Morning Star: Daily Astrology for May 11, 2014

This morning we wake up to a Libra Moon moving into conjunction with Mars in Libra (7:23 AM EDT). Mars in Libra also perfected an opposition with Venus in Aries at 5:27 AM. Which means Moon will also oppose Venus (7:35 AM). If you would like to know more about the stand off between Ares (Mars) and Athena (Venus) click here. (It is a worthy read!)

The Battle of Ares and Athena.


Happy Mother's Day! Looks like it is Mom's day but that doesn't mean she is going to get the day off. The Moon (Mother) makes numerous aspects and is in Libra. So, Mom will likely be negotiator extraordinaire. Or, she could wear a mask for her children that says, “Everything is beautiful and wonderful right now” when truly it isn't. Libra will do that. Mom's will do that too to protect their children from her problems. Or maybe it's just that I do that as a Mother who has a stellium in Libra.

Either way, it is well known that Libra likes for things to appear nice and smooth on the surface. Appealing. But, don't think for a minute that Libra only does this for themselves.

They wear the mask of “everything is ok” for YOU. It is not that Libra cannot handle the truth.

Libra knows what is under the mask—Libra is the one who put the dang thing on! But, Libra doesn't want to make anyone else feel uncomfortable. So, Libra will don the mask and wipe the table and set a fresh bouquet of flowers out making everything seem like bliss. OR, you may wear that mask for Mom so as not to upset her on “her day.” OR, Mother's Day maybe hard for you and other people don't realize that. So, when they wish you “Happy Mother's Day” you smile and say “Thank you” never alluding to the fact that today actually SUCKS for you.

Good thing about a Libra Moon on Mother's Day is that people may TRY to be on their best behavior for Mom and the gift giving will be lovely. Bad thing, Libra Moon receives some BIG TIME pressure throughout the day. Plus, there is the Venus/Mars opposition I mentioned up there AND Mercury also perfects his square to Neptune at 8:35 AM.

There's a set up for a sibling squabble due to miscommunication or out right lies on someone's part.

And, there's another thing. Mother's Day can be a bittersweet holiday for some. As a matter of fact, it is bittersweet for just about everyone I am close to. So, before you go all bopping in wishing people a Happy Mother's Day—check the background story first. It may call for gentleness rather than exuberance.

Mom relationships can be tricky business. BEING a Mom is tricky business. Wherever you fall on that pendulum, can affect how you experience today.

From her opposition with Venus, Moon moves into square with Pluto (2:41 PM), opposition with Uranus in Aries (4:56 PM) and square with Jupiter in Cancer (8:52 PM). As you can see by the length of time between these aspects, the Cardinal t-square is separating. However, whenever the Moon passes through the degrees of these separating planets, it links the Cardinal t-square back up. With Moon in Libra, that makes a loose Cardinal Cross. It's pressure. But, by now, it's a pretty familiar pressure. If the mask falls (or gets ripped off today) it will be during the evening when these aspects occur. And, believe me, every Libra has their “nice time is over” moments. Visit Mom early if that is on your agenda today.

And, don't forget to honor our collective Mother!