Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 27, 2014

This morning, we wake up to Moon in Aquarius waxing into square with Saturn in Scorpio. Its not so much that Aquarius is afraid of what Saturn is dredging out of the depths of Scorpio. Its just that its messy and Aquarius doesn't really want that filth running around its laboratory. The feeling this produces is tense. Sober. And, possibly, depressing.

You can direct the energy toward being emotionally grounded and realistic about whatever emotional situation you are dealing with. If you can keep it at that and resist taking a turn toward the dark side (pessimism, bitterness, melancholy) then you will fare well.

Moon/Saturn perfects at 8:21 AM EDT, so there will be some who simply get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Venus in Aquarius is a busy social lady right now. NN and Mars in Libra are both waxing into trine with her. Mars will find her first with the perfection of that trine occurring on Saturday at 3:05 PM, right before Venus perfects her square with Saturn in Scorpio at 5:15 PM the same day.

Each of these Venus aspects can be felt now and will increase in intensity as they perfect.

Mars in trine to Venus will allow us to bring motive and desire together.

I have Venus square Saturn in my natal chart. They are not in the signs that we are experiencing this square in now, but some of the essence is the same regardless of the sign. This can bring about feelings of loneliness, fear of rejection, suppression of financial resources, restriction in relationships and I do see the possibility for some break-ups in relationships during this transit as well.

At its best use, Venus square Saturn produces mature, responsible love and financial dealings.

So, what we have is Mars Rx backpeddling through our past and current relationships (friend or foe). When he meets up with Venus, he may just trigger her to go after something or change something in the name of these relationships. It could very well be an “AHA!” moment as we figure out what it is we want to go after.

But, Saturn is demanding that we be responsible with any action we may take in the name of Venus. There are NO delusions here. It is simply the stark reality that if we want to effectively partner, we are going to have to shift some things in our patterns of behavior; recognize how we may allow our shadow to play a part in how we choose partners and interact with them; and be responsible for our part of the shared energy. In other words, how are your partnerships going so far? Want things to stay that way? Or, would you like to be a better partner, choose better partners and be able to benefit from these partnerships?

I'm not just talking in the realm of romantic relationships here, either. This applies to relationships across the board up to and including our relationship with ourselves, our parents, our co-workers, our money, our own value and much, much, more.

Follow the call of the NN while heeding the warnings from Saturn. North Node tells us that the gold from the South Node lies in the power to initiate and be self-motivated. North Node also tells us that the time for acting alone is over. So, we take that gold (initiative, self-motivation) and apply it to our current and future partnerships in an effort to work together and strengthen these bonds.

Of course, it could play out that you discover a subconscious detrimental relationship pattern that is playing out in your current partnerships. Feel like you are picking the same person to partner with over and over? The fa├žade changes, but at the core all these people have something in common?

You may discover this and decide to put a stop to this pattern RIGHT NOW and exit the current situation post haste.

However you direct this or however it plays out for you, the KEY here is to be responsible and conduct yourself with integrity. And, of course, there is a love lesson in here for you. Saturn always has a lesson to leave behind.

With the Moon in Aquarius in the early part of the day, we are still able to detach from the more emotionally volatile situations in order to discern our next strategic moves (Mars in Libra). Moon trines Mars in Libra before going void at 9:14 AM.

However, when the Moon moves into Pisces tonight (8:12 PM) the emotional tides will be rising again. Know that if you break off a relationship in the morning, you are likely to be mourning its loss in some way over the next few days even if it felt like you wouldn't give a flying fig about the whole thing earlier.

Do you see the shift there? This morning feels grumpy and we can really access the ability to just say, “Screw this..I'm outta here.” But, tonight, we soften and emotions creep up on us. This, again, highlights the need to act responsibly and maturely in the name of these relationship decisions.

Be sure that whatever decision you make in that regard is based on consciousness of the long-term consequences. Don't make a permanent decision based on temporary emotions. Tonight, we will feel the emotional repercussions of our actions. Our "give a damn" is broken...then, all of sudden we freaking care!

Some break-ups (be they in romantic partnerships or business) may come as quite the surprise. I don't think anyone would expect Ben & Jerry to split up, for example. I mean, they are a perfect pair! (Never fear, that is just an example. I've heard of no problems with Ice Cream's Power Couple). However, just like having to choose whether we want Ben's ice cream or Jerry's candy mix-ins, these break-ups that occur within our network of friends can be hard to accept. We may feel as if we need to decide where our loyalties lie. Is Jerry going to get mad if you continue to buy Ben's ice cream? Is Ben going to be offended if you still buy Jerry's candy mix-ins for your ice cream?

See? Even if you are not directly involved in the break-up, you could be affected by the demise of the relationship. If you are part of the couple that is splitting, be aware that your break-up may affect others who are not directly involved in the relationship itself.

There is a sense of finality in the air. But, I encourage you to remember that Mars is RX. This means when he goes direct he will cross these degrees again and these SAME issues are likely to pop back up for us to review (whether the players are the same or not). Saturn is RX too. We are having a course review. When Saturn goes direct and crosses these same degrees again, he will be checking to see that his lessons have been integrated. So, even though it SEEMS final, its not over just yet. This is even MORE reason to be sure and wise instead of impulsive and rash.

Mercury is still waxing into conjunction with Chiron in Pisces. Once you know something, you cannot un-know it, no matter how hard you try. This ALSO perfects on Saturday and could be the catalyst for a chain reaction. However, the Moon gets to Chiron first, so we may FEEL the painful information coming in before it actually does. Watch for this on Friday night as Moon crosses Mercury at 8:21 PM and Chiron at 8:49 PM.

And, like I said, it all plays out in a very personal way. Whatever happens, enjoy the air today because tonight, we dive!