Literal Tarot is Literal-Josi's Tarot Take on the New Moon in Taurus

I had this conversation with an Astrologer last week where I described how literal Astrology plays out for me.

For example, the Full Moon eclipse in Libra fell on my Sun. So, during the time preceding the eclipse, I was averaging a loss of a body part a week. I mean, seriously? Can you get more literal than that?

Anyway, tarot has a tendency to work the same way for me. So, when I went to the cards to ask about the New Moon Eclipse in Taurus, I wasn't surprised to see the Faith card come up.
I was drawing from my Legacy of the Divine deck. In this deck Faith is the deck creators interpretation of the Hierophant. The Hierophant traditionally represents Taurus. Uh huh, there ya go. Literal Tarot is Literal.
I think the Universe gets that fact that I don't do hints very well--which is ridiculously un-Libra of me. But, yeah, I need literal. This is what I took from the draw.

How's your faith?

That's a pretty direct and intrusive way to start a conversation. But, really, how is it?

I'm not talking about your religious or spiritual routines. I'm asking about your foundational belief system.

Have you been shaken at your core lately? To a point where you don't know which way is up or what to expect? If so, did you have faith to turn to?

Martin Luther King Jr. is quoted as saying, “Faith is taking the first step even when you cannot see the whole staircase.”

That is kind of what I'm talking about here.

Faith and Hope or inseparable. One cannot really exist without the other. Without Hope, there is nothing to have Faith in. Without Faith, there is nothing to be Hopeful about.

Faith is a very personal concept. Even if two people go to the same church services and practice the same spiritual routines, their faith or understanding of their belief in a higher power will differ.

There are absolutely events that occur that strengthen our faith. There are people that inspire us to renew our faith. Stories that reinforce or confirm our faith. But, the primary source of faith is connected to an interpersonal relationship with something larger and outside of ourselves.

Faith CAN be shaken. And, it should be shaken or we would be even more prone to take it for granted.

In those times when Faith is shaken, what do you do? Do you avert your eyes and heart from the belief that there is divinity in the world? Do you become bitter? Afraid?

Or, do you hit your knees and pray in search of answers and hope?

I mean, to me, abandoning your faith in light of crises is like abandoning your car on the side of the road if it starts to sputter a bit. In this instance, it would be better to focus on what it is screwing up your car rather than just to walk away from the situation. But, people do this!

Something comes along and rattles their cage and it is as if their entire belief system and ability to access faith gets washed down the drain. But, in these times of crises is when we most certainly need our faith more than ever.

How are you about the faith of others? Are you the type of person who shudders when someone is struggling to get up from a devastation and they are expressing hopefulness about the situation? For example, Lady X is 50 and is getting a divorce. A thirty year cycle of her life is ending. She's been emotional and deflated for a long time and finally she gets to the point where she says, “You know, I think everything is going to be a OK. I'll find love again with someone else. And, even if I don't, I still have plenty of love inside me.”

How would you respond to that? Are you the type of person that would come in with the negative potentials of the situation? Or, would you see that little glimmer of hope in the person and reinforce that even though you know there could be bumps on the road ahead?

Can you nurture someone else's faith even though it may be different from your own? That's a hard bridge for some people to cross. Instead of focusing on the person, their hope and their problems what ends up happening is an attempt to convert the person to your belief system. What that does is confirms YOUR faith but, in turn, debases the person who is struggling. In other words, it makes you feel better. You soothe your insecurities in regard to the situation but end up smashing the other person's belief system in the process.

Little word of advice, other people's faith or belief systems are none of your business. And, they don't have to be relative to what you believe in order for everyone to inhabit the same planet.

There are some people who reinforce their faith with affirmations from other people. They say what they believe and wait for people to either agree or disagree thus putting that locus of belief under the power of another person.

That's pretty weak, I think. Your grasp on your personal faith should have nothing to do with the person standing next to you or what they think. On that same note, your faith should not begrudge someone else of theirs.

Tricky, huh?

Faith is essential particularly in crises. So, I'm just wondering (in a gut check kind of manner) how's yours?