Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 4, 2014

Yesterday had quite the emotional/watery/foggy tone to it with an undertone of self-repulsion and tension. Today, after wallowing most of yesterday, we may just wake up and decide we simply don’t give a flying fig.

Moon in Gemini sextiles both Uranus (7:43 AM) and the Sun (11:58 AM) in Aries. This is a significantly lighter day. One that you can use to incorporate all that has happened in recent past.

Don’t expect it to last though. Waters will rise again when Venus enters Pisces and Moon enters Cancer.

Moon’s entrance into Cancer (on April 5th 5:40 PM), heralds the First Quarter Moon that perfects early Monday morning at 4:31 AM. Hey. I’m still begging the Universe to leave our weekends/Mondays alone. It doesn’t seem to be listening.

This First Quarter promises to be tense. It spans from 17-18 degrees Aries to 17-18 degrees Cancer and precedes a Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 15th at 25 degrees. For personal reasons (namely my Sun at 25 Libra), this eclipse makes me nervous. But, the purpose of these daily posts is to help you effectively deal and administer the energies coming in. Not to scare you.

If you have planets/angles within a 3-5 degree orb of this eclipse, please be careful. I don’t mean for you to be a paranoid control freak, hypochondriac, hermit, Chicken Little “the sky is falling” type. Just take some precautions as far as safety. Wear your seatbelt. Be a conscientious driver. Be careful around machinery. Take the same precautions you SHOULD take everyday seriously. If nothing happens. Nothing happens. No harm done. But, if you end up keeping yourself from a trip to the ER it will be totally worth it.

For today, though, avoid being overly “heavy.” Today is the day for reprieve and lightening up. Do something fun for a change. It really is ok. I don’t recommend something as drastic as sky diving or bungee jumping or anything that can deliberately put you in harm’s way for recreational purposes. But, a little safe fun never hurt anyone. Pull your immediate community (however you define that) in around you and support one another.

Read a book. See a movie. Talk through your emotions with a friend. Mainly…enjoy the day.