Morning Star: Daily Astrology

Moon entered Sagittarius yesterday at about 6 PM EDT. At 6:05, I was outside building a fire. I didn't think anything about it until I had sat down and started watching it burn. All I knew was that being outside was not optional for me yesterday. And, burning stuff sounded very enticing.


This morning, however, we wake up with that Sagittarius Moon square Neptune in Pisces. Maybe I should say, we try to wake up under this apsect. This perfected at 5:43 AM.

Immediately before, Venus perfected her sextile to Pluto. We have the bravery needed to face the day. But, do we have the stamina? Venus/Pluto is money and power, beauty and death, vampires (mythical or energetic), love and sex, obsession about what we want, black widows, intimacy, debt. Sextiles are not pressured. They are strength (a tool of sorts) that we can use if we want. But, the energy itself can bring up all the stuff I just mentioned as well. Plus, with Venus' proximity to Chiron it can bring tremendous healing.

Moon trines Uranus at 5 PM giving us a bit of detachment from recent emotional issues and prompting us to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Adventure. Roam. Try new things. HAVE AN ADVENTURE!

I love adventures.

Moon will also sextile Mars in Libra giving us a bit more of a boost to get out and be social. Problem is, sandwiched between these two aspects are a square from Moon to Venus.

Want and need are in conflict. It could be that these Moon aspects do push us toward wanting to break free but something is pulling us not to. Maybe we are sick. A loved one is sick. You may want to get out but may not want to deal with the noise and friction of other people. Maybe you were drunk by noon and just really would rather sleep it off. *shrugs* Stranger things have happened.
Either way, it's a conflict or block that arises between what you Need (Sag Moon needs to roam) and what you Want (Venus in Pisces wants ethereal love, peace, quiet) that will need to be rectified.

At the end of the day, Moon makes a square to Chiron in Pisces. A bit more pressure, but most likely nothing too serious. A brief reminder of that chronic painful psychological condition that may prompt us to take a little extra self-care before we go to bed.

I was talking to someone yesterday about the New Moon Eclipse in Taurus coming in a few weeks. I've analyzed the chart for this and predominantly, I keep getting the same message about what it could mean.


The Taurus New Moon means, you have officially survived Aries Season and the Cardinal Cross of 2014. LOL! That's right. I think we should all get trophies and bouquets of fresh flowers for that one.

As a matter of fact, Sun moves into Taurus TOMORROW!

If you are a regular reader, you may know my affinity for Taurean energy. I feel like we are at the last bit of a race of endurance. We just have a few more feet to push before we can slide into home base and have coffee and chocolate pie.

Folks, we are ALMOST through this mess! New Moon in Taurus is for building new foundations, fostering a new type of security, getting our financial stuff in shape and focusing on what is tangible and pleasurable. Yes, it is an eclipse. I look over my shoulder at everything we will have passed through by then, I'm really tempted to say, “Um...eclipse? So?”

New Moon in Taurus also reminds me that I need to hang my hammock. Yes. I'm taking it that seriously.

But today, (oh yeah, we are talking about today) we lighten up a little but are not tension free. The square to Neptune early this morning produces fog that does burn away before the day is out. There are squares to both Venus and Chiron. But, if you can get yourself OUT, out of the house, out of the box, out of the office, out, out, out...then you could feel quite pleasant today. Roam. Wander. Refind your joy. Moon and Jupiter are in mutual reception. Don't forget to feed your wanderlusting belly!