Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 13, 2014

This morning we wake up to Moon in Scorpio waxing into trine with Neptune (10:22 AM EDT). This is s a groggy aspect that makes it hard to wake up. Plus, not only is Mars still RX, he is on his station degree and inconjunct Neptune. Energy can be elusive or come and go in waves.


However, it is an excellent day for creativity or imaginative thinking. Daydreaming may also be a factor.

Around midday, Moon forms a Yod (with Moon at the apex) between Venus in Aries and Mercury in Gemini. This occurs between 11 and 12 degrees Scorpio. Anything in your natal chart between 10 and 13 degrees Scorpio is likely to be in the spotlight today. Pivotal. This forms between 5:36 PM and 7:22 PM.

Venus in Aries is starting to feel pressure. She meets up with Pluto in Capricorn via square tomorrow only a few hours before the full moon. The loving undead have been cracking the crust on their graves for several days. Remember, it is not important WHO shows up but what it is you can garner from the interaction. Is it a check point for you? To discover how far you have traveled or how much you have developed since you last saw this person?

Also, with Venus squaring Pluto and a Full Moon in Scorpio, issues of debt come to the surface. Of course this includes monetary debt. But, also energetic and karmic debt. Are there old attachments that are slowly and, maybe even without your consciousness, draining and sucking away at your energy reserves like leaches? If so, cut them loose. Free yourself. LET GO of those outdated and detrimental attachments. Keep making yourself lighter and lighter....MARS IS DIRECT SOON! We will need to be able to move freely!

All of this, however, happens under the umbrella of a water moon waxing toward fullness. Emotions will be high. Chiron is locked into this. And, Jupiter perfects in his trine to Chiron tomorrow morning.

What Jupiter does is put the spotlight on your primordial pain. The wound swells and hurts in a more pronounced way. This brings awareness to Chiron to you on personal level. Keeping your perspective (as well as your sense of humor), are key to working with this. It's like the “check engine” light has come on in regard to your emotional body. Don't put tape over it. Use the psychological depths of Scorpio to suss out the root causes be they in your shadow or linked deeply in your childhood psyche. You are not that little kid anymore. You are a mature adult who can meet and nurture their own needs. But, still yet, take time to address that little kid because even though you are much older and wiser now, his or her pain is valid.

With Saturn also in this trine with Jupiter and Chiron, we are rewarded for the work we do but also, Saturn helps us to build personal boundaries around this pain. Chironic issues may never go away.

However, with the maturity that we have gained, we can be aware of it, contain it, and work to turn that pain into something we can use.

Scorpio Moons can be difficult. They are certainly NOT for people who only live on the surface of life. They are deep. Penetrating. Some may withdraw from social interaction today. The Yod with the Moon brings emotions to the surface and it involves how and what we think and communicate (Mercury) plus how we go after what we want (Venus). Anything in Scorpio endures (and can become paranoid and obsessive). Even though today might get watery and heavy, the ability to push through is there---but I'm not alluding to the fact that it will be easy.

Then again, if you thought the path to the better you would be easy, then you were mistaken. Attempting to REALLY know and accept thyself and trying to be the best YOU that you can be is certainly the “Road less traveled.” You are going to have to cut down some brush when forging your own path.