Morning Star: March 4, 2014

We wake up with Moon still in Aries this morning working toward an opposition with Mars RX in Libra at 9:45 AM. At the same time, Moon is waxing into square with Venus in Capricorn perfecting at 12:23 PM.

This is a Cardinal T-square (all three bodies within orb of harsh aspect at the same time in Cardinal signs) that is applying for much of the morning. Aries Moon needs to rush in and get things done. There is no “wait” or “plan.” But, Venus wants to make sure everything is working according to plan. She's getting ready to check out of the Capricorn hotel and she wants to make sure everything is running well before she leaves. Mars RX in Libra is inclined to “wait and see” or add some flowers to the design. Bottom line, though, he wants to make sure everyone is treated fairly in the process.

So you have this “Let's GO already!” energy vs “Make sure we have a sturdy plan in place” vs “We need to adjust the plan to make sure its fair and balanced—and it HAS to look nice.”

This argument began some time ago when Mars and Venus squared off and the Moon is coming in to attempt to mediate in order to get something done. The problem with that, though, is Aries Moon doesn't mediate. The Warrior Moon would just rather everyone fight it out and have the spoils go to the victor.

And, all three of these planets? They want to be boss.

Venus is shouting “It's just business! And, I've got rank on you Mars!” Mars is countering with, “It affects everyone! It's NOT fair! And, the Moon is with ME!” and the Moon is looking at the two of them thinking, “We could be DONE already!”

Could the answer in how to handle this conflict as it arises lie in Cancer? Can Momma step in and show each of these bossy planets how they can all get their way?

After this conflict wanes, the Moon goes Void until entering Taurus at 2:13 PM. You may hear the distant “moo” over top of the mornings arguments. It calls to you...come, let's have some dessert and sleep on it. And, this Moon digs her heels in and refuses to budge until there is a good incentive in order to entice her.

She moves from being ruled by an afflicted Mars to being ruled by a rigid Venus.

And, her first aspect is a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Sleep wins...eventually. This aspect perfects at almost midnight.

We start the day with tension and ambiguity and end the day tired and ready to just completely sit things out and enjoy something blissful. Know that an opportunity to retreat to the couch with comfort food and a snuggly blanket awaits. Maybe a massage? Or, a nightcap? Neptune is all for a nightcap.

Either way, this day doesn't end the way it began. We successfully move from Warrior Princess to Queen of the Couch.