Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 6, 2014

This morning we wake up to Moon in Cancer swimming away from a trine with Neptune that perfected at 6:38 AM EDT. Waking up comes slowly. Did you sleep in a little? I did. If you count getting up at 7 AM instead of 5 AM as sleeping in. And, I do.


As we come out of our sleepy heads, the day continues to gain momentum. Moon in Cancer waxes into the t-square.

We've assessed how Capricorn felt by paying attention to the Moon's passage through that sign and the t-square. Grief was prominent then. We assessed how Aries felt by paying attention to the Moon's passage through that sign and the t-square. Wheels were spinning over there. Aries wants OUT of this mess. Today, we have an opportunity to see things from Cancer's perspective.

The Cancer Moon makes a conjunction with Jupiter at 5:33 PM = Emotions bloom.

Moon's square to Uranus in Aries occurs at 7:03 PM = Twitch.

Moon's opposition to Pluto in Capricorn occurs at 8:42 PM = You dirty bastard.

These aspects are happening so close together now, as the t-square tightens, it become increasingly more difficult to separate them.

Note how you are feeling this evening. What is Cancer saying to you?

I know what Cancer is saying to me. “Regain your strength,” she says. “Eat well. Check in with your family.” She is also telling me that we need new heroes.

But, mostly, I'm craving quiet. Calm. And, water. This is my own Moon in Pisces speaking to me. And, perhaps, with the Moon in its home sign, it would do you some good to check in with your own moon.

Cancer does want to mother the people around her. If you feel good and are comfortable, so is she.

I warned at the beginning of Mars Rx in Libra that it would often feel as if every time we tried to stand up that we get pushed down. Its our choice as to whether we stand back up or not. Stand up. Make it a few feet. Get pushed down again.

It certainly does feel like it is playing out that way from my point of view. It seems I get back on my feet and something else quickly comes along to knock me back down again.

Its frustrating as Hell. As a person with a lot of Pluto influence (not to mention Uranus), you know I'm going to get back up. The phoenix always emerges from the ashes. And, Uranus won't allow me to accept being told what to do. I do NOT like being told to slow down and be patient. But, that is the message most of us are getting as wheels continue to grind to a halt.

However, before I stand up again, I am finding myself walking through the grief of what happened to knock me down first. And, to do that, I must address my Moon.

Your Moon rules your emotions. It indicates what you need. And, today is a day of “What do you need?”

I've already noted the things I need a few paragraphs before. I also need hope. And, sometimes, I will look to my husband and say, “Tell me everything is going to be ok.” In the beginning, he was hesitant to reassure me this way. “I don't know that. I can't guarantee that,” he would say. And I would reply, “Then, I need you to lie.”

So, now, he always just smiles and gives me a hug saying, “It will be ok.” That's enough. Whether its true or false I find hope in that. For me, hope is essential. Otherwise my watery Moon will spend days wallowing before my inner Phoenix kicks in.

I spent a large portion of the day watching “Mother Angelica” on the catholic TV network. I had holed myself up in my room, darkened the windows and shut everyone out. There was something about this woman's voice and what she was saying that made me feel safe. But, don't get me wrong, if you've ever seen this show, the woman pulls no punches. But, my Moon also needs angels.

I was angry. I was mad at the Sun for shining so brightly. I wanted to be outside and couldn't be for various reasons and it pissed me off that it shined even without me. Into my cave I went and spent it largely in prayer with a woman speaking to me from 2001.

My Moon needs prayer and ethereal guidance. Quiet. Solitude. And, sometimes it needs to mimic the quiet darkness of the womb.

Today. Find what your Moon needs. And work your ass off to gift it to yourself. You'll feel better for it. And, if you encounter someone who is low...really low...hug them tight--in a way that it may feel like you are supporting the entirety of their weight and subsequent burden. Tell them, “It will be ok” even if you can't guarantee that. Spread hope and love like a comforting blankets across yourself and those around you. It will be OK. It. Will. Be. Ok.