Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 25, 1014

Oh blessed day! Today is the day where we build structure around our plans for bliss. Venus in Pisces trined Saturn in Scorpio overnight (1:16 AM EDT).

Moon is in Pisces and she finds Venus and Saturn locked in trine between 2:29 PM (trine Saturn) and 4:04 PM (conjunct Venus). Those wobbly, hazy, elusive dreams of Venus in Pisces are about to grow legs. They are going to crawl out of the swamp and you are going to start devising a solid plan with your eyes wide open. Get me? You are going to look at the good, the bad, the ugly. You are going to consider the benefits and challenges. You are going to set something FIRMLY in place.

Why? Because, next week we have a Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Guess how many planets Venus will rule at the point? Moon. Sun. Mars. North Node. Mercury. Oh, and looky there….Vesta and Ceres too! Oh wait..AND JUNO!

Venus is genteel in Pisces. Soft. Watery. Compassionate. Empathic. Dreamy. But, guess where she goes next? That’s right. Venus is right now on watery retreat dreamily musing about her various pleasures. But, after that, she waltzes right into Aries. Her armor is being cleaned and shined right now just for this event. And, today, is her pre-conference with duty (Saturn) before her entrance into the sign of the warrior.

Venus in Aries will be in mutual reception with Mars in Libra. The two will oppose. But, they have notes to share. They CAN work together. They can work VERY WELL together! But, the key is going to be to mix the positive elements of both Aries and Libra. Know you can go it alone. Have confidence that you can. But. Know that if you are willing to effectively partner YOU DO NOT HAVE TO! However, if the partnerships you’ve fostered thus far are failing then consider a course correction BUT DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU!

Venus has been rejected and dejected for decades. I’ve heard, “I don’t favor Venus.”…”I don’t like Venus.”…”Venus does nothing for me.” I understand where this comes from. We have been raised and conditioned to reject that which is connected to our feminine parts. We have been told they are weak. We have been told it is better to engage Mars. In the interim, this rejection of Venus has brought about shame of any kind of enjoyment that could be entertained (and entertained WELL) through engaging Venus.

Venus. Is. Pleasure.

Get out of here with your stereotypes of lazy, indulgent, fickle, coquette. Life is not meant to be torture. Work is supposed to bring the funds you need in order to ENJOY life…not to chain you to a desk. Venus says, “Darling, there is so much more to life than that. It’s not my fault you choose to disregard it.”

I could preach about Venus for pages and pages. But, I’m going to stop here and leave you with an inkling to CONSIDER VENUS. Get to know her. She isn’t what you’ve been told. She wants you to feel bliss and pleasure. Don’t be afraid or feel guilty over that! Venus is coming out. Soon.

And, speaking of Venus…and Taurus, what do our Venus ruled Sun and Venus ruled Mercury have to say to us today? They meet via conjunction at 11:28 PM. Information in regard to Venus is incoming. This is pretty integral to the New Moon. It happens only 3 degrees away from the eclipse point. The next body to pass over the eclipse point will be Juno. Solid (Taurus) commitments (Juno). Not just marriage. Commitments. We make things officially official then. But, the plans, rules and stipulations are being drawn up right now.

It is likely you will face a choice. Take a risk on your dreams. Or, default on the side of what is safe and secure and……..

BULLSHIT! Don’t you let your doubts and fears keep you from exploring what might be. SO FREAKING WHAT IF YOU FAIL? If you don’t GO FOR IT you might as well fail. Not living is the BIGGER failure.

The choice you will have to make will have to do with deciding what it is that is motivating you. Are you working to feed your ego? Are you working to feed your emotions? Where’s Jupiter? Cancer? Then your blessings, fortune and luck lie in your emotions (Cancer). Like I said yesterday, you can have all the money in the world and even the power to turn stone into gold but STILL BE AN EMOTIONALLY INSECURE WANKBAG.
Don’t be a wankbag.
Follow. Your. Bliss.

The gears have been greased and the wheels are finally and slowly starting to turn. There will still be blocks. There will still be the undecided and unknown to deal with. There are still hurdles to cross. But forward motion has begun. The time is here! You’ve been told for months and months to prepare and wait. Prepare, purge and wait.

I’m done waiting.

Are done waiting? Don’t let the train’s sudden lurch forward scare you. Brace yourself. Things will level out and you will get used to moving again. Then, you can ride the momentum to exactly where you were dreaming about being.

But, first…plan. Realistically plan your dreams. It can be done. Set your mind, now.