Morning Star: Daily Astrology for May 28, 2014

Moon entered Gemini just after midnight. Yesterday, I discovered THE BEST way to work with a VOC Moon in Taurus. I've heard “nothing will come of something begun under a Void Moon.” So, best use I found was to have strawberry shortcake for dinner last night. VOC Moons make that stuff basically calorie free. Right?

It was good too. Given that its been about two years since I have been able to eat strawberries, I'm going to have to back up and say, “It wasn't just good. It was glorious.”

The Moon is certainly not Void today. As a matter of fact, planetary aspect and movement-wise, it's pretty busy up there. I hope everyone had a good breakfast.

First we wake up to the perfection of Mercury in Gemini sextile Venus in Aries. If you read the blog yesterday, you know the two are getting ready to jump ship into new signs. Venus enters Taurus today at 9:46 PM. Then Mercury moves into Cancer (and further into his shadow) at 5:12 AM tomorrow.

Right now, the New Moon in Gemini is waxing in. It is set for perfection at 2:40 PM. If you need tips on setting intentions, check out yesterday's blog.

Both Sun and Moon are also perfecting in square to Neptune in Pisces. The Moon will reach her square first and this occurs at 3:03 PM. People. Please be gentle with yourselves. Moon square Neptune can be elusively emotional. You could become susceptible to the emotions of people around you. Don't forget all the grounding techniques I preach about when we have heavy Neptune aspects like we have today. Drink more water. Decrease the intake of sugars and stimulants. Spend time in or around water. Get outside. Touch the Earth. HEMATITE. HEMATITE. HEMATITE!

At about 7 PM the Moon meets up with Mars via trine. We are able to act on our emotions. It's up to us to decide whether we do or not. It is also up to us to determine HOW we act on those. Either way, doing so is supported in the sky.

Finally, at 7:43 PM the Sun perfects in square to Neptune.

Two planets switching signs. A new Moon. And, our luminaries both in square to Neptune. This is not a stable day. Things are changing. It could get confusing and emotional.

The cure for that? Sagittarius and Virgo energy. Sagittarius and Virgo energy completes a mutable cross with Sun/Moon and Neptune. Engage Sagittarius for perspective and wisdom. Engage Virgo for helping others who may be swamped with this Neptune business, sort through the chaos and to ground. Reach out to Saturn in Scorpio as well. He is often the antidote to Neptune. Call these folks up today or just plea to their archetypes.

Be light on your feet and flexible in order to deal best with this day. Allow time for rest and quiet time away from the chatter. With Sun and Moon both in Gemini and Mercury lingering there as well, there will be chatter. As Neptune waxes in, it could all become too much. Or, the room could fall ghastly quiet as the waves move in. BE EASY WITH YOURSELF! You are sensitive. So are the people around you. Your emotional body needs your attention today. Also, whenever the Ocean and Neptune are involved, you really have to ask yourself, "What would Jimmy Buffet do?"