Morning Star: Daily Astrology for May 27, 2014

Today is a quietly buoyant day. This morning, we wake up to Moon still in Taurus but void having just left a sextile with Jupiter in Cancer at 5:10 AM EDT.

Moon is Void ALL day until she enters Gemini just after Midnight.

This is a good day to do one final sweep, clearing out, purging (physically or emotionally) prior to getting ready to set our intentions for the New Moon on Thursday.

The New Moon occurs at 7 21 of Gemini. My first thought when looking at the degree/minute is “Oh, those are lucky numbers!” My second thought is, “Hmmm, isn't Neptune at 7 Pisces?”

Yep. It sure is. This New Moon is nearly exact in square to Neptune. The square from Moon to Neptune occurs at 3:03 PM tomorrow—mere minutes after the perfection of the New Moon.

The next thing that stands out to me is that Venus and Mercury are still in sextile and both are getting ready to jump into new signs. This New Moon marks the end of the passage of Mercury through Gemini and Venus in Aries.

Mercury, who rules the New Moon, is currently in his retrograde shadow. When he dives into Cancer, it may feel like you are zipping along on a speedy motorboat and then stop suddenly. If you have ever been zipping along on a speedy motorboat, you know what it feels like when you stop suddenly. It's not like slamming your brakes on in a car. It's more of a slow drag/slosh and even then you don't come to a complete stop. You still drift a bit.

With the shift of Venus from Aries to Taurus, we stop some of the ambitious pursuit of what we want and focus more on what we have.


Still yet, Venus and Mercury are holding hands getting ready to jump together. One will land on Earth. The other will land in Water. One will be steady and dependable (albeit a bit stubborn). The other will be hard to pin down. Information/communication will change from fickle and chatty to watery and colored with intuition. AND WONKY—we are approaching a Mercury retrograde. The first part of which will be quite nostalgic (in Cancer) and the second part of which we will have an opportunity to re-wire some of those memories or adjust the way we think about them.

Venus enters Taurus on May 28th and Mercury enters Cancer on May 29th.

In the meantime, if you set intentions for the New Moon, you are going to want to ground beforehand. The square to Neptune demands that. Also, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pay homage to the Great Sea King by bringing in water or ocean elements to your altar. You can go all out and even have the whistles of Orcas and Dolphins singing in the background.

It's so easy to disregard Neptune. He is often forgotten. But, that doesn't mean that he isn't out there doing his job which very often means making things nebulous and confusing. Grounding and specifically inviting Neptune into your intention setting ritual may keep some of the confusion at bay. Head slowly into the fog. Let the mist shape and form around you. Allow yourself to be a bit lost in the ethers. But, bring some grounding activities with you-- a trail of breadcrumbs if you will. This way, you can find your way back out. Nevermind. You'll forget the breadcrumbs. I already know.

Sun and Moon also find Mars in Libra via trine during the New Moon. Black Moon Lilith in Leo hits a sextile between each. Mars and BML together create a yod with Neptune at the apex. BML is wild and unihibited. In Leo, she gets center stage.

Mars in Libra has finished his retrograde and is still hovering over his stationary degree. He will leave this degree soon and he will leave the inconjunct to Neptune behind him as well. This, for Mars, is a time of integration and sorting through the chaos that occurred while he was retrograde. Neptune tells us that confusion seeps into an area of your life because that area needs definition or re-definition. Motives, energy and drives are befuddled right now as we sort through all we encountered during the retrograde. This New Moon marks the ending of that befuddlement, too. Neptune stations retrograde on June 9.

Every new beginning is some beginning's end. In this instance, we have at least 4 endings marking the opportunity to set intentions for 4 new beginnings. Where are Mars, Venus and Mercury transiting your chart? You can set intentions at this New Moon stating how you would best like to work with these planets moving forward.

How would you like to work with Venus in Taurus? How will it impact your chart? How would you like to work with Mercury in Cancer and the upcoming retrograde? How will that impact your chart? How would you like to handle this third and final direct passage of Mars in Libra?

How can you work with Neptune Retrograde? Fish while standing backward? Or, BE the fish and cast out of the water trying to catch a land dweller.

For Mars in Libra, look to what became prominent in the retrograde. You were surely shown modes of operation that are no longer effective. Now is the time to change how you operate in relationships for both the betterment of your own life and to improve your interactions with others.


The New Moon is in Gemini. Gemini rules the 3rd house—thinking, socializing, communicating, siblings---The Twins. Writing. With Neptune involved and deliberate intention, it could be magical writing or a work of fiction. If you are an author, this would be an excellent Moon to begin writing a fiction novel.

If you are NOT an author, you can still dream up (Neptune) how you would like the rest of your life to go. You can write (Mercury/3rd house) the story of your “life-to be.” What does that future self that you want to be look like? Write it out. Describe it. Give yourself a mutable template (changeable according to your whim) of who you want to be and how you want to live your life. Begin at the beginning—which would be NOW.

Chances are there have been some areas of your life that have been obliterated or changed completely after April. Decide how you would like to fill those now empty pages.

With BML involved, the Universe is encouraging you to go all out with this. Let your imagination run wild write or speak of the life you dream of. If you are already living that life, rejoice and keep dictating how the future will look like. Aim for the Moon, land in the stars. I dare you to dream. Start a conversation (New Moon in Gemini) with your soul (Neptune).
The pen is truly mightier than the sword

The Sabian for 8 Gemini is “An industrial strike”

Blain Bovee says the theme is “Enough.” And, indeed, you may very well find yourself at that point of “enough is enough” these days. Call a halt to the things in your life you have had enough of and write in your own storyline.