Morning Star: Daily Astrology for May 31 2014

This morning we wake up to Moon in tense square to Mars in Libra. There may be too many options to choose from. Too much ambivalence makes the Cancer Moon nervous. Crabs don't come out of their hiding places unless they know it is safe. This feels shaky and not safe.

Hey Mister! Is this your circus? Are those your clowns?

However, our Gemini Sun is all for multiple options (trine Mars at 4:01 AM)...and juggling. Have you ever asked yourself, “What would so and so do?” Well, ask instead what would YOU do or what would you recommend for a friend to do if they were in a similar situation?

Don't fool yourself. Kite Fighting can get vicious!
If you have planets in early Aquarius in your natal chart, you catch a Kite today formed between whatever you have around 5-15 degrees Aquarius, Sun in Gemini, Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Kites are a Grand Trine with an opposition running right through it. One of the planets in the opposition needs to be anchored in the Trine. In this instance (For you early Aqua's), that opposition is Mars and Uranus in combination with a Grand Trine in Air. The Fire (Uranus) brings just enough oomph to the Air Trine for you to put it to good use. Often trines are taken for granted and not put to good use because their affects are not forced upon us. They are a tool that we have to choose to employ...our hands are not forced. However, there is just enough tension in a Kite to have us reaching over to pick up those tools.

You are going to feel Mars in square to Pluto and in opposition to Uranus today. The Moon will move in and bridge those gaps between the War Lord and our busy outer planets and bring the power from the now separating Cardinal Cross back into force momentarily--almost like an echo with a bit of foreshadowing.
The tension from this overlays the day. But, it is not an unfamiliar tension. Consider it an emotional preview of what Mars in perfect square to Pluto and Mars in perfect opposition to Uranus may bring your way. We are approaching his third and final passage through here. Lessons will be sealed.

I've scoured through the Astrology of June. It appears as if we will be hitting some seriously high emotional tides—each of which are followed by a period of incorporation. Think ebb and flow here. If you can plug into those tides and follow them, you'll be better off in the long run.
Of course, this calls for getting in touch with your own emotional body. As a water child, I don't find that to be such a big deal. For some, though, this is definitely a task.
Horse surfing anyone?

The blending of Water and Earth elements in June is EXTREMELY comforting. Water and Earth do create mud, though. You can't be afraid to get dirty.

June fluctuates like the colorful tumblers inside a kaleidoscope. Less optimistic people would say it looks more like churning muddy water. I say it is an ever changing emotional landscape where Kites flicker in and out with the passage of the Moon through the zodiac. Earth Moons activate the Grand Water Trine between Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn. Moon in Virgo, specifically, completes an Earth Trine between Pluto/Venus/Moon while activating a kite when in opposition to Chiron and in sextile to our other two water bodies (Jupiter/Saturn). Loosely translated, if you have a mid-degree Water or Earth Moon you are going to be plugged into this FOR SURE (and that's pretty sweet). 17 degrees becomes a HOT topic this month.

As Venus in Taurus moves into opposition with Saturn, another kite appears and stays in force longer than the quickly moving Moon. And, there is Mercury in Retrograde (June 7) and Neptune Retrograde (June 9)--each bringing in a whole different set of things.
Venus Kite. You cannot make this stuff up

As the Moon moves through Cancer today, it creates a Kite by opposing Pluto (11:56 AM). The opposition of Moon to Pluto puts enough tension on the Water Trine (Saturn/Jupiter/Chiron) so that we are prompted to work with it. Here's how the Moon's passage lays out today:
Moon square Mars 5:30 AM EDT 9 Cancer/Libra
Moon opposite Pluto 11:56 13 04 Cancer/Libra
Moon square Uranus 4:43 PM
Moon trine Chiron 8:53 PM
Moon trine Saturn 10:40 PM
So we leave May on the crest of a tidal wave and surf right into the first day of June. Use the tension of the re-activated Cardinal Cross today to your benefit. Use it for fuel on your forward moving trip...because we are all moving forward...right? When I talk about emotions peaking and then flowing with a long period of contemplation following, THIS would be a peaking emotional day. Adjust your sails as per appropriate. Tomorrow is your “emotional incorporation day” since the Moon is Void from 2:33 AM tomorrow until 9 PM tomorrow night. See what I mean? Ebb and flow...up and down. We may need some Dramamine...