Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 24, 2014

I like the Moon in Capricorn. Too bad it is getting pummeled today.

And, I'm not really sure WHY I like Moon in Capricorn, except that in the early degrees it does sextile my own Moon bringing much needed grounding to me. However, it also squares all my Cardinal Libra planets. For me, Cap Moons are a personal First Quarter Moon. should feel uncomfortable. But, it really doesn't.

Moon in Capricorn spans my 11th and the beginning of my 12th house. And, I can always tell when the Moon crosses from Sag to Capricorn because I gain an affinity for country/folk music. After 25 Cap, Moon is in my 12th and I often find myself listening to Deep Water sounds...dolphins, orcas, meditation recordings that include sounds of water. Do you pay attention to how the Moon's movements affect you?

This morning, we wake up to Moon in Capricorn moving out of sextile with Mercury in Pisces.

The first aspect she makes following this sextile is an opposition to Jupiter in Cancer at 10:45 AM. Planetary oppositions can bring about standoffs with one person representing one side of the opposition while you represent the other.

The key to working with these, energetically, is to balance the energy.

In this instance, we have a sober, work-oriented, diligent Moon facing off with Big Momma. In the mix we have Saturn as the current Moon's ruler and Jupiter influencing the sign of Cancer which is the traditional ruler of the Moon. Work hard. Think big and consider the long term goals. Mind perspective whether that includes zooming and/or zooming out.

At 12:27 PM, Moon squares Uranus and at 2:58 PM it makes a conjunction with Pluto.

I've put my plea out to the Universe (rather whiningly) inquiring, “WHYYYYYYYY do these Cardinal Moons that involve passing through this t-square have to occur on Mondays?” Sheesh. But, alas, they keep coming anyway. The Universe apparently isn't motivated to re-arrange the planets upon my command.

At any rate, we do have the opportunity to view the upcoming Cardinal Cross from the eyes of Capricorn. Remember, we had a chance to view it from the eyes of Libra a few days ago. At that time, we were looking at relationships and how we partner. We looked at where we were procrastinating and putting things off. We looked at how we needed to get along instead of fight one another.

Today, we look at structure and foundation issues. Higher leadership issues. How we are the boss of our lives vs how other people sometimes think they have the right to be the boss of our lives. What traditions need to be changed or dropped completely? What have you always done that is no longer working? Don't be afraid to do things differently.

Today does set an undertone for the rest of the week. Upcoming, we have Venus waxing in square to Saturn, Mercury waxing into conjunction with Chiron, Sun waxing into the Cardinal t-square.

I know you are probably tired of hearing this, but work. Prepare. Finish small tasks. Make your to-do list manageable and get rid of extra weight you may be carrying so that you will be ready to travel lightly.

If your body is rebelling (ie: you are sick) take the necessary measures to that way. It is your responsibility. And, anything that is YOUR responsibility will surely be highlighted today.
I recommend you be quiet and observant. Watch/read non-verbal cues. Don't listen to much to what people are saying. Look for what they are NOT saying. There are fireworks set to go off mid-April. You may just be able to tell who has gunpowder on their hands and who is holding the ignition switch.
Words/Phrases to avoid if you DO speak:
"We have always done it this way."
"You HAVE to"
"You MUST"
Mind your own beeswax. K? If you feel the need to give orders, give them to yourself.