Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 21, 2014

This morning, we wake up to a Void Moon in Scorpio. It's quiet. And, I think people will like that. It keeps getting more and more quiet as Mercury approaches Neptune (conjunction perfects tomorrow about 4 PM).

With Mercury in Pisces and nearing Neptune, people are more sensitive to the sounds around them. A typical daily noise becomes a harsh irritant. Phones ring louder—when they do ring. Traffic outside sounds like a fleet of freight trains. That person that clicks their pen or talks too loudly or brashly in your office needs to be isolated from the rest of society because that level of annoyance is enough to make the Earth shake.

Sensitive. It's Aries season, right? But, it's quiet. Where are all the battle cries?

We aren't ready yet. And, I mentioned that yesterday. Mars is retrograde. It's warrior season but the warriors are still sleeping.
I also caught myself saying, “Four to six more weeks. That is what I have to endure before I can get going.”

I wasn't even talking in astrological terms. But, IN astrological terms, that is what we are looking at here as far as being able to physically move—4 to 6 weeks, at least, until Mars turns direct on May 20.

Keep on truckin, though. Keep on making plans and making small progress.

I liken Mars Rx to Mars in harsh aspect to Saturn. You have to be diligent and persistent. Procrastination is bearing down HARD on people. Chunk things out. Chip away at the stone. But, don't keep forcefully running your head into a wall! You know? Those blocks are popping up for a reason! Over, around and through.

Today, I don't think we are going to be considering Mars a whole lot.

Moon enters Sagittarius at 11:39 AM EDT leaving her Void status behind her. Upon her entrance to Sagittarius, she immediately begins waxing into square with Mercury and Neptune.

Jupiter traditionally rules Pisces. So, there is a familiar element to these planets even if the square is considered harsh.

We come out of the tunnel of Scorpio with the Moon's last aspect there being a conjunction to sobering Saturn and walk straight into a Moon with aspects that favor having a drink or two..or three..or..

Don't overdo it. The effects of intoxicants are liable to be heightened right now.

The mood is lighter but there is still that quietness.

Poetry and music are still highlighted. You can set your mood to either one and reach

That place where your chest becomes light and lifted. Where your body seems to dissipate into the blissfulness of the words and melody. Where you can feel that hollow, insatiable, elusive pull toward something unseen but tangible in the heart.

Dreamy. Romantic. Drifty, Creative, Imaginative

On the upside

Watery, emotional, forlorn and an insatiable craving for the touch of ethereal love

on the more painful side.

Keep your perspective. Find your sense of humor. Realize your mood is malleable...meaning you can change it if you want by making adjustments to your environment. Find your quiet, meditative place today. Intuition is KICKING. What does your soul have to tell you?

And focus? That sounds like a nice concept. Come talk to me about it when Mercury makes it to Aries.