Morning Star: March 6, 2014

Today is a day of heavy contemplation. Moon is still in Taurus but goes void with an opposition to Saturn in Scorpio at 9 AM EST. It remains Void until entering Gemini at 9:39 PM.

It isn't the best day to try to initiate something. However, it is a day to feel what it is that Saturn in Scorpio is trying to tell you. These are probably not easy messages. And, today can feel pretty depressive. Nurture yourself through that process as it is fleeting. Moon aspects are like that. They ebb and flow. So, if you feel the heaviness of this (and between Taurus and Scorpio there IS heaviness especially with Saturn involved), be easy with yourself while remaining optimistic.

With a Void Moon most of the day, finishing up projects and winding down is highlighted.

Taurus Moon enjoys stability. Seek out those routines that bring that to you and be gentle with yourself as you encounter the demons that Saturn in Scorpio my present.

It is a quiet process. I don't expect that people will be talking about this much. It is something that occurs below the surface and can feel simply like heaviness. Know that others are feeling this too and may be subconsciously acting outwardly upon the heavy feelings they are having on the inside. Keep your own boundaries intact so as not to be crushed by that. Give space to yourself and others in order to process this. It is certainly not the day to be pushing people or yourself unless you like the chaos that occurs when you prod a bull into a China shop.

When Moon enters Gemini, we will be working our way to the First Quarter Moon which is notorious for bringing up tension. Tomorrow, people may be willing to talk about what was uncovered today. But, until then, there is increasing tension, rising emotions and a grinding away process that is occurring below the surface for the most part.

Allow yourself and others the space they need. Practice good grounding techniques and boundaries. Take time to rest and nurture yourself through the process and be patient with others who may be going through heaviness too. They may not realize what is happening and may end up trying to dump some of that heaviness off where they can.