Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 16, 2014

Depending on how comfortable you are with water, emotionally, things look rather good today. Moon is in Scorpio and has moved away from his trine with Neptune in Pisces.

How did you sleep? I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed. However, I don't remember much from any of it.

Now, Moon is waxing into a trine between Venus in Pisces (9:09 AM EDT) and Jupiter in Cancer (11:48 AM). These two trines together create a Grand Trine in water. This means all 3 water elements are working together. The ability to tap into deep emotions, soothe yourself and create a more positive outlook after are available. But, like I said, if you are not good with Water or working with your emotions, this can feel uncomfortable. I'm talking to you overly Air people. You may FEEL things today that you cannot rationalize or put into words. Heavy fire people may also feel slogged up due this.

But, in my opinion, it looks rather blissful.

What is not so blissful is the opposition of Mercury in Aries to Mars Rx in Libra which spent most of yesterday waxing in. This perfects at (7:18 AM). With oppositions, we do have a tendency to choose one side or another. When you put the two together it sounds a lot like someone shooting their mouth off because of someone else's actions.

For example, I embodied this yesterday when I had a mild rant about Office Coffee Pot Etiquette. Thing is, with Mars Rx and in Libra, I didn't address those who offended me directly. Instead, I soothed my irritation by posting a snarky set of Coffee Pot Etiquette rules.

In other words, someone's rudeness my tweak you. You may spout off to them. Or, you may just rant angrily about it to a friend. Mars Rx in Libra may prompt you to contemplate your passive-aggressive revenge.

Don't know what passive-aggressive revenge is? Ask me. I have cornered the market on this talent.

Either way, the stage is set for conflict whether direct or indirect. And, I've already told you emotions are highlighted. Could be conflict arises because people are so swept in emotional issues that don't even relate to the situation at hand.

The opposition can be worked in a way that you ASSERTIVELY speak your mind instead of using aggressive words. It could be the result of someone being rude or something you have perceived as an injustice. Trust me. Nothing tweaks Mars in Libra more than something that is perceived as injustice. But, remember, some people think it is an injustice to use the wrong fork at dinner. Perspective, folks. Bear that in mind.

This afternoon, Moon finds Pluto via sextile. With Pluto still in sextile to both Venus and Chiron in Pisces, this creates what is called a Kite aspect. GLORIOUS! Water is grounded by the powerful force that is Pluto in a Earth sign. More possibilities for healing. And, that is where our focus should still lie.

Yes. Healing and addressing your emotions are important especially with the level of change and pressure we are experiencing.

Finally, at 5:02 PM, Moons trine to Chiron in Pisces perfects. From here, she starts waxing into conjunction with Saturn Rx in Scorpio perfecting at 3:10 AM tomorrow morning. Saturn brings a sobering feel to the end of the day. Some people experience this as depression and negative emotions. It can be used however to foster emotional grounding and responsibility. Either way, it's not an aspect that prompts anyone to throw a big celebration. It does offset some of the aggrandized emotions you may feel with an watery aspect from Moon to Jupiter most of the day.

Moon plus Venus plus Jupiter can equate to pure laziness and a desire to seek out indulgences.

What's wrong with being lazy for one day? What's wrong with indulging now and then? The Kite formation provides support and grounding through this. We are still healing!

Yes, the wounds are newly scabbed over. But, still...follow through.

This is a busy aspect day. Tomorrow Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at about 6 PM.