Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 1, 2014

The Moon found her way to Taurus last night and will make several aspects through the day. Taurus is an Earthy Moon, known for advocating comfort, massages, security, matters of self-worth. Taurus is slow to get stirred up. But, if the moment warrants, can become as destructive as a bull in a China shop when angered. The energy of any emotion with Moon in Taurus, wanes quickly and the bull settles back at baseline in the comfort of its pasture.


The grounded nature of Taurus Moon may be of benefit with Sun squaring Jupiter today. This aspect can blow egos right out of proportion. Big personalities come out of the woodwork. People feel a sense of justification and can become full of themselves, basically.

My rule of thumb (when I choose to take my own advice) is that it is best to voluntarily take a dose of humility rather than to have it force fed to you.

Sun square Jupiter is also good energy for the prankster. And, would you look at that, its April Fool's Day.

The energy has been tight for sometime. I'm sure there are some (namely my Gemini Sun/Jupiter oldest child) who would love to release some tension and lighten the air with a few harmless pranks. Good luck with that...I'm not really seeing where people are going to be in the right frame of mind for being pranked today. So, wear your best running shoes if you have something brilliant lined are going to need them.

However, if you do want to catch someone off guard (catch the bull napping or day dreaming) in order to pull one over on them, around lunchtime would be perfect. Moon sextiles Neptune at 12:30 PM. But, you better be quick about it! Even though the cow may be day dreaming, his sensitivities to his environment are kicked up. Meaning, he may “know” something is up and just not be able to put his hoof on it.

If you are brave (ie: stupid) enough to wake a bull out of a noontime slumber just to pull a prank, I'm sure you anticipate his first reaction is going to be to charge. Right? RUN!
Today is also my Dad's birthday. It is the last in a chain reaction of Aries birthdays. The first, my childhood friend Terri, then my Mom,  step-mom and mother-in-law. I'm surrounded by Rams (HA! in more way than one! That is also my kids' school mascot). Each one of these folks have a helluva solar return this year!
Happy birthday Dad. I love you.
At any rate, I can remember my Dad and I always trying to out do one another's pranks on his birthday. That stopped once the Pluto in Scorpio generation came along. I mean...they took pranks to an entirely new level that I could, in no way, compete with. And, Pluto in Sag? Wow..even MORE over the top. Let's be safe out there, ok? You can be funny and no one really has to lose a body part. I'm specifically addressing my own children here seeing as I really can't afford to lose anymore body parts.
By bedtime, everyone is over the shock of the days jokes and has a nice laugh about them. Moon sextiles Jupiter at 9:57 PM. The warmth and optimism of Moon/Jupiter can send you to bed looking forward to pleasant dreams and brighter days. Yep. Hold onto your nightcap and that thought.

And, do yourself a favor. Allow for a few indulgences today. Taurus Moon is Venus ruled. A little chocolate never hurt anyone (unless they were allergic or had sugar sensitivities). Trade massages with your lover. Or treat yourself to an hour at the spa. Or better yet, convert a spot in your home into your own temporary retreat.

Be nice to your body. Its had a rough day carrying that big head of yours around.