On detachment under an Aquarius Moon

It occurs to me that there may be some people who do not understand what I mean by “detachment” in emotional situations. Some Watery type folks may be lost on the idea as they wander around their emotions looking for the “off” switch.


Well, emotions do not come with an off switch. And, as much as I like to tout that you can be and are in control of your emotional body being free to choose the emotions you allow to affect you or not, sometimes things happen and we automatically set forth an emotional response without much consideration.

What you can do and what Air Moons offer us the chance to do (particularly Aquarius) is separate yourself from your emotions. This is me. This is my sadness, grief, pain, joy, whatever. While the two do co-exist, it doesn't mean that I am becoming my sadness, grief, pain, joy. I am not my emotions. I am me WITH emotions.

Even putting it in that regard is difficult for people to understand especially if these empathic vibes from Neptune in Pisces are something that you are not familiar with.

However, like most people in my line of work will tell you (spiritual counseling, divination, etc), I often find myself giving advice to others that also applies to my personal life. Of course, I don't make this known to my clients. But, it is pretty much a given with this trade.

Par for the course, yesterday as I was sitting in the emergency room waiting to be seen (there was an incident with a stoneware crock and my foot), I found myself doling out advice to someone sitting in the chair next to me and I asked them, “Just for a moment, can you take yourself out this situation? Can you imagine standing by while a friend or loved one retold it to you? If so, what advice would you give them?”

That is detachment at its finest. And, it is available to you today with Moon in Aquarius. Discern what is you vs what are the emotions in whatever situation you find yourself in vs what is actually happening. Imagine a friend or loved one coming to you with the same problems you are having. What would you advise them to do? What direction would give them?

This takes you out of the emotional intensity for a moment and allows you look at things from a different perspective. Listen to your own advice. Be your own friend.
This is not to say that you are ignoring the situation or your emotional needs completely. It is just an act of giving yourself some space in order to look at the situation through different eyes. It's tough to make good decisions when you are emotionally overwhelmed. And, I would imagine the next two days would be key to practice this seeing as the Moon in Pisces will stir up the waters again as it makes aspects to EVERYTHING in the sky including a conjunction with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

By all means, cut yourself some slack. Step back from trying to endure/survive and think these situations through.