Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 28, 2014

Minds are deep and penetrating this morning. Mercury in Pisces met Pluto in Capricorn via sextile overnight at 1:29 AM EDT. If you can remember your dreams, they were likely rooted in some deeply psychological stuff. Perhaps metaphorical and dark.

As our minds are probing the depths of our psyche, our emotions are on our sleeves. Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune in just a few minutes (6:28 AM). Are we awake? Or just waking up in our dream?

Have you ever done that? Dreamed that you woke up but just woke up in another dream? Disorienting.

And, today could be quite disorienting as information both bubbles up from the depths of our psyche and is gleaned from the ethers by our intuition.

It is a busy Fish Moon Day. But, the mood does seem a bit more relaxed. Anesthetized. Dreamy, with the Moon making a trine to Jupiter at 2:43 PM and moving into sextile with Pluto at 6:28 PM.

It is a wonderful day for meditation and divination work. The veil is thin.

You will have a chance to institute emotional boundaries today. Empaths. High feeling day today. Prepare/protect yourselves.

Those lacking a connection to water won't feel comfortable today. You may see people crying. You may cry. Release it. You are the vessel that water passes through in an effort to cleanse. Purging tears.

If you struggle, look to ground. Beach yourself. Get outside. Touch the Earth. Makes a world of difference. Drink plenty of water. Float in the tub. Dance in the rain.

I'm comfortable with this. This is MY moon. And, it is how I operate on a daily basis. So, as you are wandering through the fog, if you hear a voice welcoming could be mine. The fog is my home.

After our Fish Moon meets up with the Lord of the Underworld (Pluto) she meets up with Mercury and they exchange notes. Well...they exchange stone tablet etchings. Its too hard to keep paper intact underwater.

I've a feeling the information we gather today through our senses will be important. Perhaps healing? Perhaps giving an inkling of what type of storms April is bringing in for us. Pay very close attention to the messages you receive from the unsaid today.

Mercury reaches Chiron at nearly 9 PM. Pull the bandaid off quickly. Don't hover over it or pontificate...allow some air to find the wound.

Moon does begin waxing toward a trine with Saturn in Scorpio later this evening and perfecting early in the day tomorrow morning. This makes the emotional boundaries I spoke of more accessible.

A grounded Pisces Moon is a wonderful thing. Too much Neptune is offset and contained by Saturn. The waters flow...but into the directions we send it.

Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, they are all coming together in a helpful way today. Look to their archetypes and look to raising Venus vibrations to Neptune's level. She'll be diving in, too, before you know it. Can you love...beyond?

Take an extra nap, too. Rest up a bit. New Moon in Aries is incoming on Sunday. That's when we step into the rollercoaster and fasten our seatbelts. Enjoy the safety of the watery womb today and tomorrow. And, don't forget to mean, breathe.