Morning Star: Daily Astrology for May 30, 2014

The Moon enters Cancer this morning at 10:14 AM ending the long VOC Moon day that was yesterday.

At around noon, the Moon finds Mercury in Cancer. This can be spoken information that impacts you on an emotional level. Or, it can be information that comes to you in the form of a memory or through intuition. Either way, you feel it for better or worse.

But, you are supported through whatever this information brings with the solidness of a sextile from Venus in Taurus (2:04 PM). Brains are shaky right now. But, hearts are steady.

Moon conjunct Mercury in Cancer "Phone Home"
The rest of the day is spent with the Moon waxing toward a trine with Neptune in Pisces. We currently have 6 bodies in Water--Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Jupiter, Moon and Mercury in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. However, there is land and solid footing to be had with Venus in Taurus and Saturn involved via trine with 2 of our aqueous placements (Jupiter in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces). Imagine that. Solid footing in a Water Trine. We may float. But, this may be just enough to keep us anchored so we don't float completely away.

Today would be a good day to surround yourself with comfort. Add some plush new pillows to your couch or bed. Indulge in comfort food. Laze around (Venus in Taurus) on the water somewhere or in a boat (Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune). Invite your friends, too! Sun is still in Gemini!

It is the weekend! Relax. Unwind. Find your happy place and enjoy!