Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 5, 2014

Moon leaves Gemini today but not before squaring off with its current ruler, Mercury, at 10:56 AM EDT. Words can be befuddled. We hear one thing and feel another. Its hard to get heart and minds to come together on the same page.

If you hear something potentially upsetting, don’t automatically react. Wait. Let it simmer. See how it pans out because you could have possibly misunderstood the whole thing. Or. Someone could just be telling a big fat lie. It happens.

As soon as Moon enters Cancer at 5:40 PM EDT, it makes a beautiful trine with Venus who is newly in Pisces (entrance at 4:31 PM). Trines are a harmonious aspect and it’s nice to have Moon and Venus getting along. But, it IS watery. And, to me…it feels a lot like that ethereal pit of heart kind of ache. Remorse. Regret. Missing someone you will likely never see again. Nurture those parts of yourself. Nurture those parts of others.

Know that there is nothing you can really say to make everything ok or to make someone or yourself NOT feel this. Hugs go a long way. Compassion and empathy go a long way. And each of these are accessible today.
On the upside of Moon/Venus (or the more positive expression), this trine is comfortable and endearing. If you are coupled, you could fall in love all over again today. You may each be concerned with making sure the other is taken care of and knows they are loved. It is an emotionally nurturing and boundary free type of love that all the fishies dream about (Pisces or those with Venus/Neptune).

Compassion, empathy, ethereal soul/heart pain etc persist through to tomorrow. Eat well. Get plenty of rest. Kick up your grounding activities. Seek solace in the waters and know that everyone is a little over sensitive right now. Be gentle with yourself and others. Moon enters the Cardinal t-square tomorrow and we will pass the First Quarter Moon early morning on Monday.

Could the shifting sands and rising tides bring a wave of action?