Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 23, 2014

Today is the Last Quarter Moon. Sun has been in Aries for a few days. But, our first true taste of Aries season is felt today.


We wake up with Moon in Sag having just gone void after a sextile with Mars Rx in Libra. Our actions, drives, motives are in harmony with how we feel. Hold on to that feeling. It will be beneficial for the work we have in front of us today.

Moon enters Capricorn at 4 PM EDT.

I'm sending out assignments for today. They are surprise assignments for clients who are working with me on “The Plan” reading. In this reading, I work with my clients through the phases of the moon in order to help them obtain results for the goals they have set forward.

Some of the achievements I'm seeing blow my mind. It typically takes a couple of cycles, but it is obvious when someone finally clicks into to their own energy and discovers how that energy interacts with the Universe and then subsequently uses both to their advantage!

Most of the time, I'm left with my mouth hanging open as I'm listening to all the discoveries people are making about themselves. And, I'm just the tour guide here, man. You know? My clients hold the keys to how much progress they make or not. It is like watching flowers bloom.

At any rate, Last Quarter Moons mean that the Sun is squaring the Moon and we are working our way toward a New Moon. This means the Moon is waning. It is getting increasingly dark. And at the Last Quarter, it goes from looking like a half-moon in the sky to becoming an ever decreasing in size smile from the elusive Cheshire Cat until it is completely gone.

For THIS Last Quarter, Moon is in Capricorn and Sun is in Aries. Both are at 3 degrees and 21 minutes. Goat Vs Ram

Emotions are solid, determined, progress oriented. Egos are in delayed warrior mode. We have shown up for the battle but the battle is delayed.

The bossy Moon wants us to use this delay time productively.

Does that make sense? What do you do when you have to wait? Do you just goof off? Get lost in space? Become impatient? Or, do you wiggle in some small tasks that can be completed using the time to be productive instead of lax?

Moon in Capricorn wants you to do the latter. Prepare warriors! Make sure your armor is reinforced. Make sure your baggage is light. Eat well. Take turns resting and standing watch. Sharpen your sword. Stand up straight. No pranks in the ranks! The time to ACT will be here before you know it!

And, it will be here before you know it. With Mercury direct and clicking through is at least doing a fast paced breast stroke through Pisces, and Mars RX...time is moving at faster pace while our bodies are slowing down causing it to feel as if it is moving even more quickly.
You CAN move quickly through water you know?
March came in like a lion but is leaving like...WTF? Where did March go?

So prepare. Clear out. Get lean. Get mean. Be ready. You don't want to be rushing around when this train is finally ready to leave the station.

Tonight, as we sleep, we may glean valuable information from our dreams. Moon reaches sextile with Neptune at 2:28 AM and then Mercury at 5:56 AM. We may be made privy to the information that was churned in the deep when Mercury met full on with Neptune.

If you are a dreamer or want to take advantage of what may possibly be held in your dreams, sleep with a small notebook and pen next to your bed so you can write down anything you remember when you wake up. I sleep with stones like Larimar, Labradorite and Amethyst near my bed or under my pillow to enhance dreaming and recall. There is also a willow branch that rests next to my headboard. And, the hour before I go to bed is reserved for stepping down in preparation...meditation, small snack to keep my blood sugar level through the night, preparations for the morning ahead and finally consideration is given to what I would like to know/gather from my dreams. And, I meditate on those concepts for a few minutes before going to sleep.

Give it a shot. Or utilize your own dream routine. You may be amazed with what you wake up with.