in this instance, there is no “fair.” Out of all these guys Criss Angel is my favorite. Yeah. I can play favorites. This is my story here :)

Criss has Venus conjunct Neptune in Scorpio. Most of his illusion work does have a sense of macabre. He looks dark. I would have never guessed he had a Sagittarian Sun. My guess would have been more along the lines of Scorpio. But, no, Angel has Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Mercury. That is another aspect of a Magician that correlates more with the Tarot's version. This is particularly true when Sun/Mercury is in aspect to Pluto. And, Angel's Sun/Mercury is in square to his Pluto in Virgo.


That fact only enhances his illusion abilities because he can captivate you with his words as well as his actions.

Speaking of actions, Angel's are driven by Mars in Aquarius. This is another Mars/Uranus aspect that is common for the trade of “slight of hand.” Mostly though, I don't really care what he is doing, I just want to stare into his eyes...forever.

That, my friends, would be due to my Mercury conjunct his Venus/Neptune while my own Venus in Virgo sextiles. Dark, dreamy, mysterious and alluring on a level that no one can really put in to words. That is the mark of Criss' Venus/Neptune. Though, he does use it a lot to scare the bejeezus out of people too. You have to be a little brave and maybe a little nuts to love Criss Angel.

So, there you have it. These are our Venus/Neptune Masters of Illusion. With Venus in aspect to Neptune while the Sun is also in aspect to Neptune and Moon is in Leo, you may run into a few Masters of Illusions yourself. Enjoy the show. But, remember, it is likely all a genius mirage.