Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 31, 2014

It is another Moon in Aries Day.


At 11:22 AM, Moon in Aries opposes her ruler, Mars Rx in Libra. This can stir up ambivalence and conflicting emotions. Then, Moon finds Venus in Aquarius via sextile at 4:08 PM before reaching Void status. She enters Taurus at 1:21 AM tomorrow.

The bigger news is that the Sun is waxing into the t-square. On Tuesday, Sun squares Jupiter at 3:40 AM. On Wednesday, Sun conjuncts Uranus at 3 AM. And, on Thursday, Sun meets Pluto via square at 5:18 AM. Even though these aspects perfect 24 hours from one another (sort of like slow series of explosions), they are likely to be felt all together with each player just stepping forward a bit on their day of perfection.

All this occurs under a Taurus Moon that makes mostly pleasant aspects across the sky.

For today, though, it is the beginning of the work week. We may struggle with how we feel about certain things. But, by the end of the day, we are pretty sure its time for a day off, already.