Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 9, 2014

Ok, the time for rationalizing emotions is over. Today, we get to feel them. Believe it or not, that is what emotions are know...feeling.

The Moon in Gemini went Void after a trine with Mars at about 4 AM. It remains Void until it enters Cancer at 9:34 AM. Yes, that is Eastern Daylight Savings Time, folks.

Moon rules Cancer meaning it is “at home” in this sign. I happen to think that Cancer Moon on a Sunday fits like a glove. I don't know what you typically do on Sundays. But, for me, they are reserved for getting my home and family ready for the incoming week. Plus, plenty of resting accompanies that. I prepare a rough menu for the week. I go to the grocery store. I do laundry. Stuff like that to make sure we are well fed and clothed---because that's what Mom's do, right? And, Cancer Moon is the mothering moon.

Some Sundays, I don't want to do this. Some Sundays, I'd like to just do something crazy and shirk all my household chores. I have a tendency to be rebellious like that. But, this Sunday, settling into my Mother role may actually be satisfying.

I don't know. We'll see. Uranus is opposing my Mars. I might do something nuts. Or, I might save the “doing something nuts” for the Full Moon.

At any rate, if I were my own adviser, I would caution myself to take today and prepare for the week ahead even if it wasn't on my original agenda. I'd advise myself to rest up and put as much in place as possible to make the upcoming week run a bit more smoothly. Then, I'd entice myself with the promise of some freshly baked wonderfulness at the end of the day. I respond well to bribes of chocolate.

With that, I'd advise you to do the same.

ENJOY today. Gather your loved ones around you and have a nice meal. Enjoy being at home—whatever the definition of “home” means to you. Relax. Make it a lazy Sunday.

Mercury is waxing into square with Saturn Rx. This doesn't perfect until the wee hours of Tuesday morning (2:30 AM). But, the serious mental tone is there looming over your head like a dark impending cloud. Instead of allowing your thoughts to embody negative thinking (which this transit is prone to do), solidify your plans for the future. We've all had to make shifts to long term plans lately because of the prolific handing out of monkey wrenches by the Universe. While you prepare for the week ahead, let your mind prepare for beyond that. Be realistic and determined.

Saturn RX is a lesson review. What have you learned? How can you employ those lessons in your plans? It takes Scorpio (where Saturn is) and Aquarius (where Mercury is) awhile to adapt to change. They are fixed signs and even though Aquarius realizes that change is the only constant, that doesn't mean that it is all about shifting readily to change that is afflicted upon it. The sign is much more adept to adapting to change it fosters itself.

This waxing aspect makes minds serious. It could even foster a shift into full on depressive thinking mode. Be aware that energy is out there and instead direct it toward something more beneficial...solid and realistic planning. And, the depressive/negative tendency grows as the aspect becomes closer, meaning it will be even stronger tomorrow.

And, tomorrow...well...tomorrow is Monday so it already has a strike against it with that in my book. But, it is also a Monday when the Moon will move through the Cardinal t-square. We will have the pressure of that compounded by the increasing pressure of Mercury to Saturn. You can use this intensity but no matter how you direct it (and direct it you SHOULD) it will likely be emotionally taxing and tiring.

So, like I said, rest up today. Think of things you can do today that will make the first of the week easier for you. What little details can you take care of ahead of time so you can focus on whatever might pop up as this Cardinal Moon moves forward? Why not make life easier for yourself regardless. Eat well. Treat yourself. Treat your family (however you define that). And, remember, even if you feel alone or feel like you are struggling through this mess by yourself, you really aren't. Reach out. You'll see, we are all in this together.